Chapter 36

In the second half of the night, Ji Ruo and Liang Shixian stopped eating.
They could not eat anymore and felt disgusted at the sight of meat.

Moreover, their body could not take the process of eating and defecating anymore.

“Leader, that’s all for today.
We really can’t convert anymore.
Let us rest properly…”

“Rustle! Rustle! (Okay, okay.
You guys have a good rest.
Hahaha! The heavens have blessed my tree demon clan! I can’t believe I met such a magical tree like you.

Ji Ruo smiled.
His body was full of vitality, and his Iron Sand Palm was about to reach the ‘perfection’ level.

There were still two and a half days left.
If nothing went wrong, he and Liang Shixian would definitely become level nine Martial Apprentices.

He didn’t expect to gain so much from the martial arts examination.

Ji Ruo stood up and said, “Class president, can you take a picture of me with my watch?”

“You want me to take a picture?”

Liang Shixian could vaguely understand Ji Ruo’s thoughts, so he did not try to persuade him.

“It’s not like we’ll encounter this situation every time.
Of course, we’ll have to take photos and record the memory.”

Ji Ruo made a peace sign with his back to the demon beasts that were bound by the tree demons.
He smiled brightly.

Liang Shixian shook his head slightly and took Ji Ruo’s watch.
Apart from some special functions, this watch was a high-tech product, so it naturally had a camera function, and the resolution was not low.


“I’m done.
“Liang Shixian pressed the shutter.

He returned the watch to Ji Ruo.

In the picture, Ji Ruo was smiling brightly, with a black cat on his head, like a black felt hat.

The background of the photo was a group of ferocious-looking demon beasts bound by branches and vines, as well as a large group of tree demons.

The background and the smile on Ji Ruo’s face didn’t match, but the scene was surprisingly harmonious.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully unlocking a functional achievement: We certainly have to take pictures to record happy times.]

[Acquired talent: Clock in.]

[Clock in: You can obtain a certain degree of all-round quality bonus by taking pictures to record happy times.
The bonus effect depends on the ‘degree of happiness’ and the ‘background’.]

[Current all-rounded multiplier: 0.01% (Growable)]

[Remarks: I’m here.
I’m here to see.
I’m here to record.
I’m here to conquer!]

Ji Ruo was ecstatic.

This talent was awesome.

Luo Qian, who was lying on his head, looked at the image on her watch curiously.

“Meow, meow, meow! (Ah, Master.
There’s a cat inside that looks like me.
It seems to have another master.
It’s so strange.)”

“Haha! This is called a photo.” Ji Ruo was in a good mood.
He briefly explained to Luo Qian what a photo was and then handed the watch to Liang Shixian.

“Class president, your photography skills are not bad,” Ji Ruo rambled happily.

Liang Shixian had given him a growth-type functional skill.
“How could he not be amazing?” he thought.

“Take a few more pictures.
Just a few more pictures,” Ji Ruo uttered.

“Alright,” he said.

Liang Shixian took the watch and was about to take a picture.

He pondered for a while and suddenly turned around.
Liang Shixian pointed the camera at himself and Ji Ruo, who was behind him, and smiled happily.
He had already been influenced by Ji Ruo.

All of a sudden, a strong wind blew.

Little Luo Qian seemed to have sensed something and her expression changed drastically.

A huge figure appeared next to Ji Ruo in a flash, and its huge shadow covered half of the forest.

Luo Qian continued, “-er, Be careful!)”

Ji Ruo broke out in a cold sweat, and his hair stood on end.

All the demonic beasts held their breath and did not dare to move.

Liang Shixian turned his head to take a look.
He was so shocked that his eyes rolled back and he fainted on the spot.

The wind howled, but the tree demons remained still, not even daring to shake their leaves.

Ji Ruo turned his head slowly, and his body was stiff.

He saw two golden pillars suddenly appear beside him.

Ji Ruo swallowed with difficulty and slowly looked up.

That was not a pillar.
It was clearly two huge legs.

Judging from its claws, it was a bird-type demon.

In the deep, dark night, this enormous bird monster’s entire body was emitting a dark green light, and its height was probably several dozen meters.

Ji Ruo instantly recognized this huge bird demon as the wind god Falcon, one of the rulers of the sky in the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain.

Its flying speed was several times faster than the speed of sound, and its feathers were so tough and sharp that they could cut through metal and stone as if they were vegetables.

An adult wind god Falcon was comparable to a fourth realm martial artist’s divine stage.

Not only that, but this kind of great demon usually had the ability to transform the heavens and earth.
This height of tens of meters was probably not its maximum size.

Ji Ruo’s body was stiff, and Luo Qian, who was on top of him, was so scared that she did not even dare to think of resisting.

“H-Hello…” Ji Ruo forced out a smile that was uglier than crying.

“Human… race?”

The wind god Falcon tilted its head slightly and spoke in the human language.
It seemed to be a little unaccustomed to it, and its speech was not very smooth, and its accent was a little strange.

It sniffed gently, and the airflow that was visible to the naked eye rolled back into two tornadoes and entered its nose.

“Good, it smells good.” The wind god Falcon stared at Ji Ruo with its cold and sharp eyes.
“What… did you guys… just eat? Let me… have a taste.”


Ji Ruo didn’t dare to resist.

Perhaps it was because the difference in strength between the two sides was too great, but after a round of dialogue, the title of [Diplomatic Spokesperson] was upgraded on the spot, increasing the effect of language appeal by 10%.

Ji Ruo quickly killed a demonic beast that looked like a water buffalo, nimbly skinned, and changed the knife.
Then, he sprinkled some spices on it.
Facing the huge body of the wind god Falcon, Ji Ruo’s Iron Sand Palm could not cook enough meat for the wind god Falcon to have a taste in a short time, so he had to start a fire.

Ji Ruo did not want to harm the tree demons, so he used Iron Sand Palm to light up an ordinary tree.

The tree demon beside the flames was so afraid that it didn’t even dare to move.

Ji Ruo started to roast the demon beast with full concentration.

In order to speed up the process and make it more convenient for him to roast the demon beast, Ji Ruo patted the demon beast’s body with Iron Sand Palm while he was roasting it.

The hidden cooking effect of this martial skill took effect quietly.
Even Ji Ruo was surprised that the whole demonic beast had cooked so quickly.

The wind god Falcon watched as Ji Ruo roasted the demonic beast meat.
The color of the meat gradually turned golden, and a rich aroma rose.

A look of interest appeared in its sharp eagle eyes.

“Hello…” Ji Ruo said carefully, “You can eat now…”


The wind god Falcon opened its mouth and sucked in the entire roasted ox demon meat.

After that, the wind god Falcon spread its wings, which were large enough to cover the sky, as if it was applauding.

“Human, you’re not bad,” it praised.

Ji Ruo was stunned for a moment, because the progress of his [sincere praise from an elder] had increased.

“Follow… me back…”

As the wind god Falcon spoke, it grabbed Ji Ruo with its claws and was ready to fly into the sky.

“Do bring my companion!” Ji Ruo shouted.

Liang Shixian had already fainted from fear.
If he were to stay here alone, things would be bad for him.

Although it was not necessarily safe to be taken away by the wind god Falcon with Ji Ruo, at least Ji Ruo was still awake and could take care of him.

If it did not work… Even if he could not escape death, dying in the mouth of the wind god Falcon was much more honorable than dying in the mouths of these low-level demonic beasts.

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