Chapter 31

“Enough, Ji Ruo.
That’s enough.
We won’t be able to finish eating it if there’s more.”

Liang Shixian took off his dirty coat and put away the twenty-odd fish that Ji Ruo had caught.

These fish were not big, and each of them only two fingers wide.
However, twenty of those fishes were still a lot.

Although the two of them had advanced to level seven Martial Apprentice, the breakthrough of the apprentice stage was not a qualitative change.
People who practiced martial arts had a lot of appetites, but there was still a limit.

These many fishes were enough.

“All right.” Ji Ruo stopped catching fishes.

He thought, “Why didn’t I trigger any achievement when fishing with bare hands?”

Ji Ruo stood up, held little Luo Qian in his arms, and headed back to the place where the tree demons were stationed.

“Ji Ruo, are you really going to keep this cat?” Liang Shixian could not help but ask.

“Of course!” Ji Ruo rubbed little Luo Qian’s head and answered, “Luo Qian is so cute.
Why can’t I raise her?”

“Luo Qian?”

“Yes, that’s its name.”

Liang Shixian was speechless.
“You have even come up with a name?”

“Hehe! That’s right.”

Ji Ruo looked happy on the surface, but he was actually surprised deep down.

It was because Luo Qian’s details panel was a little strange.

[Name: Luo Qian]

[Race: Unknown]

[Type: Demonic devil]

[Stage: Infant]

[Talent: Illusion]

[Remark: little Luo Qian seems to be a very mysterious cat.]

“What the hell does the system mean by unknown race? Furthermore, it’s a demonic devil?” Ji Ruo wondered.

He stroked the cat and suddenly thought of a particular piece of knowledge.

There was a huge difference between demons and devils.

Normally, all aspects of a demon would improve proportionally with the increase in strength.

Other than intelligence, which would stop growing after reaching a certain level, all other aspects could theoretically continue to grow.

Devils, on the other hand, could evolve by devouring their own kind and quickly increase their own level.

It was just that devils did not advance as quickly as demons.
Moreover, in the early stages, the intelligence of devils was generally low.
Even if they had reached a level equivalent to pulsing realm of the humans, they would still only act based on instinct.
At most, they would have some simple ideas in their instinct.

That was why Ji Ruo was so surprised when he saw the goblins talking.
The spider queen and the six-tentacle catfish, who were more powerful, could not speak.

Demons always strengthened their bodies, but devils did not.

Most of the devils had all kinds of strange innate skills, but their physical strength was not outstanding.

In the later stages, the evolution of devils did not even care about physical strength.
They only strengthened intelligence, or rather, spiritual power.

This was the difference between the two.

One was strengthened in an equal ratio in the early stages and had high intelligence, but it didn’t matter in the later stages.

The other one did not care much about intelligence or physical strength in the early stages, only rapidly evolving.
But in the later stages, its intelligence was extremely high, and it could master many magical abilities.

And the so-called demonic devils were the mixed blood of demons and devils.

In Ji Ruo’s previous life, it was widely known that mixed-bloods were pretty or handsome, and some of them even had outstanding intelligence.

This inexplicably instilled the wrong idea that ‘all hybrids are handsome and beautiful’ into the world.

But in fact, there were more than a few hybrids.

There were ugly and stupid mixed-bloods, but people subconsciously did not treat them as mixed-blood.
Neither good-looking nor smart, what kind of mixed blood are you? Mixed blood from the neighboring village?

The probability of being a mixed-blood was very mysterious as it involved the problem of inheritance.
Not only did it apply to humans, but also to devils and demons.

The mixed blood of a devil and a demon was called a demon.

Because of the probability of inheritance, demons were divided into several types.

There were top-grade mixed-bloods who inherited all the advantages of both the devil and demon bloodlines, normal mixed-bloods who only inherited one talent, low-grade mixed-bloods who inherited one talent but the inherited talent was weaker than the original due to the conflict of the bloodline, and low-grade mixed-bloods who had the conflict of the devil and demon bloodlines, which completely offset the talent.

There were countless species of devils and demons, and even the humans who had always been hostile to them did not dare to say that they had a complete record of all the species of devils and demons.

