It’s been a while since anyone has seen Baozi Xi Shi on the street, and when they saw her appear, all the regular vendors greeted her.
But Baozi Xi Shi, who was usually enthusiastic, seemed extremely abnormal today.


    She wrapped half of her face with a headscarf, and she was so tightly dressed that she didn’t even show any skin on her neck.
Like a thief, the cart came to the place where the steamed buns were usually sold.


    She hadn’t come for a few days, and the hot spot had long been occupied by another person.
She was also a woman, but she is a bit stronger than her, sitting on the urchin and shouting and selling vegetables, seeing Baozi Xi Shi, she did not feel guilty at all and instead confronted her head-on, and glared at her rudely, “What are you looking at? First come first serve, don’t you know?”


    If looks could kill, I am afraid that the strong woman would have been killed by Baozi Xi Shi a hundred and eighty times.


    It’s a pity that the other party was very thick-skinned and doesn’t take her seriously at all.


    Baozi Xishi gritted her teeth, walked to the next stall, and said softly, “Brother Li, can you move to the side so that I can share the space with you, I don’t need much space.”


    Brother Li is a bachelor, he had been coveting her beauty for a long time, and always tries to find excuses to talk to her.
This time around, she was the one who took the initiative to ask him, so there was no reason for him to refuse, he immediately moved his stall to the side.


    It’s just that the place is not big enough, Baozi Xishi pleaded softly and finally moved into a half-sized position for her and the cart.


    “Why didn’t you show up last few days? Could it be that you are ill?” Brother Li looked at Baozi Xi Shi with concern, and was amazed at her outfit, “Still dressed in such a weird way?”


    Baozi Xi Shi sighed softly, “I caught a cold a few days ago, and I was resting at home for the last few days.
I’m still not fully recovered.
I’m afraid I’ll get sick again, so I have to wear more clothes.” As she spoke, a warm wind blew, she stretched out her hand and pulled the scarf tighter around her neck, as if she was afraid of it being blown off by the wind.


    As soon as she was free, she couldn’t help but cast her eyes across the street.


    At first, Ji Wei was hiding in the corner selling the pancakes.
But as his business became more and more prosperous, all the vendors scrambled to do their business beside him.
Not only did they not have to worry about business being poor around him, but sometimes customers would also buy something from them at the same time.
Everyone gained from this.


    Therefore, he gradually moved from the corner to the center of the street.
There were a lot of people gathered around, and the lively shouts could be heard clearly from those ten over steps away.


    Brother Li looked at Baozi Xishi, snorted, and said jealously, “I thought that guy was just having beginner’s luck, and he will give up after a few days.
I didn’t expect that he really made it.”


    A person beside them sighed: “Anyway, he hasn’t been asking us for money, we actually  saved a few hundred pennies over the months.”


    That was true.
The vendors who were complaining previously had accepted the facts.
Although they were still very jealous, they didn’t dare to confront Ji Wei, the most were to mutter behind his back.


    That left only Baozi Xishi, because of Liu Qing, she has a rift with Ji Wei, and the two have been tit for tat for a long time.
Last time, she was slandered by his words on the street, which caused her to be abused by Liu Qing on the bed, with bruises all over her body, that was why she dared not go out for several days.


    Baozi Xi Shi stretched out her hand to stroke her forehead, where there was an obvious bruised mark, where she hit against the bed.


    If Liu Qing hadn’t promised her that he would cause Ji Wei not to be able to get out of his bed for at least 3 months, Baozi Xishi would have tried something herself.


    She gritted her teeth and sneered, “Let him laugh for a few more days.”


    Li Ge said curiously, “Why do you say that “


    Baozi Xishi said softly: “Since he dares to insult me, he should be prepared to bear the consequences.
He won’t be able to laugh any longer soon, I will make him cry and beg for my forgiveness.”


    After the cruel words were released, Brother Li was puzzled.
However, she said nothing more.
She opened the steamer on the stall and began to shout for business.


    After half the morning had passed, the business was not as good as before, she only managed to earn a total of ten to twenty cents.


    Baozi Xishi put the account on Ji Wei’s again, counting the date with her fingers.


    Brother Qing clearly said that he would come today…


    She stretched her neck and looked around, but she couldn’t see the burly figure.


    A circle of people stood around Ji Wei’s stall, all holding money in their hands and shouting for pancakes.


    Some were bought to eat by themselves, and some were bought to be taken home.


    In short, there were about a dozen or so people crowding there, Ji Wei was sweating profusely, and shouted loudly for them to line up.


    It’s still messy, but it was much better than when it started.


    At least no one is pushing around anymore which created the embarrassing incident of almost knocking the cart over.


    Ji Wei was busy frying 5 pancakes all at once when suddenly someone shouted, “They’re here—”


    The people that were lining up suddenly became confused.


    All of them dispersed and ran away in an instant.


    There were a few who have paid and hadn’t left, but they were all hiding behind Ji Wei, not daring to stand on the street anymore, for fear of being targeted by the approaching group of people and being taken advantage of.


    A breath of fresh air came in instantly, Ji Wei took a deep breath before looking up.


    Not far away, three tall and fierce men were walking toward him.


    Although they have not yet reached him, Ji Wei’s heart sunk.


    The person in front was Liu Qing, and it goes without saying that he must have come to look for him.


    Thinking back to the fact that Baozi Xishi disappeared for a few days, it was obvious that he was here to settle some scores.


