Chapter 17: Reliable Lu Zheng

Back at the Lu family villa, Chang Qing saw a strange man as soon as he entered the door.
Mother Zhang told Chang Qing, “This is the new butler.”

The butler was obviously a trained senior butler.
He was very polite and called Chang Qing, “Madam.”

Chang Qing was taken aback by this title, and responded with a faint smile without embarrassment.

Mother Zhang secretly told him: “This family doesn’t need a butler.
Usually no one goes out to meet people, or hold parties…”

Speaking of this, Chang Qing remembered something and asked Mother Zhang: “Wasn’t Lu Hua going to hold a party and invite her classmates? Has she done it yet? “

Mother Chang remembered.
She obviously didn’t know what was going on.
She shook her head and said she didn’t know.

Chang Qing didn’t say anything, and turned around and went back to his room.

Lu Xuan’s room was very close to him, just next door.
He had thought about changing rooms.
But he dragged his feet, and that didn’t work out.

He lay down on the bed and felt extremely tired.
This body had probably not exercised much, and it had been pampered for a while.
Today, he only used a little strength, but his arms and buttocks were aching.

Chang Qing lay down for a while, then leaned sideways and took out his phone from his pocket.
He took apart the back cover, and removed the battery.
The inside was clean.
There was nothing there.

It can’t be that he’s overthinking it.

Chang Qing put down the phone, feeling dazed and sleepy.
So he lay on the bed, closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

He slept straight into the evening.
When Chang Qing opened his eyes and glanced at the time.
It was already past eight o’clock.

He got up, dragged his still tired body into the bathroom, took a shower, and walked out naked to get dressed.

Actually, there were very few suitable clothes for Chang Qing.
The wardrobe was full of those revealing clothes that the original owner often wore.

In fact, the original owner didn’t have a natural inclination towards revealing clothes either.
Chang Qing recalled that the original owner only wanted to attract Lu Zheng’s attention through this method at first.
How could he have known that it would be counterproductive?

Chang Qing retracted his thoughts.
He looked at those identical styles, and thought faintly, it was time to throw them away and free up some space.

He picked out some normal casual clothes from the inside, put them on, and looked at the mirror carefully.
He didn’t see anything inappropriate before walking out of the room.

Downstairs, Lu Shi was arguing with Lu Zheng.
Because of the quality of the room, Chang Qing hadn’t heard anything.

He walked to the living room and saw Lu Shi’s voice lowered a few degrees when he appeared, but he still said very excitedly, “I won’t go to military school! You can’t do this to me!

Chang Qing understood when he heard that.
He glanced at Lu Zheng, and saw that his face was also impatient and irritable, “Then what can you do? If you don’t go to school, and stay at home and play games every day how long do you think you’ll be able to go on without any skills and making no attempt to better yourself?

Lu Shi said with grievance, “Are you sick? I can do whatever I like.
Our family conditions are so good.
Can’t we provide for a rich second generation who only needs to eat, drink and have fun? “

Lu Zheng sneered: “This is fucking pig farming.
Do you think your family is a pig farm?”

Lu Shi widened his eyes in disbelief.
His chest was heaving violently with anger, “Big Brother never bothered me like this before.
Why are you doing this? I don’t want you to! You’re my father and not my mother, so you don’t have the right to interfere with me!”

Lu Zheng was so angry that he laughed.
“I think you just need to be taught! Anyway, I’ll leave it at that.
You’ve got to go to military school tomorrow.
If you don’t go, it’s up to you.”

Lu Shi was shaking all over.
“Ha, you’re really… I saw it early on, you’re not a good person.
I know, that you’ve taken over the Lu family’s company.
A new official sets three fires.
1 You’re the emperor outside, and you’re also a bully at home.
Isn’t it great?? Are you happy that the big brother is dead? I know, everyone knows…..”


Lu Zheng’s expression changed as expected, he stared at Lu Shi’s long and narrow eyes with a piercing coldness.
He said slowly: “There are some things that you should not say.
You should understand that.”

Chang Qing shouted, “Both of you stop talking!”

His voice was so loud that it broke the tension, and immediately suppressed the hair trigger situation between Lu Zheng and Lu Shi.

Lu Shi couldn’t stop talking when he saw Chang Qing.
“I know, you two are happy.
I know it all.
Each one of you seems to be good to Big Brother.
Who knows what kind of calculation is in your heart? The only people in this family who are sincere to big brother are me and Lu Hua.
Neither of you is fucking good….”

Lu Zheng reached out, grabbed a cup and hit Lu Shi in the head.
It hit the ground with a loud crash, splashing out the broken debris..

A trace of blood flowed out of Lu Shi’s fair forehead.
He reached out to touch the wound and looked in front of him.
The red around the rims of his eyes became thicker, ”You dare to hit me?! Big Brother has never hit me before, yet you dare to hit me!”

Lu Zheng was really tired.
He wanted to forget the pain, but Lu Shi kept mentioning it.
He almost had a kind of burning pain as though a red-hot iron was burning into his heart… Or anger.
He looked into Lu Shi’s eyes and said word by word, “Go.

After he finished saying this, he made a phone call.
Soon, the door was pushed open, and a group of bodyguards in black rushed in, rushed to Lu Shi and grabbed him.

“Let go of me! You let me go!” Lu Shi shouted loudly.
This movement frightened Lu Hua, who had just entered the door and was still dazed.

