Chapter 6: mēn sāo1

The next morning, Chang Qing followed Lu Xuan to Tianxing Entertainment company.

Although Tianxing was a very new entertainment company, because it was a subsidiary of Lu’s Group, it was backed by a big tree so it could enjoy the shade.2 So the company’s address was in the busiest commercial street, and it had a whole floor dedicated to cultivating artists.

Because all aspects of Tianxing were relaxed to the most favorable level in the industry and it was a subsidiary of the Lu Group, unlike ordinary small companies, new people who choose Tianxing have great expectations for its development potential.
So there are many artists under Tianxing, although most of them are newcomers who weren’t famous.

Chang Qing and Lu Xuan entered the company gate together.
Tianxing’s facilities weren’t very good.
There was no special passage for the boss, and they needed to take the elevator with others.

When Lu Xuan walked out of the door, he had a stern look that discouraged strangers from approaching.
Although he condescended to take the ordinary elevator, almost no one dared to stand with the boss.
So Lu Xuan and Chang Qing took the elevator alone.

Lu Xuan said to him, “It’s not too late to regret it now.”

Chang Qing laughed, “What’s there to regret?”

Because there were only the two of them in the elevator, Lu Xuan’s cold expression relaxed a lot.
He whispered, “After all, it’s work.
It would be better to separate public and private affairs.”

Chang Qing understood what he meant, and immediately restrained the somewhat careless expression on his face, and said solemnly, “Ok, boss.”

Lu Xuan paused, and his voice was a little lighter, “En.”

Soon, the elevator went up to the top floor.
This floor belonged to Lu Xuan.
Because it was a new company, there were many assistant secretaries who assist Lu Xuan in handling affairs.
There were two secretaries and six assistants, and Chang Qing was the seventh.

Lu Xuan took Chang Qing to the president’s office and called his secretary Zhang Xinyu.

Zhang Xinyu entered the door and called out, “Good morning, Boss.”

Lu Xuan spared no words: “Chang Qing, the new assistant, make arrangements for him.”

Zhang Xinyu’s expression was obvious, and the curiosity in his eyes disappeared in a flash, “Okay.”

After he finished speaking, he wanted to take Chang Qing out, and Lu Xuan added: “Let him familiarize himself with the work content first.”

“…Okayboss.” What an obvious backdoor relationship.

Zhang Xinyu took Chang Qing out of the door, and didn’t show any extra curiosity to ask about the relationship between Chang Qing and Lu Xuan.
He arranged the position closest to Lu Xuan’s office and simply explained the scope of work to Chang Qing.

Chang Qing seemed to be listening carefully, but in fact the expression in his eyes was a little absent.

Zhang Xinyu didn’t notice it either, after he finished chattering on about things he needed to pay attention to, he added: “Tianxing is still a new company that hasn’t been established for a long time, so the boss will stay here for a longer time.
 After the company’s operations are on the right track, he will invite a senior manager to take over the position of president, and the secretary and assistant will also work for the new boss.”

Chang Qing: “Okay, I understand.”

Zhang Xinyu looked at his clear eyes and sighed, thinking, what do you understand? Clearly he didn’t understand what he said.

Lu Xian was not a gentle boss himself.
He has a very clear distinction between public and private.
Being able to bring Chang Qing in person shows that the two of them should be very close, so he wasn’t suitable for arranging any work for Chang Qing.
Perhaps he had not gotten used to it yet, so he followed Lu Xuan back to the head office

When Zhang Xinyu said these words to him, he also had the intention of sounding him out a little.
Seeing that he didn’t have a clear look, he didn’t continue to speak any further, “… you should familiarize yourself with the environment here first.
I will arrange work for you later.
If you want to drink water, go out and turn left there is a pantry.
There are snacks and cakes in the refrigerator that you can eat as you like, and the wifi password is 6 sixes.

After saying this, Zhang Xinyu left, leaving Chang Qing alone in the big office.