Every single demonic devil could be considered a completely new race.

As for the talent and development potential that the demon beast inherited, it depended entirely on luck.

And because of that, it was easy to understand why Luo Qian’s race was [unknown].

This little guy was a new species.

However, Luo Qian had an innate ability.
Although Ji Ruo did not know how effective it was, no matter how bad it was, it should at least be a third-grade demon, or slightly weaker.

But it didn’t matter even if Luo Qian were weak.
Pets were not raised to fight.

Ji Ruo rubbed Luo Qian’s head and comforted, “Little Luo Qian, don’t worry.
I won’t despise you.”

Luo Qian raised her head and looked at Ji Ruo in confusion.

Liang Shixian did not want to say anything to Ji Ruo anymore.
Ji Ruo would not listen even if he did, and Ji Ruo would not change his ways.
“He will still be childish.
What was there to say?” Liang Shixian mused.

The two humans and one cat returned to the day camp of the tree demons.

There were dozens of tree demons gathered here.
Although they were all in a ‘dormant’ state, there was still a faint demonic energy spreading out.

The demonic energy was not strong.
Its only function was to inform the surrounding creatures that there was already a demon here.

Creatures that could sense this faint demonic energy would generally not come over in this situation, or it could be said that they were too lazy to come over.
The tree demons were not delicious, and the quality of the spirit fruits it bore was not high, so it would be a waste to come.

As for those who could not sense them, although they would come over, the tree demons had already prepared the spirit fruits to ‘entertain’ them, so there was no need to worry.

Therefore, Ji Ruo and the others were safe here.

“Class president, go and pick some scarlet heart pepper and hemp branches.
Oh, and some white spirit fruits too,” Ji Ruo said.

“What are you up to now?” Liang Shixian asked, slightly confused.

“If we roast this fish, it’ll have a strong fishy smell.
Shouldn’t we marinate it first?”

Liang Shixian was speechless.
“Okay then.”

He felt that the martial arts examination was progressing in a weird direction.

The sense of deja vu was getting stronger and stronger.

Liang Shixian turned around to pick up the things Ji Ruo had said.

It should be mentioned that the spirit fruits borne by the tree demons were not biased, and they could grow whatever they wanted.
Even the same tree demon could grow three or four different kinds of spiritual fruits.

The substitutes for some seasonings could also be found on the tree demons.
Ji Ruo had already observed them.


Liang Shixian was picking fruits when he was startled by a loud noise behind him.
He turned around and was dumbfounded.

“Ji Ruo, y-you… Why did you cut that tree demon? What if they wake up?”

“I’m going to get a container for marinating these fish.
Don’t worry, I’ll just cut off a part of it.
These tree demon have strong vitality.
I’ll just put it back later,” said Ji Ruo nonchalantly.

Once the tree demon went to sleep, its body and mind would fall into a deep sleep, and the quality of its sleep would be excellent.
In addition, the tree demon’s vitality was extremely strong, and its perception ability was very weak.
As long as they were not burned directly, they would not wake up even if they were cut in half.
They were indeed extremely ‘cautious.’

Last night, Ji Ruo discovered this point because he almost overturned the tree demon when he crawled out of the ground.
After all, all the tree demons were still conscious at that time.

They did not feel any pain.
They had senses, but it was not very clear.

Even if a tree demon was cut in half, at most, its ‘quality of sleep’ would be slightly worse.

“P-Put it back?”

Liang Shixian was dumbfounded.

“Class president, don’t just stand there.
The earlier its marinate, the earlier we can eat grilled fish.”

As Ji Ruo spoke, he drew out his sword and cut a big hole in the middle of the tree trunk.

After that, he poured the dying fish that Liang Shixian had wrapped in his school uniform into the hole that had just been dug out.

Ji Ruo dug a hole in the ground, buried Liang Shixian’s uniform, and stepped on it.

“Class president.” Ji Ruo said, “Your school uniform is stained with the fishy smell of fish.
You have to bury it in the soil to cover the smell.”

Liang Shixian was left speechless and thought, “He knows how to behave vigilantly at this time?”

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