Chapter 3 Fake Brotherhood

The ridicule on Lu Zheng’s face was so clear that Chang Qing pretended not to see it.
But he really didn’t care what others thought of him.

The Lu family’s mansion covers a large area.
In order to take care of the original owner’s playful temperament, Lu Xuan had specially reserved a plot of land and built an entertainment facility that included a KTV, a bar, a game room, and so on.
But the original owner didn’t think that it was original enough and that the atmosphere wasn’t good enough, so he seldom went there.

It doesn’t matter to Chang Qing.
He could enjoy himself alone, and can play single-player games all day in the game room without going out.

 As evening approached, Chang Qing came out of the game room just in time to meet Lu Xuan’s car slowly coming in from outside the gate.

He stood on the side of the road and waited.
After a while, Lu Xuan’s car pulled up beside him and stopped.
The window slowly rolled down, revealing Lu Xuan’s young and handsome face.
He looked at Chang Qing’s face.
A smile appeared on his lips, with restrained seriousness he asked, “Do you want to come in?”

Chang Qing smiled slightly and said, “Okay.”

He opened the car door and sat down.
After he was seated, he glanced at the driver’s face in the rearview mirror.
The driver’s face was that of a very young man, not the previous driver surnamed Wu.    

Lu Xuan sat beside him and said in a low voice, “The florist didn’t have that many roses, only seven hundred.
So I asked someone to collect 999 roses from paper.”

There was not much room in the car.
As soon as Chang Qing got in the car, Lu Xuan smelled a very elegant shower gel fragrance, which floated from Chang Qing’s body.
It turned out that he always liked to wear perfume.
Although it was very fragrant, he felt dizzy after smelling it too much.
Now, he didn’t wear perfume anymore.
It was only the scent of a simple body wash, but Lu Xuan felt that it smelled very good.
There was a very fresh smell, as if he couldn’t get enough of it.
He lost his mind and thought: They obviously use the same kind of shower gel, why is Chang Qing so fragrant?

Chang Qing didn’t notice that he was distracted.
Hearing Lu Xuan’s stern words, he couldn’t help laughing.
He concealed the smile in his eyes and asked seriously, “Boss Lu, are you like this in business too?”

Lu Xuan returned to his senses, slightly uncomfortable with his young wife’s address, “What?”

Although the new driver was young, he had a good way of assessing the situation.
He noticed that the atmosphere between the two of them was gradually heating up, so he turned a corner and started to circle around the walls around the mansion.

Neither of them noticed the painstaking efforts of the young driver.
Chang Qing suppressed a smile and said, “If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have known that you made up the numbers with paper roses.
Are you so honest in business?”

Lu Xuan was dumbfounded.
After a while, he said, “That’s different.”

Chang Qing teased him, “How’s it different?”

Lu Xuan didn’t speak, but his cheeks were slightly red.
Obviously, a person like him couldn’t say anything explicit.

Chang Qing felt a wicked delight.
Lu Xuan didn’t say anything, and he didn’t want to let him go.
“What’s different? Tell me.”

Lu Xuan pretended to be calm and said, “You are my wife.
I am only honest with you.”

Chang Qing saw that the light redness on his face spread to the roots of his ears, and couldn’t help but feel even more happy, “Then you’re a really good husband, but if I’m not a good wife, what should you do?”

Lu Xuan gave him a look and said matter-of-factly, “You are.”

Chang Qing said, “Suppose I did something wrong to you.
What would you do?”

Lu Xuan suspected that he was testing him.
He wasn’t an antique.
He was only five years older than Chang Qing. He could just be considered a peer of the same age.
So he said with a strong desire to survive, “I’d forgive you.”

Chang Qing was rarely so happy.
He was so happy that his abs were about to crack, “You aren’t asking what it is? No matter what I did wrong, you will forgive me?”

Lu Xuan looked at the undisguised happy smile on his face.
His expression faltered, and there was a gentle smile in his eyes.
He made a soft “Mm” sound and lowered his voice a little.
With a hint of seriousness in his voice he said, “I trust my judgment, so I can forgive you for anything you do wrong.”