Although it was said that he would arrange work for him, it was estimated that it was just a verbal statement.
Chang Qing was playing games almost all day.
Occasionally Zhang Xinyu came and asked him to make a cup of coffee for Lu Xuan.
Lu Xuan took this opportunity to say a few words of gossip with him, and the day passed just like this.

When he went back in the evening, Chang Qing took Lu Xuan’s car.

The two men got off the elevator side by side, and although they hardly spoke, the harmonious atmosphere made all those who saw them wonder what their relationship was.

A female assistant guessed: “It can’t be the boss’s wife, right? I heard that the boss married a man a few months ago.”

Another denied it, with a slight smugness, saying: “I paid special attention, the boy’s hand didn’t have a ring on it.”

The boss wears a ring all the time.
Although he has never seen the boss lady, there were also rumors that he was a beautiful man.
Although the man who came here today is also a handsome man, his hands were completely clean.
No ring was worn, and there wasn’t even a trace of a ring being worn and taken off.

“That is …” There was an ambiguous pause.
“I didn’t expect the boss to look so serious and play like that.”

Zhang Xinyu happened to pass by the door and listened to what they said.
Seeing that they were exaggerating more and more, he couldn’t help but warn, “Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know the situation.”

Several people immediately fell silent.
After Zhang Xinyu left, the female assistant who started the conversation muttered, “Secretary Zhang has been working very hard recently.
He has been working overtime until the last minute.”

Only one of the two secretaries can go to the head office with the boss.
Secretary Zhang is competing for this opportunity, isn’t he? In my opinion, he’s not as capable as Secretary Du.
It’s difficult for him to get past Secretary Du to the head office.”

“That’s not necessarily true.
The boss brought someone with him, didn’t he? If you perform well, it’s not certain who will go to the head office.”


The conversation quickly shifted from the relationship between the new assistant and the boss to the two secretaries who could go to the head office with the boss.
They made a bet on it.

Chang Qing didn’t know that he had become a topic of gossip among the assistants, but even if he did, he wouldn’t care.
He did not hide his relationship with Lu Xuan, nor did he plan to make it public.
This is another unspoken rule of his and Lu Xuan’s tacit understanding.

He and Lu Xuan got into the car together, and Lu Xuan didn’t speak for a long time in the car.

Chang Qing didn’t notice it at first, and casually said to Lu Xuan, “Your company benefits are good, you have air conditioning and desserts, and the food in the cafeteria is so good.”

Lu Xuan: “En.”

This “en” was too cold , Chang Qing thought about it, and couldn’t help turning his head to look at Lu Xuan, “What’s wrong with you?”

Lu Xuan said, “It’s nothing.”

Chang Qing lowered himself and looked carefully at Lu Xuan’s face from top to bottom.
“That’s not what your expression says.
What’s wrong? Am I not doing well?”

Is it because he is too idle? No way, right?

Lu Xuan said, “No, it’s not your problem.” His expression softened and he repeated, “It’s not your problem.”


Lu Xuan: “Hmm.”

Chang Qing asked persistently:  “Then what’s the matter?”

Lu Xuan said, “The ring.”

Chang Qing was stunned, and quickly reacted.
His eyes fell on his own hands.
The original owner had a pair of beautiful hands.
The palms were white and soft, and there were only some thin cocoons at the base of the fingers and on the fingertips.
The joints of the fingers were slightly thin, so the fingers were well-proportioned and slender.

Such a pair of beautiful hands, each finger was clean.
But he wasn’t wearing any jewelry such as a ring.

Chang Qing understood that Lu Xuan was talking about a wedding ring.
He also found the appearance of the ring from the original owner’s memory.
It was a simple and elegant men’s wedding ring, which fit the circumference of his finger very well.
It was only worn by the original owner for a few days.
He accidentally lost it, and then he was afraid that Lu Xuan would be unhappy.
When he asked, he lied and said that he had put it up, because he was afraid of getting it dirty.

At that time, Lu Xuan believed it and didn’t say anything more.
Unexpectedly, he mentioned it again this time.

