After a few days, Ji Wei finally got used to this era and spent a tael of silver to prepare all the things needed for the booth.

In the early morning just before dawn, JiWei got up.

Under Ji Wei’s order, Liu YiMian had to switch from sleeping on the ground to sleeping on the bed instead.
He was awakened by JiWei’s movements, opened his eyes in a daze, got up and grabbed the quilt, and said blankly, “Master, what’s wrong?”

Ji Wei was half-dressed, turned his head to stare at Liu Yimian, and said slowly, “What did you call me just now?”

“Master—” as Liu Yimian opened his mouth, he remembered that Ji Wei had asked him to call him Brother Ji instead.

“Brother Ji, it’s not even light yet, you should sleep some more.” After Liu Yimian said this softly, he squeezed the quilt a little embarrassedly.

“No, I have to get up and prepare for the stall today.” The way Liu Yimian addressed him made Ji Wei feel comfortable.
He fastened his belt, stretched his waist, and opened the door to the kitchen.

It was just dawn at this time, about five o’clock in the morning.

Fortunately, he had developed a fixed biological clock in his previous life and was used to getting up early and exercising in the morning.
Although it disrupted the original owner’s work and rest pattern, his body was tough and strong, so he was feeling refreshed instead.

Ji Wei first poured a small pot of cold water, put in four sweet potatoes, covered the pot, and cooked it.
He then took a willow branch, dipped it in coarse salt, and brushed his teeth with cold water.

He poured out half of the flour he bought yesterday, about five pounds, added water, salt, an egg, and kneaded it into a smooth dough.
Then he put it in a basin and let it rest.

At this time, Liu Yimian also came to the kitchen.

“Wash the green onion and chopped it into small pieces, I’ll use it later.” Ji Wei knew the truth of making the best use of a person, so he didn’t let Liu Yimian sit idle and gave him some simple work.

He wiped the cart from top to bottom again with a damp rag.
The pots, pans, and seasonings were all placed in the compartments of the cart.
After they were all readied, the sweet potatoes that had been boiled in the pot were also fully cooked.

Ji Wei fished out the sweet potatoes and picked a big one for Liu Yimian.
After getting along for the past few days, Liu Yimian’s fear of Ji Wei has eased a little.
Although he still can’t deal with it comfortably, he has made great progress compared to before.

He thanked him in a low voice and sat aside to eat the sweet potatoes.

The sweet potatoes grown by the farmhouse’s fertilization were large and smooth, sweet and soft, and have an excellent taste.

After coming here and eating sweet potatoes for several days in a row, Ji Wei never got tired of it.

He quickly finished the two sweet potatoes and left another one for Liu Yimian.
After tidying up a little, he brought along Liu Yimian and pushed his cart out.

He originally planned to set up the stall by himself, but Liu Yimian refused to stay at home and insisted on helping.
Although he was young and timid, ever since he met the new Ji Wei, whose temper was much better than the original owner, he began to speak out his mind.

Ji Wei said no, he didn’t give in.

In the end, of course, Ji Wei compromised.

When Ji Wei arrived at West Street, it was only half-past six, but both sides of the street were already full of vendors.
He listened to the shouts from one after another, walked back and forth for a long time, finally found a vacant seat, and squeezed in.

Almost as soon as he stopped the cart, the whispering whispers around the market drifted into his ears.

“Sister, move aside and stay away from this plague!”

“Yeah, it’s not even two days of peace here.”

“Leopard never changes its spot, did he want to start a business?”

“Let’s see who dares to buy from him.”

“That’s right!”

As soon as Ji Wei stopped his setting up, the people who were talking about him stopped at the time.

After all, he was a notorious bastard who ask for a protection fee, every vendor in the whole street knows him.

Compared with Carpenter Li, those who dislike him were surely more than those who like him, they all wished that Ji Wei would never appear in front of them.

Now, he even pushed a cart to start a business next to them.

The days were already very difficult when he appeared once every few days.
Now If he comes here every day, the little money earned will not be enough to pay him.

The street vendors didn’t dare to say it out loud, but they all wished in private that Ji Wei’s business will be bleak, so he will stop his business and leave them alone.

Ji Wei was not a person who cares about other people’s views very much.
As long as these people don’t say it out in front of him, he could ignore them.

Ignoring them, he took out a small stool and placed the oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and other condiments on the cart.
He then struck a match and ignited the fire with dry leaves, and set the charcoal barrel on fire.

“Look, that’s the small boy he bought.
he’s pitiful, thin, and small, and he looks like he hasn’t eaten anything good.
I even saw that guy named Ji to go drinking at Drunken Fairy Court with those other bastards a few days ago.”

“What kind of sins has he done in his past life that made him stuck with such a guy in this life…”

The veins on Ji Wei’s forehead were beginning to bulge out, and even if they were talking about Ji Wei from the past, it was related to Liu Yimian.
Seeing the young man with red eyes and gritted teeth beside him, he was not made of stone, so he couldn’t ignore them.

The rolling pin in his hand slammed hard on the cutting board, and the loud noise made the noisy market quiet for a moment.
Those people making all the comments were silent collectively, staring cautiously in Ji Wei’s direction, for fear of annoying him again.

Anyway, since he was regarded as a bully, let’s be one.

Ji Wei did not shout but used a volume that can be heard by all the people around him: “Today, I, Ji Wei, come to the street to do business, the price will be fair, and I will not charge more money than it should be.
If I do something wrong, and If you are dissatisfied with me, I hope you will tell me face to face.”

It wasn’t until he finished talking for a long time that the surroundings slowly became lively again.

