about forty pieces of copper.


    He simply pushed it all in front of Dr Wu, and said to him: “I don’t know how much I owe you previously.
I will make up for the extra, and ask Wu Lao to accept it.”


    This time, it was Mr.
Wu’s turn to be flattered, and he couldn’t help but keep looking at Ji Wei, as if he had seen some monster in disbelief.


    But in the end, he did not refuse and accepted the money.


    South Street is not too far from West Lane, and it takes only a quarter of an hour to walk there.


    Liu Yimian didn’t dare to delay, he walked all the way home, dragged Ji Wei into the room, let him sit on the bed, and ran to the yard to draw a pot of well water, saying that he wanted to apply medicine for him.


    When he walked out of the house holding the basin, his footsteps slowed down.


    Ji Wei listened to his footsteps wandering outside the house.
But he did not come in.
So he raised his voice and asked, “Mianmian, it’s hot outside, why don’t you come in?”


    Liu Yimian had no choice but to walk in with his head lowered.


    Seeing that his cheeks were slightly red, Ji Wei only thought that it was from the sun, so he didn’t bother much and beckon him to come over.


    “You took so long to get the water, I thought you might have fell into the well and was going to fish for you.” Ji Wei took out a wet towel from the basin and wringed it dry, laughing at him by the way.


    Liu Yimian was a little embarrassed and glared at Ji Yiyi angrily.
Before he could speak, a chill fell on his face.


    He heard Ji Wei smiled, “Talk about applying medicine for me, look at your dirty cat-like face, let me wipe it for you first.”


    After saying that, he rubs hard on his face.


    Ji Wei doesn’t do this thing often, so he doesn’t have a clue about what strength to use.
When he took off the towel, he saw that the tip of Liu Yimian’s nose was totally red, his eyes were a little straight, and he looked at him blankly.


    Ji Wei chuckled, threw the towel into the basin, splashed a few drops on Liu Yimian’s body, and woke him up.
As if to hide something, he hurriedly twisted the towel, bowed his head with red ears, and said, “Brother Ji, take off your clothes quickly, lie on the bed, I’ll–“


    “So you want me to undress in a hurry? You should say it earlier, Brother Ji will satisfy you!” Ji Wei smirked aggravating the three words undressing, making Liu Yimian afraid to look up.
He took off his clothes and jumped on the bed with a thud.


    “What? Is Mianmian shy? Why don’t you dare to look at me? Didn’t you just ask me to take off my clothes? I’ve taken off my clothes, and I’ve been lying down.
Why don’t you come?”


    As soon as Liu Yimian looked up, he saw Ji Wei tick his fingers.
He gritted his teeth and went over.


    Initially, he still had some erotic thoughts, and when he saw the bruises on Ji Wei’s back, he felt very distressed.
Even the movements of wiping Ji Wei’s body became softer, making Ji Wei feel a little wrong.


    “Mianmian, I’m not made of porcelain, you can use more strength.” After Ji Wei finished speaking, he heard Liu Yimian sniff, and answered in a muffled voice.


    He frowned, rolled over, and turned to look at the silly boy, who was wiping his tears behind his back.


    Ji Wei reached out and wiped the trembling tear on the tip of his chin, and sighed, “Why are you crying, it’s not the first time I’ve been beaten anyway, you’ll get used to it, and it doesn’t hurt so much now.”


    “If only I could help Brother Ji…” Liu Yimian rudely wiped away his tears with his sleeve, looked at Ji Wei with red eyes, and said softly.


    Ji Weiyi listened, but smiled instead, “What? You are so small, you still want to stand up for your brother Ji? I’m afraid that you will die before you can start.
I’m not willing to let you do that, just hide behind Brother Ji.”




    “But what?” Ji Wei patted Liu Yimian’s arm, “Don’t but, let’s get some medicine on me.
if the county magistrate hadn’t locked Liu Qing and the others up, I would never have let them off either.”


    The last sentence was loud.


    Ji Wei has never been a tolerant person.
He drew a line, and he could easily forgive them if they didn’t cross that line.
But once the boundary is crossed, the other party will definitely pay the price, even if it is by any means.


    If it wasn’t for Liu Qing being sentenced to prison, he would have ruined his reputation and never let him have a place in Changliu Town!


    Ji Wei lay comfortably on the pillow, enjoying Liu Yimian’s massage with the medicinal wine.


    Liu Yimian’s hands were good, and after a few massages, his back became warm.


    Ji Wei hummed comfortably.


    After pressing the back, he turned over.
Lying on the bed spread eagle, closed his eyes and waited.


    Logically speaking, whatever Ji Wei has, Liu Yimian has it too.


    But for some reason, Liu Yimian don’t know where to lay his eyes, and his hands became restrained, and not as fluent as before.


    After a few hasty massages, he finished the medicinal wine.
Just as he got up and wanted to leave, Ji Wei opened his eyes, grabbed his wrist, and ask him to massage him a bit longer.


    Liu Yimian couldn’t help but continued.


    After the full body massage, he was sweating profusely and his arms were sore.


    He shook his wrist slightly, panting, “Brother Ji? Is that enough?”


    No response from him.


    “Are you asleep?”


    Still no response.


    Liu Yimian blinked, bent over to lie on the side of Ji Wei’s body, and carefully reached out to touch the thin green stubble on his lips.
Seeing that he didn’t respond, he poked his sturdy arm again, which was full of tendons.


    Ji Wei, who was sleeping soundly, turned over and muttered in his dream.


    Liu Yimian, who was so frightened, got up quickly, clutched his thumping chest, sat on the edge of the bed, and murmured in confusion, “What is a massage?”


    He couldn’t figure it out, So he shook his head and gave up.


    He looked at Ji Wei’s arm enviously and pinched the soft flesh on his arm.


    I seem to be gaining weight this month.


    Liu Yimian suddenly became distressed.

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