Chapter 37

“He… can cook… too?”

The wind god Falcon asked Ji Ruo.

Ji Ruo knew what the wind god Falcon was talking about, so he nodded his head furiously.
“He was the one who made the seasonings I spread on the meat.”

“All right.”.

The wind god Falcon grabbed Liang Shixian and the others, and with a flap of its wings, it took off.

The wind howled.
Ji Ruo was holding the shivering Luo Qian in his arms, caught in the wind god Falcon’s claw, while Liang Shixian was in the other claw.


A crisp chirping sound resounded through the sky.

Ji Ruo understood the meaning of the cry through the [universal language], and he was a little confused.

The wind god Falcon said, ‘I’ve picked up two humans who can cook.
What a lucky day.
The baby is about to be born.
I’ll definitely be a good mother!”

Suddenly, Ji Ruo had a bold idea.

He braced himself and shouted against the strong wind, “Auntie, I can help you take care of your child, but can you not eat us?”

Ji Ruo had planned to say this.

However, the wind god Falcon was obviously taking care of his and Liang Shixian’s fragile bodies and did not fly too fast, but it still made Ji Ruo feel very uncomfortable.

The strong wind poured into Ji Ruo’s mouth, filling it, and his handsome face was crazily deformed.

The words that came out of his mouth also became, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh…”

Luckily, the translation worked both ways, so the wind god Falcon could understand what Ji Ruo was trying to say.

The wind god Falcon cried out in curiosity, “Eh? You can understand what I’m saying?”

(For the convenience of reading, [universal language] will be directly translated, and onomatopoeic words will not be described.)

Ji Ruo continued shouting, indicating that he understood.

Through the [universal language], the two sides used two completely different languages to achieve barrier-free communication in the sky.

“Don’t worry!” The wind god Falcon cried out, “I’m not going to eat you.
I just want to make a deal with you. From what I can recall, you humans seem to like trading.”

“What trade?” Ji Ruo asked.

Although he felt that the phrase ‘humans seem to like trading’ was a little strange, it was not the time to ask that.

It did not matter what the deal was, as long as he could survive.

The wind god Falcon said, “You will make delicious food for me and my child.
In exchange, I will allow you to live in my nest.
The deal between you humans and our demonic race seems to have always been like this.
What do you think?”

“Okay, okay!”

Ji Ruo was confused, but he did not dare to say no.
He thought, “What if the bird gets unhappy and threw us down?”

A moment later, the wind god Falcon brought Ji Ruo and the unconscious Liang Shixian to an island that was floating ten thousand meters in the air.

There was also a huge bird nest on the island.
Beside the bird nest, there was a large amount of demon beasts’ corpse but they were all sealed in ice.
Ji Ruo’s heart jumped as he looked at them.
They were all high-level demon beasts.

Next to the corpses were large amounts of spiritual fruits and vegetables.
Just the smell of it dazzled Ji Ruo and made him slightly intoxicated.

Ji Ruo lowered his head and his heart turned cold.
The bird nest was built on a huge floating rock.
He could not run away even if he wanted to.

The wind god Falcon put them down, then spread its wings and shrieked.
Its huge body was slowly shrinking.

After a while, the huge wind god Falcon shrunk to a length of nearly 2.5 meters.
Although it was still huge, it was much smaller.

Ji Ruo’s pupils shrank.
As expected, this big bird was able to change its shape as it wishes.

“I was too big earlier.” The wind god Falcon cried out, “I think you’re too slow at cooking, so it’s more convenient this way.”

This time, even Ji Ruo felt it was unreal.

Although he had been having fun ever since he entered the secret realm, he had actually encountered many dangers.

Ji Ruo only managed to escape from danger every time because of the various achievements and rewards.

However, no matter how powerful the achievement reward was, there had to be a limit.

Once a wind god Falcon matured, it would be comparable to an existence at the divine stage of the fourth realm.
The one in front of him already had a child, how could it not reach maturity?

Ji Ruo’s achievement reward might be effective, but it would not be too powerful.

