Seeing that Ji Wei slept soundly, knowing that he was very tired for the past two days and didn’t want to disturb him, he took out the Analects of Confucius and sat beside the bed to read.
He just stare at it for a long time but he never turned a page.
Those big black and white eyes couldn’t help but keep looking at Ji Wei.


    Gradually, his face turned red.


    Obviously remembering that when he was in the cell last night, the place was narrow and the space was limited.
He leaned on Ji Wei and fell asleep.
The night was freezing cold, and his body was weak, so he couldn’t help leaning towards the heat source.
He woke up the next day to find himself in Ji Wei’s arms, and his hand was still tightly clutching his collar and refused to let go…


    Liu Yimian bit his lip and buried his face in the book, letting the cool page cool down his hot cheeks.


    I can’t read the book anymore.


    Liu Yimian rubbed his stomach.


    Since he went to the county government office yesterday, he was forced to eat a steamed bun by Aunt Zhou when he was on the road.


    In addition, he gave Ji Wei a massage in the morning, and he is now hungry.


    He thought about it and put the book back on the shelf.


    He first covered Ji Wei with a thin quilt and left the house quietly.


    He wanted to cook a delicious meal for Ji Wei, but unfortunately, there was not much food at home, most of which was left over from a few days ago.
After searching, he could only find a tomato, a handful of mountain mushrooms, and eggs and shallots that are not lacking at home.


    It was obviously too late to go out to buy food at this time.


    Liu Yimian didn’t want Ji Wei to wake up, so he decided to make do with what he found.


    From the flour jar, he took a tablespoon of flour, mixed it with water, kneaded it into noodles, and rest it aside.
He didn’t have Ji Wei’s ramen skills, he could only use a rolling pin to roll out the dough and cut it into wide noodles as thick as a finger.
After the pot is hot, he scooped out a spoonful of white lard paste, dissolve it in the hot pot, and sauté with onions until fragrant.


    The lard was mixed with some boiled meat residue, coupled with the onion, and an aroma suddenly burst out, covering the whole room.


    Liu Yimian took a deep breath, a look of intoxication on his face.


    When the shallots turned brown, he beat two eggs and stirred them in the pot.
He then added diced tomatoes, and fry them till soft.
He then mixed it with a small pot of water and cooked the noodles.
Before serving, he added some salt, sugar, and wine.


    Liu Yimian prepared two bowls, one large and one small.


    Three-quarters of the noodles, and all the tomato eggs, were served in a large bowl.


    There were only a few noodles and soups left, which he served in a small bowl.


    Finally, he sprinkled a handful of green onions onto it.


    Smelling the smell, Liu Yimian, who was already hungry and dizzy, didn’t even return to the dinner table.
He stood by the stove, quickly ate up the noodles in the small bowl, and licked the bowl dry.
He then set his eye on the large bowl.


    But he quickly refrained from looking there.


    Liu Yimian packed up the stove and went to the bedroom with the big bowl.


    As soon as he opened the door, Ji Wei, who was half asleep in bed, opened his eyes as soon as he smelled the food, and sat up from the bed.


    “Mianmian, what is it?”


    Ji Wei was aroused by the food, smelled it again, rubbed his hands together, and said, “Tomato and egg noodles, right?”


    “Brother Ji has a good nose.
It’s still hot.”


    Before Liu Yimian had set the bowls and chopsticks, Ji Wei had already sat down, staring at the steaming bowl in his hand.


    The bowl is huge.


    The surface was covered with a layer of tomatoes and eggs, which were bright red and bright yellow, looking very appetizing.
Before putting it inside the mouth, the sweet and sour taste could be felt with the smell.


    Ji Wei swallowed his saliva, grabbed the chopsticks, and was about to eat when he pause the movements of his hands.


    “Have you eaten?”


    Liu Yimian snorted and quickly replied, “I ate.”






