“Brother Ji, I feel that at home—” Liu Yimian rushed into the house and wanted to discuss with Ji Wei about going to the street in the afternoon to buy some pots and pans.
There were very few items at home.
In the past, it was okay as they seldom cook at home.
Now it was obviously not enough.


    But when he entered the door, he saw that the two were very close.
From his point of view, A Qiu almost stuck to Ji Wei.


    He opened his mouth, and in the end, he just bit his lip and stood there, feeling his eyes wet and uncomfortable.


    Ji Wei was taller than A Qiu, across the top of his head, he saw Liu Yimian standing at the door with his head lowered thinking of something.
So he called him over.


    “What did you feel? You did not complete your sentence?”


    As soon as Liu Yimian approached, A Qiu consciously took a step back and opened the distance between him and Ji Wei.


    “There is not much tableware at home, you should add some.” As he spoke, his voice became softer and softer, finally, it was only a murmur.
They were less than ten feet from each other, but Ji Wei couldn’t hear what Liu Yimian said.


    He raised his eyebrows, “Speak louder, I can’t hear you clearly.”


    A Qiu sometimes doesn’t like Liu Yimian’s soft-spoken appearance, his face turns red before he talks to anyone and his voice is very soft when he speaks.
This will make people look down on them “brothers”.


    Seeing that Liu Yimian was still there not knowing what to do, so he simply answered for him, “He said that there is not enough tableware at home, so you should add some more.”


    “What’s the big deal, you got money with you.
You can buy whatever you need for the home.
You don’t need to tell me everything.” Ji Wei said indifferently.


    The crockpot in his hand had been shaken for more than a quarter of an hour, it was almost time.


    Ji Wei opened the lid and poured the goat milk from the crockpot into a basin.


    The goat milk that has been shaken was now very viscous, there was a layer of grease on the surface, which is pale yellow in color, and it fully covers the liquid.


    This could be the first form of fresh cream in this country.


    Ji Wei poured the goat cream into a small bowl and did the same with the other jar.
After extracting the cream from the goat milk, he put the two bowls together in the well.


    What he did was very strange, neither A Qiu nor Liu Yimian had seen it before, when they asked him but didn’t understand what he was saying, they could only watch from the side.


    A Qiu felt that he was in the way, without waiting for them to speak, he bid farewell to them.
Before leaving, he praised Ji Wei again.
Liu Yimian, who was standing beside him, felt his hair tighten, thinking of what he said about Ji Wei not long ago.


    But he is a quiet man and doesn’t like to talk behind others’ back.
So he watched A Qiu go away silently, then silently followed Ji Wei out.


    The two went to the street, Liu Yimian’s thought was still immersed in the previous incident, and was silent along the way.
Even if he has a quiet temperament and normally walks for a long time without saying a word, this is too abnormal.


    Ji Wei stared at him for a long time, before Liu Yimian noticed it.
As soon as he looked up, he met Ji Wei’s eyes, and even his heartbeat slowed for half a beat.


    “What are you thinking about, you looked so fascinated, did you hear what I told you?”


    Liu Yimian blushed, he wouldn’t dare to let Ji Wei know his little thought, so he quickly said: “It’s nothing, I just can’t figure out a few words from the book, I’ll go back and read it again.”


    How could this be the truth? Ji Wei’s age is twice of his, and a smart person, how could he believe him.
However, knowing that he didn’t intend to say out, he didn’t ask any further questions.
He just pretend he didn’t know it.
He then dragged Liu Yimian into a cloth shop.
, The scale of this shop was quite large, a salesperson came up as soon as they entered the door, nodded, and greeted them warmly.


    “Welcome! What kind of cloth do you want to buy? In our store, we have all kinds of fabrics!” The salesperson’s eyesight was very good.
As soon as he saw the red mole on Liu Yimian’s eyebrows, he guessed that it must be the husband who brought his “brother” here to buy materials.
He immediately changed the object to flatter Liu Yimian, showing great hospitality to Liu Yimian.


    Liu Yimian was a little overwhelmed, he pointed to Ji Wei, and whispered, “He wanted to buy some materials for underpants, just pick some light and thin fabrics to show him.”


    The guy glanced at Ji Wei and saw that he was tall and handsome, and had a carefree look.
He understood what was happening and continued to talk to Liu Yimian: ” Look at this, it is soft to the touch, it is absolutely top-notch when used for underpants, Otherwise, you can see that this cotton material is also not bad, it is slightly thicker and softer than silk, and the price is more than half.


    The two pieces of material were really good to the touch, but the price of this silk cloth is double that of the cotton cloth, and it costs twenty cents per foot, which was really expensive.


    Liu Yimian grabbed the two pieces of fabric, pulled up his sleeves, exposing the tender skin on the inside of his arms, and gently rubbed the fabric.
Sure enough, the silk cloth was more comfortable, and it was almost impossible to feel its existence.


    If it is used on himself, he will undoubtedly choose the cotton cloth.
But this is for Ji Wei use, and he wants him to have the best.


    He made up his mind and asked Ji Wei to pick a piece of cloth from his hand.


    Over there, Ji Wei was staring and fascinated by the row of colorful clothes on the table.
When he was suddenly called by Liu Yimian to pick a material, touching it causally, he chosed the piece of cotton.


    Liu Yimian stamped his feet and said anxiously, “Brother Ji, this is the material for you to make underpants, it’s better to be soft.”


    “Yeah, silk cloth is comfortable to wear close to the body.
Those big families choose this as their underpants.” The sales guy also echoed.


    Ji Wei was annoyed and glared at the man.


