“Look at all these shameless people, goes where the goodies are! Tie Zhu’s mother, you were still telling me a few days ago how that bastard Ji hit your Tie Zhu, in a blink of an eye, now you are giving him money.
There is also Aunt Zhang, you still owe me the money for the meat buns you have taken from me yesterday.
Where did you get the money to buy pancakes there? You were scolding louder than anyone here when he is not around.
Now that he is here, you pretend it never happened?”

Baozi Xi Shi was giving them a piece of her mind, those people she named couldn’t help but lowered their heads, covering their faces with their sleeves, and left the line quickly.

Then she walked over to Ji Wei, so close that her finger almost poked his nose, “Is it because you find me beautiful but I refused to let you take advantage of? You will always charge me a few cents more than others! Let me tell you, you can give up the thought.
Even if I were to marry the Zhao with the lame leg at the entrance of the village, I would still never consider you!”

She said this string of words in one breath, exhausted at this time, her chest heaving and panting.

Ji Wei slapped her palm away and looked at her coldly: “I met Tiezhu of the Lin family on the way here, he kicked the ball on me, am I not allowed to say a word or two? He’s so thin and small, if I were to hit him, he would be bedridden by now.
Why is he still running around? Will his mother still buy things from me? Baozi Xi Shi, you need to provide evidence with your claims.
If you were to continue like this, be careful the wind will twist your tongue!”

He was not behaving like a gentleman, the back of Xi Shi’s hand was beginning to become red and numb.
In addition, Ji Wei’s words were not polite at all, indicating she was slandering and speaking nonsense, making her tremble with anger.

She had always been praised by men, she has never been treated so rudely before? Even the rascal in front of her had never treated her like this.

Baozi Xishi held up the back of his red hand and shouted: “You are not a gentleman! A grown-up man hit a woman, aren’t you afraid of being a laughing stock! Those brothers of yours never hit a woman, you won’t be able to go on anymore around here if they knew about this!”

If the original owner hears this, it may cause him some concerns.
After all, although he was unfilial and ruthless, he was still true to and valued these brothers very much.
But Ji Wei is not the original owner.
He wants to stay far away from those thugs and make money by doing some serious business instead of exploiting others.

Baozi Xi Shi did not know this.

She was having a relationship with a local thug named Liu Qing that caused her to be arrogant around here.
It’s just that Liu Qing doesn’t live in this street, so he couldn’t care about the affairs here.
In addition, he has a tigress wife at home, and he refuses to expose the relationship between the two.
Otherwise, with her temperament, how could she keep quiet about being bullied again and again.

But at this time, she was so angry that she couldn’t care anymore.

Ji Wei crossed his hands around his chest and sneered: “So what? I, Ji Wei, don’t lack arms or legs.
Are those people my father or mother, do I need to ask for their permission to do anything here? To tell you the truth, Liu Qing beat me up the other time and I had to lay in bed for nearly half a month.
He better not let me see him, if I were to bump into him, I’ll make him pay! Don’t think I don’t know about your relationship with him!”

The last sentence, he said in a low voice.

But Baozi Xi Shi’s face changed greatly!

She thought that the relationship with Liu Qing was well concealed, and no one knew about it.
Where did this rogue get the news?

What Baozi Xi Shi doesn’t know was that when a man managed to get something good, he always likes to show off among his brothers.
She was quite a beauty, and she is well-known on this street.
Telling it to his brothers increases Liu Qing’s status.
Everyone knows it within the small community.
However, they were loyal to each other and kept it with themselves.

Baozi Xishi suffered a major setback during the argument.
She clenched her silver teeth so hard that the veins began to show on her forehead.

But she was unwilling to admit defeat.
As her eyes rolled, she suddenly smiled brightly.

She walked back to her steamed buns stall, flipped her hair, and said to the man selling herbal tea on the side: “Brother Li, did you see the small boy standing beside the fellow with the surnamed Ji?”

Brother Li nodded, “I see him.”

Baozi Xishi sighed, “What a pity.”

Her voice was not soft at all, and the vendors beside her were quite free as they got no customers.
They were immediately attracted by her words and repeatedly asked, “What is there to pity about?”

“Unfortunately, this boy, with his decent appearance, could have married a wealthy family and became a concubine.
If he was to give birth to a male child, he will no longer have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life.
However, he was bought over by Ji’s family.
Remember that sister Lin that stays at the West 2nd Avenue? Oh, I saw him go into her room at around 1 pm and only came out around 6 pm.
That was a long encounter they were having …” Baozi Xishi’s words became more and more presumptuously, when it came to the exciting point, she covered her mouth, grinned a few times, causing the men around him to laugh.
All of them looked in Liu Yimian’s direction with regrets and strangeness.

They laughed loudly and arrogantly.
As Liu Yimian was only a few meters away, how could he not hear them?

No matter how much he wanted to ignore it, it still penetrate his ears.

Liu Yimian was embarrassed, his hands were shaking so hard that he could barely hold the copper coins.

Suddenly, the palm of his hand was held by someone.

He raised his eyes in surprise, saw Ji Wei smile at him.
Somehow, a breeze seemed to blow into his heart and the haze lingering in his heart dissipated in an instant.

“Do you believe her or me?”

Ji Wei was very direct, he has always hated beating around the bush.

Even though Liu Yimian heard a lot of bad things about Ji Wei, his kindness to him in the past few days warmed his heart.

He said softly, “I believe in you.”

Ji Wei nodded with satisfaction, “Okay.”

He sold the rest of the pancake while Baozi Xishi was still talking nonstop about the original owner’s unglamorous past.