He didn’t think that Chang Qing had done anything to wrong him.
Seeing such a real smile on his face, it was difficult for him to doubt anything.
He always yearned for the sincere and perfect love like what was between his father Lu Chenghui and his mother Qin Mingzhu.
Therefore, once he decided to believe, he would never doubt him.

Chang Qing was originally happy from the bottom of his heart, but most of this happiness came from the satisfaction of his wicked interest in teasing Lu Xuan.
However, seeing Lu Xuan respond in such a serious way.
He slowly pulled out of this happy mood, and the curved corners of his mouth slowly became a straight line.
“You …” He looked at him unhappily, “Foolish.”

Lu Xuan heard Chang Qing say he was foolish.
He wasn’t angry either, but he smiled helplessly and doted on him again.
He was five years older than Chang Qing, and it was normal for him to think differently and have a different outlook on life from Chang Qing’s.
This was probably the generation gap.

Chang Qing’s overactive emotions slowly calmed down.
He recovered from the harmonious atmosphere at this time, and noticed something strange and said, “Haven’t we arrived yet? ”

The driver cranked down the window and said, “Almost there.”

Chang Qing understood that the driver took a detour, smiled, and didn’t ask any further questions.

The light redness on Lu Xuan’s face also faded.
When they got out of the car in front of the fountain at the door, both of them had returned to normal.

Chang Qing asked the young driver to move the stacked roses into his bedroom.
Facing Lu Xuan’s curious eyes, Chang Qing casually said, “With so many roses, do you think there’s enough to take a bath?”

Lu Xuan smiled.

Lu Hua, Lu Zheng, and Lu Shi were sitting casually in the living room.
Lu Hua and Lu Shi were not saying a word.
When they heard the commotion, they looked up at Chang Qing and the others.

After only a few glances, someone as sensitive as Lu Zheng and Lu Shi, quickly realized that the atmosphere between their eldest brother and Chang Qing was very different.

When it comes to the relationship between Lu Xuan and Chang Qing, most of the time it wasn’t very pleasant.
Chang Qing was obviously a man, but he had the enchanting style of a woman, wearing revealing clothes, flirting, acting coquettishly, and also liked to pester Lu Xuan to get here and there.
The picture is completely of a little duck1 who has experienced thousands of sails, pestering the new honest man who has just gotten off the boat to spend money for him.
He is not worth any money, but he can coax the honest man into willingly giving him whatever he wants, as if they had been eaten to death.

The picture was really exasperating, but one was willing to fight and the other was willing to suffer.
Chang Qing was their sister-in-law in name, and even if they were dissatisfied, they can’t make it difficult for their eldest brother.

Except for Lu Zheng, Lu Shi, who was only 17, and Lu Hua, who was 13, didn’t quite understand this truth.
They don’t care about their eldest brother.
They all have a very straightforward look of disgust on their faces.
Lu Shi dares to throw his eldest brother’s face directly.

They are a bit rebellious at this age.
They lost their father very early.
Lu Shi has always regarded Lu Xuan as half a father.
There was always a worship complex that felt that his eldest brother could do anything.
However, Lu Xuan’s choice of a wife made him half disillusioned with his heroic fantasy.
Lu Shi was full of anger and probably hated him, so he became even more rebellious and refused to give Lu Xuan a good face any more.

Seeing Chang Qing and Lu Xuan coming in together at this time, Lu Shi, as a rule, had to change his face in time, and carry out his attitude of “if Chang Qing is somewhere then he won’t be there” to the end.
However, with just a few glances, Lu Shi sensed something was wrong.

This male vixen used to wear revealing loose-fitting tank tops.
The cloth under his armpits almost fell to his waist, and the collar was so big that the whole chest could be seen.
Wearing a thin coat over it just made it worse.
His posture was sloppy and the coat could fall off at any time.
Revealing a large area of fair skin under the tank top… He was really good at wearing clothes but still seem to be running around naked.
The coquettish man was simply a born fox.

But now it’s different.
The fox was wearing a white T-shirt with a round neck and black straight trousers.
The trousers were folded up at the ankles, revealing his white ankles.
He was wearing soft non-abrasive indoor shoes not even half of his toes were exposed.

At this time the fox spirit not only doesn’t show any flesh, even the posture has become pleasing to the eye.