    Ji Wei looked at him suspiciously, pointed his chopsticks to the tomatoes and eggs on the bowl, and asked, “Then did you eat this?”


    Liu Yimian glanced at Ji Wei cautiously, feeling a little guilty: “Yes I did.”


    Ji Wei hummed and suddenly understood.


    This little guy has a simple mind, everything is written on his face, clearly and plainly.
How dares he to lie to him?


    He had eaten some noodles, but all the tomatoes and eggs were left for him.
Seeing his expression, he understands anything.


    Ji Wei deliberately lowered his face, slapped his chopsticks on the table, and said firmly, “I am not eating.”


    Liu Yimian was taken aback, thinking that Ji Wei disliked the simplicity of the noodle, and was a little sad.
But he still forced a smile and said: “Brother Ji, you haven’t eaten for many hours, just eat some.
I’ll go buy some vegetables later.
We’ll eat something better tonight.”


    “Next time if you don’t eat, I won’t eat, understand?”


    Liu Yimian was still there counting what to buy tonight.
When he heard Ji Wei’s words, he was stunned and opened his mouth stupidly.
It took a long time to find his voice.


    “Brother Ji, what did you say?”


    “Do you still want me to eat the noodles?” Ji Wei looked at him seriously.


    Liu Yimian nodded, of course, Why would he cook the noodles if not for the fact that Ji Wei wanted it?


    “Then just be obedient and eat the tomatoes and eggs in this bowl.”


    “But I’ve eaten—”


    Liu Yimian still wanted to defend himself, but looking at Ji Wei’s stern gaze, he lowered his head.


    “Next time if you were to lie, I’ll be really angry.” Ji Wei said calmly, looking at Liu Yimian’s black hair, “Why don’t you eat it?”


    Liu Yimian said loudly, “I’ve eaten a lot recently, and I’ve gained a little weight…”


    Ji Wei imagined many reasons but never thought of this.
For a while, he looked at him with a mixture of laughter.
He reached out and grabbed Liu Yimian’s arm in front of him, squeezed it, and frowned, “I managed to let you grow a few grams of meat, you already wanted to slim it?”


    “You are not allowed to lose weight without my permission.”


    Liu Yimian hesitated, his small eyes drifted to Ji Wei’s arm, so envious.


    When Ji Wei saw his eyes fixed on himself, he stretched out his arm and patted it with a bang, “Do you know why I’m so tall and strong?”


    Liu Yimian shook his head and stared at Ji Wei eagerly.


    “That’s because I eat a lot and eat well, so that I can grow taller.
If you don’t eat, or eat very little, you’ll remain this tall forever, like a small chick, up to here—” Ji Wei placed his hand on his shoulder.
He maintain that position gestured for a while, and his eyes swept to Liu Yimian, the meaning of which was very clear.




    Liu Yimian blushed at his stupid idea, nodded vigorously, and said loudly, “Understood!”


    “If you understand it, eat it quickly.
If you don’t eat it, I wouldn’t eat it.
Do you want to see Brother Ji hungry? “


    When Liu Yimian heard this, he immediately picked up her chopsticks and ate a few mouthfuls of tomatoes and eggs.


    The sour and sweet taste, coupled with the fragrant of lard, made Liu Yimian hungry again.


    He quickly put down the chopsticks and stood up quickly, “I’ll go get another pair of chopsticks.”


    “It’s so troublesome, just eat like this.” Ji Wei waved his hand, took the chopsticks from Liu Yimian’s hand, and started eating.


    He was really hungry and ate quickly.
Within two to three mouthfuls, half of the noodles were eaten.
In the end, he even drank all the soup. 


    Although Ji Wei was not completely full, he felt the strength coming back and his mind becomes active.
He was still thinking about going to the street to do some business.


    As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Yimian ran to the door, opened his hand to stop him, and wouldn’t let him go.