“What’s the matter, brother? Why do you want to grab third brother?” Lu Hua asked in a daze.

Lu Zheng ignored her.

No matter how energetic Lu Shi was, he couldn’t stop the four or five bodyguards in black.
Soon he was taken out.
The roaring noise also disappeared, and the living room became quiet again.

Lu Hua anxiously asked: “Brother! Where the hell are you sending him?”

Chang Qing answered her: “Sending him to the military academy.”

Lu Hua bit her lip, ” If he doesn’t want to go are you going to force him to go?”

Lu Zhen finally glanced at Lu Hua, “What if he doesn’t want to? Do I have to raise pigs?”

Lu Hua’s eyes widened, “How can you say that? We also have a share in this family.
We can live the life we want.
We don’t need you to raise us.
We all have money.”

Lu Zheng was gentle to this sister.
He reached out and patted her head.
His slightly cold eyes fell on her face and he said softly, “Am I your brother?”

Lu Hua stared at him blankly, and after a while, nodded.

Lu Zheng said, “That’s enough.
The eldest brother is like a father.
Now I am your eldest brother.
You should respect me like your father.
Should you listen to your father’s words?”

Lu Hua opened her mouth and wanted to say something.
Lu Zheng calmly reminded her, “Think about it.”

“………” Lu Hua said, “I should.”

“That’s right.” Lu Zheng patted her head again as if encouraging her.
This scene made Chang Qing feel like he was training a dog.

“Be good, and everyone will be relaxed.” Lu Zheng said to Lu Hua in a gentle tone.

Lu Hua didn’t speak.

Lu Zheng said, “Start going to school tomorrow.
If you stay at home, you don’t have to go out in the future.”

Lu Hua: “…”

Lu Zheng looked at her, “Did you hear me?”

Lu Hua reluctantly pulled the corners of her lips, “I heard you.”

Lu Zheng patted her head, “What should you do?”

Lu Hua ran away immediately.

Lu Zheng exhaled, glanced at Chang Qing and said, “Excuse me.”

Chang Qing sat on the sofa, “Did you really send him to the military academy?”

Lu Zheng said calmly, “He can’t always skip classes and play games.
The Lu family doesn’t need such waste.”

Chang Qing wanted to laugh.
He pursed his lips again, to stop this ill-timed reaction, “Like Lu Shi said, the Lu family isn’t bad for a rich second generation who eats, drinks and has fun.
It’s better to let him do what he wants.”

Lu Zheng paused and turned to look at him.
His eyes were deep, as if carrying some deep meaning.

Chang Qing looked at him, “…Did I say something wrong?”

Lu Zheng’s eyes flickered.
He lowered his eyes, and said in a low voice, “Yes, you are right.”

Chang Qing: “Then why… ?”

Before he finished speaking, Lu Zheng continued: “But I don’t want to.
My brother shouldn’t be a waste.”

Chang Qing looked at him and said softly, “You look like a big brother now.”

Lu Zheng glanced at him and said nothing.

Although the two of them are men, they still have to avoid suspicion in the end because of their identity.
Therefore, the butler stood beside Lu Zheng, and they were all aboveboard and open in the presence of outsiders.

After a while, Chang Qing said, “Qin Lang came to see me.”

Lu Zheng’s eyes focused on him, “What did he want?”

Chang Qing said, “He didn’t do anything.
He just wanted to get close to me.”

After a moment, he said, “I’ve already asked someone to block him.”

Chang Qing: “…”

He couldn’t help but look at him, “…Did you find anything yet?”

Lu Zheng sneered: “No.”


This is indeed Lu Zheng’s style.

If Qin Lang was innocent, Chang Qing felt that he was indeed a bit like the demon concubine Daji2, who had brought misfortune to the country.
He could ruin a person’s future with just a few words.

Of course, Qin Lang wasn’t innocent, and Lu Zheng’s behavior was very pleasing.

For the first time, Chang Qing felt the beauty of power.
If he were an ordinary man, facing such a ruthless and scheming villain, he’d be really helpless.
It’s not like he could really fight the other party to the point of death or mutilation, right? It’s still against the law.
You’d have to go to jail.

Chang Qing’s mood was finally better.
He even wanted to applaud, but he held back.

“What are you going to do next?” Chang Qing asked him.

Lu Zheng frowned and asked, “Do about what?”

Chang Qing: “About Qin Lang, of course.
What are you going to do next?”

Lu Zheng lowered his eyes, thought for a while, and said, “Until I find anything out, I’ll block him.” He smiled grimly.
“A star is the easiest to destroy.
If it’s really him, I want him to wish he were dead.
If it’s not … it’s no big deal.
I only blame him for daring to find you.”

Chang Qing looked at his face and suddenly felt that Lu Zheng’s appearance was more in line with a villain’s image.

But also surprisingly reliable.

Chang Qing couldn’t help but relax and smiled.
He said softly, “All right.”


1.It means that a newly appointed official tends to do several influential things to show his talents and to establish his prestige.
It also means that a newly appointed official is full of drive and works with great zeal, but this drive or enthusiasm may not last long.

Daji 妲己- is the concubine of the last king of the Shang dynasty.
She’s basically the femme fatale who caused the downfall of the dynasty.
She was reportedly so beautiful that he lost all interest in running the country and wanted only to cater to her every whim.
(which ranged from lewd music to torture) She’s often depicted as a malevolent fox spirit in literature.

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