In fact, he was quite tall, about 178 cm.
Usually, he doesn’t stand or sit straight.
He leaned against Lu Xuan when walking, and no one noticed his proper height.
At this time, he was standing with a straight back, like a small poplar.
This child also stood out, with so much youth and vitality that can continue to grow up– He didn’t stick to Lu Xuan.
Instead, he stood a few steps apart, and that child went from being held delicately in Lu Xuan’s arms to now complimenting him well.

These were actually not the main points.
The main point was the atmosphere between the fox spirit and Lu Xuan… It became surprisingly harmonious.
With just a few glances, Lu Zheng and Lu Shi have sniffed out the kind of taste that only exists between young lovers.

This sort of “I’m not looking at you, but my eyes are full of you”, “Look at your eyes with tenderness more like water” and “One thousand years at a glance” this disgusting feeling can be vividly portrayed.

I’m dying, Lu Shi thought.
What’s the matter with this weird atmosphere? The fox spirit isn’t drilling into big brother’s arms? This was even more strange than a prostitute leaving her trade.

He was taken aback by this weird atmosphere, and when he realized that he had missed the best time to walk away, he was silent for a moment, bowed his head and said nothing.

Lu Hua was still young and didn’t notice that much.
She didn’t notice the suddenly changed atmosphere between her eldest brother and the fox spirit.
When she saw her eldest brother coming, she said sullenly, “Brother, I have a stomachache.”

Lu Xuan didn’t respond for a while and asked: “Where does it hurt? Did you eat something bad?”

Lu Hua faltered, “I don’t know, but I’m not feeling well.”

Lu Xuan wanted to call Dr.
He was on the verge of saying something when he suddenly reacted, “Mother Zhang.

Mother Zhang just happened to pass by.
When she heard Lu Xuan calling her, she hurried over, “Mr.
Lu, is something wrong?”

Lu Xuan said, “In the future, you don’t have to clean the living room and the corridor.
That area will be cleaned by Lu Hua.”

Mother Zhang was stunned, “Huh?”

She thought she heard it wrong, “Mr.
Lu, what do you mean?”

Lu Xuan repeated it, glanced at Lu Hua who was in shock and disbelief.
He said in a low voice, “This is homework.
Make sure she finishes it.
Don’t help her slack off.”

Mother Zhang was frightened by his serious attitude, and repeatedly agreed.

Lu Xuan said to Lu Hua: “If your sister-in-law asks you to clean the floor and wash the dishes, you should be honest.
Double the floor area and halve your pocket money.”

Lu Hua: “…”

She immediately wailed like a thousand ducks quacking, “Big brother you can’t do this!!!” She turned to Lu Zheng and Lu Shi for help, “Second brother! Third brother! Speak for me! Look at my hands! I soak my hands in fresh milk and egg white every day, and I have to scrub the floor? Washing dishes? Third Brother!”

Lu Shi was too lazy to pay attention to her.
He looked at Lu Xuan faintly, and didn’t say a word.

Lu Zheng was considerate and gentle.
He patted Lu Hua’s little hand soothingly and said to Lu Xuan, “Big brother, you have gone too far.”

Lu Hua immediately looked at Lu Zheng expectantly as if she had grabbed a life-saving straw.

Lu Zheng has always respected Lu Xuan, and the rebellious period seems to be nonexistent for him.
Even though Lu Xuan knows that Lu Zheng wasn’t satisfied with Chang Qing, he has never embarrassed Chang Qing face to face.
He was also the first one to call him “sister-in-law”.
He respected Lu Xuan’s choice.

Seeing him speak, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but reflect on whether he was really going too far.
In just a few seconds, Lu Xuan wanted to change his words, but before he could say anything, Lu Zheng replied lazily, “You don’t care if Lu Hua doesn’t drink milk and uses it to soak her hands?”

Lu Hua: “…”

Lu Xuan stared at Lu Hua and said slowly, “Add the stairs and steps on the second floor.
You have to wipe them every day.”

Lu Hua looked at Lu Zheng in a daze, large bubbles of tears squeezed out of her eyes and slowly flowed down.

Her heart is dying.
This family is full of false brotherhood.
It’s too cold.


duck is also slang for male prostitute

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