Chang Qing confessed: “Actually, I lost the ring.”

Lu Xuan was stunned for a while before he let out an “Oh”.

Chang Qing said, “I didn’t dare to tell you, because I was afraid that you would be angry.”   

 Lu Xuan said, “I won’t be angry.”

Chang Qing looked at him, curled his lips slightly, and said, “Do you want me to wear a ring?”

Lu Xuan didn’t speak.

Wow, Chang Qing thought to himself, he was very mēn sāo, saying that he wanted to be clear about public and private, but secretly wanting him to wear a wedding ring.

Chang Qing said, “I’m sorry, I lost it.
Otherwise I would wear it.”

Lu Xuan said slowly, “It’s not urgent.
I’ll order another pair.”

Chang Qing smiled and said, “Okay.”

Lu Xuan’s expression was still a little tense, but his heart was relieved.

The two returned home together.
Lu Zheng was already at home by this time.

Lu Zheng should have gone abroad to study when he was in high school, but he didn’t want to leave home, so he just stayed in China.
Now he is a junior in one of the top 5 universities in China.
His major is a language class that is completely inconsistent from what he wants to do.
Because he has plenty of time, he spends more time at home.

Lu Shi was in his second year of high school and seemed to be in a period of rebelliousness.
He often skipped classes and went home to play games.
Lu Xuan was busy, and Lu Zheng has little affection for his younger siblings and had no idea to ​​discipline them.
Since the two brothers didn’t care, Lu Shi regards skipping class as a common occurrence.
He was also at home at this time, but who knew what corner he was hiding in to play games.

Lu Hua, on the other hand, had a privileged family background and felt a sense of urgency.
Even if Lu Xuan didn’t ask for it, she had consciously hired various special skills teachers to teach her.
Piano, zither, and so on were all trivial matters, as well as dance and figure, embroidery, flower arrangement, and so on.
She was even busier than Lu Xuan.
At this time, she also had to do housework.
She was really as busy as a spinning top.

When Chang Qing and Lu Xuan entered the door, they saw Lu Hua clumsily mopping the floor with a mop and complaining about something.
When she saw Lu Xuan, she paused and called out to Lu Xuan unhappily.

Seeing that she was doing housework honestly, Lu Xuan took the gift he bought for her out of his arms and handed it to her, “Your sister in law3 bought it for you after a thorough search.”

Lu Hua was a little happy at first.
After hearing what Lu Xuan said, the smile on her face froze.

Chang Qing said in a brisk tone: “Open it and look.
You should like it.”

Lu Hua picked it up and opened it.
It was a hairpin inlaid with diamonds.
It was just right, delicate and beautiful.
It would not look too ostentatious.
It was very suitable for a girl of her age.
Her heart softened, and she couldn’t lie to herself that she didn’t like it.
However, she didn’t want to see the Vixen’s smug look, so she said with a stern face, “Your taste is too bad.
With my big brother’s help, it’ll be fine.
Let my eldest brother buy it for me next time.”

Chang Qing smiled.
It was Lu Xuan who had bought it in the first place.
He also wanted to choose a large checkered hair bow.
Obviously, Lu Hua is not a cute princess.
So Chang Qing euphemistically asked Lu Xuan to replace it with a diamond hairpin.

But there was no need to tell Lu Hua this.
He doesn’t care whether the girl likes him or not, nor does he deliberately brush her favor.

Lu Hua took the hairpin reservedly.
She didn’t wear it, but put it in her trousers pocket.
After the elder brother and the fox were gone, she quietly took it out and pinned it to her soft chestnut hair.

After receiving her favorite gift, she was less reluctant to do housework.

The author has something to say: there will be more updates today, the big brother is expected to go offline today.
I hope I can finish it today!



1.When a person is outwardly cold or even dull but deep and passionate inside

A strong background, makes it convenient to do things.

I used sister in law here though I’m not sure what he says in the sentence: 你大搜给你买的

T/L: Lu Xuan is so cute.

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