He thought for a while and asked hesitantly, “Um Auntie, are you sure you won’t eat us?”

That careful look was like a primary school student who had done something wrong and was called into the teacher’s office.

The wind god Falcon rolled her eyes, “What’s so good about eating humans? You have a lot of bones yet so little meat.
The taste is not good, and it doesn’t fill me up.
It also can’t increase my cultivation, so why should I eat you?”

Ji Ruo was stunned.

It seemed to be so.

It had only been two months since Ji Ruo transmigrated to this world, and he had the impression that demons and devils were creatures that could eat humans to increase their cultivation, just like the novels in his previous life.

However, the reality was not like that.

Demons could not increase their cultivation by eating people.
Or rather, demons who ate martial apprentices could not increase their cultivation.

In terms of vitality strength, a demon would be slightly stronger than a martial art practitioner of the same rank under normal circumstances.

Humans would resist when they were being killed, but there was a suppressive relationship between the demons.
Those with noble bloodlines or those with powerful strength were innately born with the ability to take away from the weak.

The weak would not resist.

Therefore, for the demon race, eating other weak demons was much more cost-effective than eating humans directly.

Therefore, demons actually did not have the habit of eating people in the beginning.

According to the history textbooks, the devils and demons had appeared as invaders in the beginning.

The reason they killed people was to snatch their territory.
They did not have the habit of eating humans at all.
Some of the fierce omnivorous demonic beasts might occasionally eat them, but in terms of taste, there were many creatures that were more delicious than humans.

It was only later that humans began to cultivate martial arts, and the cultivation of martial arts required a large supply of vitality.

Where did this vitality supply come from?

Demonic beasts with powerful physical bodies naturally became their first choice.

The humans used battle to sustain battle, fighting to the death, killing, and eating at the same time.
As a result, the demons became even more ferocious after eating, and they also began to eat humans.

Later, as time passed, this gradually became a tradition of the demon race.

Some demons believed that if they did not eat a human, they would not be worthy of being called demons.

Of course, this situation could only be said to be the majority, but not all.

As for the devils, humans generally did not eat such things.
This was due to the devils mainly strengthening their innate abilities or mental power when they advanced.
Their flesh and blood were mixed with extremely chaotic mental thoughts.
Not only did it taste bad, but it was also easy for people to go crazy from eating it.
That was why humans generally did not eat demons.

Demons did not like to eat devils either.

Devils ate humans, but the reason was purely that at the beginning of the invasion, the three races were in a chaotic war.
The other two races ate each other, and there were not many corpses left on the battlefield.

The three races fought each other, and all of them wanted to become the overlords of this world.

However, after every battle, there would only be the corpses of devils left on the battlefield.
The devils felt insulted.
Why did demons eat humans and humans eat demons, but not devils?

At the end of each battle, the battlefield was full of the corpses of devils.
Those who did not know better would think that devils were the weakest among the three races!

So, in their anger, the devils also began to eat people.

At the same time, they ate demons.

Even though this part of history was described as a bit nonsensical, the dark humor in it would deepen the students’ memories the most.

Ji Ruo pouted.
When the original host was learning about martial arts, he thought it was a little funny.

How could devils start eating people for such a ridiculous reason?

However, when Ji Ruo personally heard the wind god Falcon say, “You have a lot of bones yet so little meat.
The taste is not good, and it doesn’t fill me up.
It also can’t increase my cultivation, so why should I eat you? It is completely useless,” he almost rolled up his sleeves to prove himself.

Luckily, Ji Ruo was able to control his competitive nature.

The wind god Falcon continued, “It’s only those so-called high-level martial artists that have some value to be eaten.
But those guys are really fierce when it comes to fighting.
It’s so troublesome to eat them.
Killing one is like poking a hornet’s nest.
It’s so annoying.
I can’t be bothered to eat them.”

Ji Ruo was speechless.

Hearing the evaluation of the humans by the overlord of the skies, the wind god Falcon, in the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain, Ji Ruo had mixed feelings.

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