Chapter 39

“Before the door, there grows a grape tree.
Its delicate, and light-green leaves have just begun to sprout.
A snail carrying its heavy shell.
Slowly, inch by inch, it crawls its way to the top.”

“Chirp! Chirp!”

“Meow, meow, meow!”

Liang Shixian opened his eyes in a daze and heard a strange nursery rhyme.

He was still a little confused, but he felt that the voice singing the nursery rhyme was very familiar.

Suddenly, Liang Shixian remembered what had happened.
He quickly got up from the ground, grabbed Ji Ruo, and ran away without looking at the current situation.

“Ji Ruo, how can you still be in the mood to sing! Let’s run quickly.
That’s a wind god Falcon!”

In a daze, Liang Shixian glimpsed at the huge ice-carved food storage.
The countless corpses of demonic beasts in it made Liang Shixian’s scalp numb.

“Ah, class president.
You’re awake?”

Ji Ruo was surprised at first, but before he could say anything, he was dragged away by Liang Shixian.

“Hurry up and run!”

Ji Ruo was speechless.

He looked back at the three wind god Falcons awkwardly and said, “I’m sorry, auntie, Dabao, and Erbao.
My class president still doesn’t understand the situation.
I’ll talk to him first…”

Liang Shixian did not seem to have heard it, or perhaps he was too agitated at the moment.
He was too focused on running away with Ji Ruo.

The wind god Falcon looked at them with interest, but did not stop them.

Ji Ruo was good at raising children, and in this short period of time, because of the [immersion], the wind god Falcon had a good impression of Ji Ruo.

Moreover, her nest was built ten thousand meters above the ground.
These two humans had no way of leaving, so she was not worried at all.

Class president, listen to me.
The current situation is a little different from what you think.
We’re very safe now…”

In fact, if Ji Ruo did not experience the current situation himself, he wouldn’t believe it even if someone else told him.
It seemed surreal.

“What do you mean by we’re safe? That’s bullsh*t! That’s] such a huge wind god Falcon, and it’s probably an adult.
We can’t stop it.
Let’s hurry up and run! At other times, you can do whatever you want, but not now.”

Liang Shixian used all his strength and ran for his life.
He did not even dare to turn his head back.
The first look he took had given him earlier had left a deep psychological shadow.

“No, we’re the personal chefs and home tutors of the wind god Falcon.
We’re very safe…”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Do you really think we’re playing house? You have to run faster!”

The wind god Falcon’s nest was built ten thousand meters above the ground, and its base was a giant floating rock the size of an Island.

As the altitude was too high and the air was unusually thin, Liang Shixian started to feel dizzy after running for a short while.

However, his strong desire to live kept him moving forward.

The wind howled in the sky, and the sound was so soft that it was almost inaudible.

Ji Ruo was speechless.

A moment later, Liang Shixian stood at the edge of the nest with a look of despair.
He looked at the sea of clouds in front of him, and his desire to escape disappeared.

Ji Ruo spread his hands and uttered, “Well, class president, you’ve seen it.
It’s not that I don’t want to run.
I can’t.
We can’t fly, can we?”

At this time, the wind god Falcon, which was still 2.5 meters tall after shrinking in size, flapped its wings and came in front of them.
“Screech! (Since he’s awake, let’s start cooking.)”

Liang Shixian almost grabbed the sword from Ji Ruo’s back, ready to fight to the death.

Fortunately, Ji Ruo reacted quickly and stopped him.
He smiled at the wind god Falcon and said, “Auntie, don’t worry.
Our cooking will definitely satisfy you.”

“Screech! (Well, let’s go.)”

Liang Shixian did not understand what she was saying.
He was taken aback by the current situation.”J-Ji Ruo, what’s the situation now?”

“Didn’t I tell you? we’re very safe now.
Why are you running?”

Ji Ruo followed behind the wind god Falcon and ran.
He turned around and waved at Liang Shixian, “Class monitor, don’t just stand there.
It’s time to cook.”

Liang Shixian was at a loss for words.

“Auntie, let’s make this for now.
I’ll have to trouble you to help me defrost it.

Ji Ruo picked a minotaur from the ‘freezer’ and asked Liang Shixian to pick the ‘seasonings.’

The two little wind god Falcons stuck their heads out of Ji Ruo’s body, looking very adorable.

Liang Shixian was dazzled by the countless spiritual plants and precious medicines.
The dense fragrance made Liang Shixian slightly intoxicated.
There were many spiritual plants and precious medicines that he could not even recognize.

Ji Ruo took a fiery red fruit, cut a small piece with a knife, and put it into his mouth.
His face turned red instantly.

“Ha! Spicy! This thing is so spicy!”

He panted heavily and stuffed the fruit into the hands of the dumbfounded Liang Shixian.
“Class president, take this.
This thing can be used as chili.”

Maybe Ji Ruo’s expression was too exaggerated, or something else, but the two little wind god Falcons beside him began chuckling.
Perhaps due to being newborns, one did not stand and fell to the ground.

Following Ji Ruo’s example, little Luo Qian found a bunch of spiritual plants that looked like grapes but had complicated patterns.
She ate one carefully.


Her body stiffened and she fell to the ground.

Liang Shixian looked at the red fruit in his hand, then at the wind god Falcon that was flapping its wings to ‘defrost’ its meat.
His eyes were filled with confusion.

He took a deep breath and plucked a grape-like fruit that Luo Qian had just eaten.
He pinched off a small piece of skin and carefully put it into his mouth.

The strong numbing sensation made Liang Shixian freeze.
After he came to his senses, he smoothened his tongue and said, “Ji Ruo, this is pepper…”

Obviously, Liang Shixian had already immersed himself in his own role.

After a short while, the two humans, one cat, and the two little wind god Falcons had gathered enough substitute ingredients.
They chopped them up and mixed them into seasonings.

On the other side, the wind god Falcon had already defrosted the minotaur and used its sharp wings to cut it into strips according to Ji Ruo’s instructions.

After that, he simply marinated it.

Ji Ruo’s palms turned red and he started to roast the meat.

High-grade ingredients were often cooked in the simplest way.

His Iron Sand Palm was getting closer and closer to the fourth level, ‘perfection.’ The temperature was so high that even the air around Ji Ruo was filled with heat.
His palms were so red that they were turning black.

No matter how powerful a demon was, a flesh demon beast was still made of flesh and blood.
Furthermore, the minotaur had died long ago and was frozen by the wind god Falcon for so long.
Ji Ruo did not even need to use much strength before the meat in his palm started to ooze oil.

An alluring aroma filled the air.
Although Liang Shixian had said that he was about to throw up from eating too much meat, the minotaur meat was of a higher grade.
The spirit herbs and precious medicine that were used as seasonings were also of a higher grade.

He could not help but drool again.

The two little wind god Falcons were the same, drooling as they looked at the meat in Ji Ruo’s hands.

The wind god Falcon chimed in, “Mommy’s not lying, am I? It’s really fragrant and delicious.”

“Screech, screech! (I want to eat.)”

Soon, Ji Ruo finished roasting a piece of meat and passed it to the two little wind god Falcons.
He knew the importance of this task.

Luo Qian was extremely eager, but when she looked at the wind god Falcon beside her, she suppressed her desire.

Ji Ruo continued to roast the meat.
While he was roasting the meat, he finally asked the question that had been on his mind.
“By the way, Auntie, can you talk about the ‘long-time cooperation’ that you mentioned before?”

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