    He has a fierce look, and with just one stare, the man shrank his neck in fright and stopped speaking.


    “It’s better if the material is thicker.
Don’t worry about that.
Look at these two materials, which one do you like?” Ji Wei has a sky blue fabric on the left and a lotus-colored fabric on the right.
The patterns look very conspicuous.


    Liu Yimian was too shocked and couldn’t answer the question asked by Ji Wei.
The sales guy on the side was scratching his ears and cheeks anxiously.
He wanted to answer for him, but he was afraid that Ji Wei would change his mind, and immediately explained: “The green one is the only one left in the store.
A few days ago, the young lady from the county magistrate’s family came and picked a number of them.
As for this pink color, not only young girls can wear it, our younger “brother” who is born well and has a fair complexion, will look outstanding wearing this color.”


    Ji Wei was very satisfied, “Then we shall take both, I think it suits you well.”


    “Aren’t you here to buy underpants?” Liu Yimian was a little confused.


    “Yes, I am.
Since we are here, why not get you some cloth and make new clothes.
I’ve told you before, but you didn’t take it to heart.” Ji Wei feigned anger and deliberately teased Liu Yimian.


    “But these two pieces of cloth…” Liu Yimian looked away reluctantly, “I don’t like it very much, let’s look at other things.”


    These two materials look outstanding at first glance, and they are definitely not cheap.
Liu Yimian is used to being simple since childhood, he was used to picking up the old clothes from his older brother’s and changing them.
At the end of the year, as long as he can put on a new attire, it will make him very happy, not to mention this.


    It would be a lie to say that he is not surprised.


    Liu Yimian restrained his look of joy and picked a slightly old-fashioned blue-gray cotton material, “Brother Ji, this one.”


    Ji Wei glanced at him and laughed, “It’s useless even if you like it.
Since you’ve called me Brother, it’s a gift from me.
I am paying for it, I must be the one to like it.
Wrap up these 3 pieces of materials for me.”


    The sales guy was waiting for these words, he immediately took the cloth with his hands and ran to the shopkeeper to settle the bill.


    “A piece of cloth is five feet long, silk cloth is twenty cents a foot, sky blue is a rare color, and a foot costs fifteen cents.
This lotus-colored material is cheaper, only twelve cents, a total of two hundred and eight cents.” The shopkeeper fiddled with the abacus with stubby fingers and said with a smile, “Since this is the first time Master Ji comes to our shop, I will give them to you at two hundred cents.”


    When Ji Wei came out, it was impossible to bring a few hundred pennies.
He took a piece of silver and handed it to the shopkeeper for change.


    The shopkeeper happily counted the money, but his mouth was not idle, “Master Ji is really a real man, and he is very kind to his wife.
Our shop has been open for more than ten years, and you are the first to come along to buy clothes for his “brother” in person, let alone such good materials.”


    Ji Wei glanced at Liu Yimian, “He hasn’t been married into our house yet.”


    The shopkeeper changed his words without any sense of disobedience, “Your brother’s facial features are very good.
Look at this color, it suits his skin especially.
If he wears clothes made by embroidered mother, I don’t know how many men will be fascinated…”


    Liu Yimian had never been praised like this before, and he was so embarrassed that he turned her face away and didn’t dare to look at anyone.


    Ji Wei folded his arms and smiled, noncommittal.


    Those who run a business must be able to speak well, be eloquent, and praise people so that the customer is willing to buy their things.
All these words will make you in a good mood, whether it’s true or not is another matter.


    There are one hundred copper coins in one string, and there are eight strings in total.


    The shopkeeper gave another money bag with fine workmanship, and reluctantly said: “Master Ji, the embroidery lady in our shop was invited from the city, and her craftsmanship is exquisite, don’t you want to make some new clothes? Look at this embroiderer, this mandarin duck, how real they look.”


    Ji Wei took the purse, glanced at it, and stuffed it into his arms, “No matter how good the craftsmanship is, it can’t compare to my Mianmian intentions.” After sending the shopkeeper away, Ji Wei reached out and hooked Liu Yimian’s shoulders and took him out.


    If it was among ordinary men, this action was common.
But if it was with a young man with a red mole between his eyebrows, so it couldn’t help but attract attention.


    Ji Wei didn’t think much about it, he just saw Liu Yimian deep in thoughts, so he just grab him.
Coincidentally, Liu Yimian was short and light, Ji Wei was tall and strong, it was very easy to drag Liu Yimian out and he forgot to let go of him.


    What he didn’t know was that the people in this era were reserved and don’t like physical touch.
Seeing the two of them hooking their shoulders, they couldn’t help but turn their heads and discuss in a low voice.
They were in the limelight for a while, but Ji Wei was inexplicable.


    “Mianmian, what are they looking at?”


    Liu Yimian was a little stiff, a little shy, and felt hot all over, his tone was soft, and he stammered: “Brother Ji, I, I’m a little hot, loosen your hand.”


    Poor Liu Yimian is thin-skinned and shy.


    He had just managed to escape from the cloth store and he had to endure the strange eyes from the pedestrians on the street.
he could not wait to find a crack to hide in it.
But he was still hooked firmly by Ji Wei, neither able to run nor say anything about it.


    The corners of his eyes burned by this shame were slightly red, and when he looked at Ji Wei, he couldn’t help but implored.


    Ji Wei reacted, slightly embarrassed, his arm loosened as if it was burned, and smiled dryly: “I don’t mean anything else, just subconsciously-“


    “Brother Ji, I understand.” After saying this, Liu Yimian’s neck turned red.


    Ji Wei was a little dumbfounded, understand what?

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