“…You don’t know, Brother Li testified that when he came to collect the money, that fellow Ji touched me.
You were charged ten pennies, but I got charged twelve pennies! Just because I refused to obey him, He treated me… me…” Baozi Xishi blinked her eyes hard, squeezed out two tears, and said it pitifully, causing the men and women around him to sympathize with her.

When they saw Ji Wei come over, they all fell silent, went back to their seats.

Baozi Xishi raised her head after realizing it and was immediately taken aback by Ji Wei.
She forced herself to calm down and said with a guilty conscience: “What’s the matter? What do you want to do to me?”

Ji Wei touched his chin and said with a smile: “Of course, I must live up to my name.”

Baozi Xishi had a bad feeling about this and took two steps back immediately.

But no matter how fast she moves, Ji Wei was faster.

Ji Wei took a step forward, clasping Baozi Xishi’s left shoulder with one hand and shoved her!

Baozi Xishi slammed into the brick wall, exclaimed loudly and her face turned pale.

The people around were so frightened that they don’t know what to say.

Ji Wei clenched Baozi Xishi’s chin with a smile on his lips, but his pupils were showing coldness: “Xiufen, did you forget what you said that day when you pestered me in your small pavilion? You said Liu Qing may look solid on the outside, but he’s useless and soft on the inside.
Such secret should be kept between us, I shouldn’t say it out in front of everybody, right?.

After listening to Ji Wei’s words, she was traumatized and broke down in cold sweat.
She was swaying her head was like a rattle and couldn’t even say the words properly: “No, no… I didn’t tell you this… Why did you defile me…”

She was so frightened that tears fell, almost like a frightened bird.

Ji Wei lowered his head and whispered in her ear: “If you force me one more bit, I will let Liu Qing come back to you ten times more.
I think you know him very well.”

Liu Qing is a burly and masculine person.
He is also a quick temper person who values his reputation very much.

Because Baozi Xi Shi is having an affair with him, she was not allowed to marry another man.
Over the past few years, as she grows older, she has never married.
On weekdays, if she was approached by other men, he would scold and beat her up.
But when he is in a good mood, he is thoughtful and tender.

He is also a street tyrant, taking people’s money by force, and never lacks money.
Therefore, Baozi Xishi was able to live a very good life, never short of expensive silk clothes, and wear lots of gold and silver jewelry on her body.

It’s not that Baozi Xishi never thought about leaving Liu Qing, but she just couldn’t get away from him.
Although she was very much afraid of him, at the same time, she can’t bear to part with his manhood and money.

If Liu Qing knew about what happened today, no parts of her body would be spared from the beating!

The original owner and Liu Qing were like fire and water, and their relationship was extremely poor.
It was because of the relationship between Baozi Xishi and Liu Qing that she was often threatened by Ji Wei.

With tears in her eyes, Baozi Xishi shook her head desperately, then nodded again.
Ji Wei let go of her, took two steps back, and apologized: “Sorry to cause a scene here, I have a bit of a misunderstanding with Xiu….Baozi Xishi.
It’s settled now.
It’s fine now, don’t get me wrong.”

After hearing this, Baozi Xishi almost vomited blood.

But she couldn’t do anything to him, so she could only stare at Ji Wei’s back with anger, trying to burn two holes through him with her eyes.

Ji Wei didn’t notice and leisurely walked towards the cart.
Liu Yimian had already packed up his things.
He grabbed the handrail, pushed the cart away without saying another word.

On the way back, the two passed by the butcher shop.

Ji Wei thought about it and stopped, “Look after the cart here, I’ll go buy a pound of meat.” This is the first time he has made money with his abilities since he came to this world, so he should celebrate.

What’s more, he had already been here for five days, besides the eggs, he had been a vegetarian every day.
Ji Weicai is not a vegetarian, he loves meat as much as sweets.

Thinking of this, Ji Wei’s joy dissipated a little.
The conditions in this world are poor, there is no electricity, and many tools are difficult to produce.
It is even more difficult to make Western Desserts.
Unless he can figure out a way to solve this problem, it is impossible for him to make his favorite pastry.

The butcher shop was not big, you can see the whole place at a glance.
It was about one and a half feet long and only ten feet wide.
There was a half-slice of pork hanging behind it, and a few pieces of fat and thin meat are scattered on the long wooden table.

The butcher was sitting on the door, when he saw Ji Wei walking towards the shop, he stretched out lazily and stood up, “What do you want?”

“How much are your meat?” Ji Wei looked at the meat on the long wooden table.
There was lean meat, pork belly, and pure fat.
Several large bones were inside the sack on the floor, with the meat cleared from it.
White as snow.

“Pure fat is 40 cents a pound, pork belly is 30 cents a pound, and lean meat is 20 cents a pound.” The butcher grabbed a piece of pork belly and brought it under Ji Wei’s eyes for him to inspect.
“This is from the pig we just slaughtered in the morning.
It’s very fresh.
How about it, do you want a pound?”

After coming here for a few days, Ji Wei also understood that fat meat is far more expensive than lean meat.
Because fatty meat has a wide range of uses, it can be boiled in lard, and it has a meaty fragrance when cooking, which is much more popular than lean meat.

However, this is far from the case in later generations.
Most people like lean meat and there are also a lot of other varieties of meats.
What’s more, although Ji Wei’s business was good today, he only earns a hundred coins of money after removing the capital.

So after thinking about it, he decided on a pound of lean meat.

When the butcher was dividing the meat, Ji Wei’s eyes couldn’t help but drift to the big bones in the sack.

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