    “You were beaten only yesterday, your body is still blue and purple, and the injuries are still there.
How can you go out on the street again? You forgot what the doctor said.
It’s hot now, and if you sweat, the wound will get worse!” Liu Yimian said in an almost crying tone, “Even if you don’t cherish your own body, you always have to think about others.”


    “I’m just talking, how can you take it seriously.” Ji Wei accepts a soft approach and not hard approach.
He is not afraid of swords and fights but afraid of people crying in front of him.


    When they cry, his heart softens.


    Not to mention that it was Liu Yimian who was crying.


    He immediately raised his hand to apologize and reassured him: “I won’t do anything, I will rest at home for the next three days, and I will go out after the wound heals.


    With tears in her eyes, Liu Yimian looked at him suspiciously.


    Ji Wei stretched out his hand to swear, and said it again, Liu Yimian burst into laughter and ran over to pull his sleeve, “Brother Ji, take off your clothes quickly, it’s broken, let me mend it.”


    Yesterday, during the fight, the clothes were torn in many places.


    He usually doesn’t pay attention to these small details, but Liu Yimian wouldn’t want to see him walking around in ragged clothes, which makes people think that Ji Wei is sloppy and untidy.


    Ji Wei obediently took off his coat, put on a new one, and allowed Liu Yimian to take the old one to mend.


    The cicadas are humming, and the summer is long.


    Ji Wei was rarely free, so he took out another stack of white paper and wrote a dozen pages in one go, testing Liu Yimian as he wrote.


    Although he had long since graduated from school, he was, after all, an educated child.
When he was a child, he used to read the Analects of Confucius to great extent, and am familiar with many of the chapters.
With the meaning at his fingertips, testing Liu Yimian is not a problem.


    With that Liu Yimian’s admiration for Ji Wei deepened.




    Late afternoon, the fisherman’s house.


    “I am thirsty–“


    Mao Lintie was carrying a large bucket of fish, he shouted at the top of his voice when he arrived at the door of the house.


    It didn’t take long before Ah Qiu ran out of the house.


    He had a towel on his left arm and a bowl of water in his right hand.


    He stood beside Mao Lintie, handed him some water, wiped his sweat carefully, and said in a soft voice, “Husband, it’s very hot today, be careful not to get a heatstroke.”


    “A Qiu is the only person who knows how to take care of me.”


   After drinking the water, he approached Ah Qiu and gave him a kiss.


    The kissing voice was very loud, Ah Qiu blushed a little, “It’s daytime, don’t be so shameful!”


    “You are my wife, what’s there to be ashamed of?” Mao Lintie muttered and poured all the fish and shrimp into the pool.


    Those fishes that were half dead came to life as soon as they entered the pool.


    Ah Qiu glanced at him and praised: “Today you have caught so many fishes.
I could sell them for at least half a tael of silver.
My husband is really capable, and his craftsmanship is getting better and better.”


    Mao Lintie was a rough man, born black and thin.
Ah Qiu is a “brother”, he was still a little dissatisfied with him at first.
But as the days passed, this dissatisfaction gradually dissipated, and he loved the lovely Ah Qiu more and more.


    “Tonight’s we shall have roasted crucian carp, look, this one is fat and big, almost a pound.” Mao Lintie crouched by the pond, he pointed at the jubilant crucian carp, and smirked twice, “Crucian carp can help create milk, when you have a baby, I’ll catch more for you to eat.”


    Ah Qiu spat at him when he heard the words, “Uncle Heilin came over this morning and asked you to contact him when you have time.”


    Mao Lintie restrained his smile, “Is he here to borrow money again? I told him no before.”


    “It doesn’t look like it.”


    Ah Qiu had the intention to get him to go out, he urged him again and again till Mao Lin couldn’t resist anymore, so he went over to Heilin’s place.


    As soon as he went out, Ah Qiu rolled up his sleeves and squatted by the pool.


    He fished out the fat and heavy crucian carp from the pond, tied it with a rope, slipped out the door, and ran out secretly.

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