This time, no one dared to bad mouth about him.

The doughs prepared in the morning were a bit hard after a long time.
Ji Wei kneaded them a few times again, separate them into small portions, and laid them out.
He then brushed a thin layer of oil on the iron plate, took an egg, beat it in a bowl, sprinkle it with a pinch of chopped green onion, and seasoned it with salt.

Ji Wei didn’t think that there would be immediate customers as he set up the stall today.
Let’s not talk about his notoriety, just talk about this egg pancake, people here had never seen it before, so it will take some time for them to accept it.

Therefore, he plans to just do it, and give the people around him the first impression of it.

The fire in the charcoal bucket burned for a while, scalding the iron plate, making a sizzling sound of oil.

Ji Wei used a pair of chopsticks to break a corner of the dough, poured chopped green onion and egg liquid into the middle.

Soon, the strong fragrance spreads in the street.

Within 50 meters range, passers-by who could smell the scent were asking where the scent came from.
But as soon as they saw it was from Ji Wei, their thoughts were immediately dismissed, and they ran away in a hurry.

“Where did this fellow learn to cook like this?”

“It looks like the real things.”

“I already drank two bowls of porridge in the morning, but I am hungry again after smelling this!”

“If it hadn’t been made by this bully, I would have wanted to buy a piece and try it!”

Ji Wei knew very well that at this moment, everyone was tempted by the pancake.
They were just afraid of his reputation, so no one dared to be the first customer.

He knew about this a long time ago, so he shouted while the iron was hot: “If you are interested, come and try it.
The first ten pieces are free! The first ten pieces are free!”

Things that don’t need money will always have a fatal attraction.

The few women who had been hesitating and wandering around rushed over quickly for fear that they would lose out.

The woman in the first place was tall and thin, with a slightly concave cheek and a shrewd appearance.
As soon as she saw the pancake that Ji Wei handed over, she didn’t take it immediately, but asked again vigilantly: “Is it free?”

Ji Wei smiled and said loudly, “It’s free.”

The tall and thin woman immediately took the pancake, held it up high, and shouted, “Listen, everyone, this guy Ji said that the pancake is free!” After she finished speaking, she immediately stuffed it into her mouth, not afraid of it being hot.

There were a lot of moving people around, staring at the tall and thin woman.

Seeing the satisfied look on her face, the greed in their heart began to show.

After seeing that the tall and thin woman ate the free pancake, those women behind her pushed her out of the line and surrounded Ji Wei’s stall.

They don’t care whether Ji Wei was a street bully or not, anyway, they don’t do business here, they don’t sell, and they don’t need to pay any protection fee.
Since you can take advantage of the situation now, only fools won’t come!

After the ten women took the free pancakes, they swarmed away.
The people watching the fun surrounded his cart and asked eagerly, “How much do you sell this cake?”

“Three cents for one.”

Someone was taken aback and shouted that it was too expensive.

Liu Yimian picked up the basket of eggs from the person who said it was expensive: “Brother, there are eggs in this pancake.
You already paid at least two cents for each egg.
How could it be considered expensive?”

“Yes, an egg costs one or two cents, so it doesn’t seem very expensive.”

“My grandson is drooling.
He said he wanted to eat this before he saw the stall.
I had no choice but to buy a piece to try.” A middle-aged woman holding a child in her hand came in front of the stall.

“Give me a piece.”

She was afraid that Ji Wei would cut corners, her eyes were wide open and she didn’t even blink.

It wasn’t until Ji Wei finished frying his pancake, wrapped it in oil paper, handed it over to her that the middle-aged woman shoved it into her little grandson’s hand, took out three copper coins unwillingly, and gave it to Liu Yimian.

The little boy with the pigtail held the cake in his hand and took a big bite of the pancake while blowing.
Even the middle-aged woman standing by the side could hear the crisp sound.

The hot pancake caused the child to stick his tongue out but refused to spit out the pancake he had put in his mouth, his little fleshy face was almost wrinkled into a bun, shouting: “Grandma Huhu, it’s so hot…”

The middle-aged woman hurriedly blew a few breaths towards him and the child stopped shouting.
He nibbled on the cake again contentedly, with a dimple on his lips, he said in a milky voice, “Big brother, it’s delicious!”

Ji Wei gave him a thumbs up, “little brother, you have good taste, come back next time.”

The middle-aged woman smelled the smell of the stall and felt hungry herself.
Afraid that the little grandson would want to eat more after eating, she hurriedly picked up the child and walk away.

A child is innocent and does not lie.

Many excited pedestrians gathered around one after another, all clamoring for the pancakes.

Liu Yimian was busily elated, his face flushed with excitement, so much so that the fingers that were collecting money were shaking.

He has never touched so much money in his life!

When Ji Wei saw the commotion, he had to shout that he would not give out any pancakes if they do not line up.
It was then that the surrounding people gradually dispersed into a distorted line.

The pancake’s iron plate was not small, it can cook four pancakes at the same time.
Though so, it was still a bit difficult to handle the orders.
There were twenty or thirty people lined up in front of the stall, and the line almost blocked the narrow street.

The street vendors that were doing their business on the side saw this, new hatreds and old hatreds came up all at once.
However, they didn’t dare to speak directly to him and they could only swallow their misery in silence.

Xishi’s bun stall was situated diagonally opposite Ji Wei.
Originally, because of her good look and tasty bun, her business could be considered booming and her buns could normally be sold out in an hour.

But once Ji Wei is here, her business has plummeted.
An hour had almost passed but yet she has not sold half of her buns.
She slammed the insulated towel in her hand to the ground and cursed—

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