Chapter 33

Terrifying demonic and spiritual aura swept out rampantly, alarming countless demonic beasts and devils.

Before Ji Ruo could figure out what was going on, the sleeping tree demon under him suddenly woke up and shook violently.

The leaves rustled chaotically.

With the help of the [universal language], Ji Ruo finally understood the language of the tree demons.

The tree demon under him was saying, “Rustle, rustle, rustle! (The situation is not good! Let’s evacuate.)”

Ji Ruo was confused.

The [universal language] ability did not translate the languages of the foreign races, but allowed Ji Ruo to understand the meaning of the languages.

These tree demons did not even wake up after being cut down.
At this moment, they were actually awakened by the wantonly spreading demonic aura and spiritual aura.
It could be seen how terrifying the spiritual aura was at this moment.

The tree demon trembled violently, and its roots rose from the ground.
When Ji Ruo burned the tree demon, these guys weren’t even this fast.

Because of the tree demon’s sudden movement, Ji Ruo was thrown off the tree demon’s body and almost fell to the ground.

“Ji Ruo, what happened?” Liang Shixian asked anxiously.
“Why did these tree demons suddenly wake up?”

He didn’t know what Ji Ruo had seen on the tree, and a martial apprentice couldn’t sense the presence of demonic aura and spiritual aura.

Liang Shixian only felt that it was difficult to breathe, but he did not know what had happened.

However, Ji Ruo did not know either.

“I don’t know either.
It seems like something big has happened at the top of the mountain.
Don’t just stand there.
Let’s run together!”

The tree demons’ voices were so chaotic that Ji Ruo almost couldn’t understand them.

“Rustle, rustle! (How terrifying, terrifying, and terrifying!)”

“Rustle, rustle! (Let’s run! Run, run, and run!)”

The tree demons ran away in panic.
Ji Ruo had planned to follow them, but he heard a loud noise after he picked up the trembling Luo Qian.

He turned around and saw the tree demon that Ji Qian had hollowed out to preserve the fish fell to the ground with a slight movement because its ‘wound’ had not healed yet.

The bare stump pulled out its roots from the ground and fled with the rest of the tree demons.
It looked very strange.
The stump did not realize that its trunk had fallen to the ground.
It seemed to have just received an order from ‘itself’ and began to run.
Then, its body separated, and without receiving any more orders, it began to run randomly.

The part of the tree demon that had fallen on the ground was shaking its leaves madly, and the rustling sound of the leaves was unprecedentedly strong.

“Rustle, rustle, rustle, rustle! (Damn it! My body has been eaten away by worms! My body broke.
My foot dropped when I was running!)”

Ji Ruo slowed down subconsciously.

“Rustle, rustle, rustle! (Damn it! These despicable worms! I didn’t even notice!)”

“Rustle, rustle.
(Leader! Save me!)”

In front of them, the thickest tree demon shook its branches and replied, “Rustle, rustle, rustle! (Good luck, my fellow tree demon.
Evacuation is my top priority.”

Ji Ruo stopped.

“Class president!” Ji Ruo gritted his teeth after some thought.


“Come and help…”

Ji Ruo turned around and picked up the tree that was crying.

Liang Shixian was dumbfounded.
“Y-Y-You! Why don’t you run for your life? why are you carrying it?!”

“Well, I’m a tree demon now, aren’t I?” Ji Ruo cleared his throat.
“I’m thinking that we should have a sense of collective honor and not abandon or give up.
This will help us to integrate into the big family of tree demons in the future…”

“You really think we’re playing house!” Liang Shixian’s body was numb from Ji Ruo’s countless antics, but seeing Ji Ruo carrying Luo Qian on his shoulder and running away with the tree demon, Liang Shixian sighed and came back to carry the tree with Ji Ruo.

He mused, “A collective sense of honor, a big family of tree demons, and so on were all nonsense.”

Both of them were level seven Martial Apprentices with good physical fitness.
Although it was a little difficult to carry a tree demon, it was considered a heavy cross-country exercise in a sense.

Ji Ruo was carrying the bag closer to the tree crown, and he said to the tree demon in a deep voice, “Comrade, don’t cry.
We’ll take you with us!”

The meaning of his words was translated into something that the tree demon could understand by the [universal language].
The tree demon was grateful and shook its branch in response.

“Rustle, rustle, rustle! (There is true love between the trees, thank you! A good tree will have a peaceful life!)”

“Ahem.” Ji Ruo coughed awkwardly.

[Congratulations to the host for unlocking the secondary function: [A collective sense of honor as a tree demon.]

[The effect of the substitution skill has been increased by 10%.]

[Note: Put yourself in their shoes first, then you can bring others in.]

Ji Ruo was pleasantly surprised, and the slight awkwardness he felt was instantly cast aside.

“You’re welcome.
You’re very welcome.
We’re all tree demons.
It’s only right for us to help each other!”

The tree demon was even more grateful.
“Rustle! Rustle! (You’re really a good tree!)”

“Yes, yes!” Ji Ruo smiled.

Liang Shixian was left speechless.

He was starting to doubt if Ji Ruo could really understand the language of the tree demon.

The two of them carried the tree demon and followed the group.
After jogging for about half an hour, the tree demons’ movement speed was not fast.

The main force still had no intention of stopping.
Liang Shixian’s breathing had already started to become heavy.

Ji Ruo then realized that the two of them had not reached pulsing realm.
No matter how strong their bodies were, they were still at the level of humans.

Off-road carrying weights consumed a lot of energy.

“Class president, do you still remember the ‘full concentration breathing’ I told you about before? Follow my rhythm and breathe together,” Ji Ruo said.

Although he had not reached the pulsing realm, Ji Ruo’s breathing was still steady.
This was because he had been using the self-created ‘concentrated breathing’.

Ji Ruo’s self-created version was different from the original version of ‘full concentration breathing.’ The original version required a long time of practice to be maintained.

However, the version Ji Ruo created did not require this.

When he was creating the breathing technique, he had taken reference from some basic breathing techniques taught in school.

Those breathing techniques were compiled by the deputy director of the education ministry, Mr.
Li Yuanqing, who simplified some of the martial arts breathing techniques and incorporated them into the teaching materials.

The breathing technique had no other use other than to assist in the circulation of one’s vitality and to increase one’s control over one’s body.
In theory, it could allow one to fully exert one’s strength or physical strength, and the consumption was almost negligible.

Ji Ruo was referring to those breathing techniques, and with the help of imagination and the buff of [knife sword ambidexterity], he had created ‘full concentration breathing.’ In theory, it combined all the advantages of basic breathing techniques he knew.

10% of the power could display 15% or even 20% of the effect.

Liang Shixian was stunned for a moment, but he did as he was told.

After a few days, he had a rough idea of Ji Ruo’s personality.
He knew that Ji Ruo would not trick him.

Moreover, the breathing technique Ji Ruo had taught him was indeed exquisite.

After that, he began coughing.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

The sudden change in breathing rhythm almost made Liang Shixian unable to catch his breath.
He staggered and almost fell.

“Class president, take it slow.
Don’t rush.
The worst thing to do in martial arts is to be eager for quick success.”

Liang Shixian was left speechless.

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