    He frowned, but still quickly fried the few remaining pieces of pancake, and before he had time to pour the eggs, he handed the cake to the waiting people, he did not ask them for money and let them leave.


    Although he did not earn from it, it is better than wasting it.


    After the guests had all left, Ji Wei’s body relaxed a little, tore off the apron sewn by Liu Yimian, wiped his greasy hands, and looked at Liu Qing and others with his arms crossed.


    “It seems that the last beating has been too light, or else he won’t be able to roam around again in just a few days.” The man behind Liu Qing laughed, but as he had a scar at the corner of his eye, he looked very hideously.


    Ji Wei didn’t know what this person’s original name was.


    After all, he is with Liu Qing and others and is only known by everyone as Li Erba.


    The person next to him is Lin Qing.


    These two men are Liu Qing’s lackeys, and they always follow him to make trouble for people.
They are birds of a feather.


    Ji Wei knew for a long time that they would come to him to settle the scores from the events some time ago.
But he didn’t expect them to be later than expected.


    He wasn’t afraid of them either.


    “What can I do for you?” Ji Wei looked at Liu Qing with a half-smile, “If you are here to buy a pancake, it’s two cents each.
If you are not here to buy pancakes, I don’t have time to entertain you.
please leave.”


    “Are you pretending to be dumb? You know exactly why we are here for!” Li Erba took two steps forward and slapped the cart with his big palm.


    Although the cart is large, it is not as strong as furniture such as tables and chairs.


    Being slapped vigorously by the palm, the pots and pans jumped and shook violently.


    “If you have something to say, say it! If you were to make trouble, don’t blame me for being rude!”


    Ji Wei has never been a person who can endure any provocation.
He looked at the three of them coldly and said solemnly.


    Lin Qing stopped Li Erba in his track, “Let me speak, Li Er, back off.”


    That Lin Qing was much shorter than Li Erkan and his body was not as strong, but Li Erba listened to him.
He stares at Ji Wei unwillingly and took a few steps back to make room for Lin Qing.


    “We are here today for two reasons.
One is official and the other is personal.”


    Ji Wei laughed, “What official business do I have with you?”


    “The Qinglong Gang holds the Qinglong meeting every half month, but you were absent this month for no reason.
Do you know how embarrassing it is for Boss Sun?” Lin Qing said in a low voice but sounded threatening with every word.
“When we joined the gang, everyone is allied with blood, vowing that we will live or die together.
Actually, it’s not a big deal, let’s not talk about life and death, a big event like the gang’s meeting, if you are not able to attend, just let us know.
We are all brothers, we can understand you.”


    Lin Qing paused, looking at Ji Wei, his eyes became sharper.


    “But you would rather do some cheap business on the street than participate in the conference.
Boss Sun has already said that if you don’t give a reason, you will be expelled from the gang!”


    The boss of Sun is the boss of the Qinglong Gang branch in Changliu Town.
His surname is Sun, and his single name is Hong.
He is very affectionate, not an unreasonable person.


    Ji Wei listened to every word carefully, “Cheap business?” Then he laughed loudly, “What about you collecting protection money from ordinary people in the street? Are that noble business and something worthy of praise?”


    Lin Qing looked at him coldly, “Ji Wei, don’t forget, you were one of us back then, and this street is full of ordinary people who have been bullied by you.”


    “But now that I’ve changed, I’ve come to my senses, and naturally I am not the same as you.” Ji Wei said it decisively.
Everyone around him heard it clearly and worried for him.


    The reason why everyone tolerated Ji Wei was that he was really a bully and not easy to mess with.
The second was for the gangs behind him that are all over the nearby towns.
Even if they dare to offend Ji Wei, they wouldn’t dare to offend the Qinglong gang.


    What else can they do but endure it!


    But Ji Wei now dared to openly say that he wanted to quit the Qinglong Gang and will not want to mix with them anymore!


    What audacity this is!


    “It is true that you are betraying the gang as the rumors!” Lin Qing clenched his fists and glared angrily.


    “Very Well!”


    Liu Qing laughed and applauded, “I, Liu Qing, respect you as a man today! For daring to speak out in front of so many people.”


    “That’s wrong.”


    Ji Wei retorted: “If it was a month ago, I could still be called a traitor.
But it was clear that Liu Qing had beaten me to near death in the name of eradicating the gang’s cancer.
If it wasn’t for my family members taking care of me, I would have died a long time ago, how could I be standing here and listening to you talking about me, a traitor?”


    Liu Qing and others were about to say something, but Ji Wei doesn’t give them a chance, “The moment I opened my eyes, the previous Ji Wei was killed by you and expelled from the gang.
The Ji Wei now will live his own life and have nothing to do with you again!”


    “With these words of yours, we can feel at ease.” Li Erba grinned, pressing his knuckles and making crackling noises.
He stepped forward with Lin Qing and blocked Ji Wei’s way.


    Liu Qing spread out his hand and put it under Ji Wei’s nose, “Give it to me!”


    “Give you what?”


    “Don’t act stupid, protection fee!”


    Ji Wei sneered, “The county magistrate can protect me, and my hands and feet to defend against any enemy.
Why do I need to pay the protection fee, why do I need you to protect me?”


    “Good! Good! Good!”


    Liu Qing said good three times in a row, waved at Lin Qing and Li Erba, and said ruthlessly, “Beat him to death!”


    After he finished speaking, he spits out thick phlegm on the ground, “How dare you mess with my woman.
This time around, if I won’t make you a cripple, I will write Liu Qing’s name upside down!”

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