“Your meat—” The butcher wrapped the cut lean meat with oil paper and threw it into Ji Wei’s arms.
Seeing him staring at his back all the time, he couldn’t help but turn around and look over, “There is a guard dog at home, and this bone is given to it.”

“My dog’s life is good.
With me as its master, it has meat every day.
If it has another owner, I don’t think it could even have bones.” The butcher smiled happily as he said.

Ji Wei was so craving for the meat as he hadn’t seen meat for several days, and he couldn’t carry on walking when he passed the pork shop.
In addition, he had just made some money, he had to pay attention to every penny.
Initially, he heard that the butcher’s dogs ate better than him, it has meat every meal.
He was envious.
It was a pity in his heart, but his face remained calm, “Your dog is so lucky, my family also has one, if there are any leftovers, it gets to eat a bit, otherwise, it would eat a sweet potato and grow up on a vegetarian diet.
It doesn’t know the taste of meat.”

Hearing this, the butcher shook his head sympathetically.

Ji Wei probed: “Look boss, maybe you can sell these bones to me and let my old dog have some.”

“You want to buy bones?” The butcher scratched his head in disbelief.
Who has so much money that will buy bones that is without any meat on them for the family dog ​​to eat?

He looked up and down at Ji Wei’s big head, cracked his mouth, and smiled, “If you want this bag of bones, I will sell it to you for ten pennies.”

Ji Wei didn’t agree immediately but asked the butcher to pick up the sacks and count them carefully.
There were only four large bones in the bag, but there were also a few ribs lying underneath, which he didn’t see clearly earlier on.

The meat on these ribs has been plucked clean, leaving only the bones.

Ji Wei’s temples rises as he watched, he regretted silently in his heart.
This is really a waste of good meat.
The ribs are soft and tender, they are excellent for stewing or braising, but now they were cut into bones.

“The meat on this rib has also been removed?” Ji Wei turned over the bones, pretending to be calm.

“That’s right, this rib takes time to pick, and the price is low.
It costs fifteen cents for a pound, here.” The butcher pointed to a pile of minced meat in the corner, “It stays here till the end of every day.
In the end, sometimes it is sold for 12 or 3 pennies, what a pity.”

Ji Wei nodded, agreeing in his heart.
He asked the butcher the opening time of the shop.
He plans to visit the butcher’s shop for a few pounds of ribs next time in the morning, so the ribs would not be picked clean and turned into a pile of minced meat.

He negotiated a price with the butcher and used seven pennies to carry away the pile of bones with the sack.
When he threw it on the cart, Liu Yimian was taken aback and stared at the sack with wide eyes, looking in disbelief.

“Brother Ji, how much meat did you buy?” Looking at the bag, Liu Yimian was a little worried, afraid that Ji Wei would not spend his money in moderation, bought meat with all the money he earned today.

“I don’t know.”

Liu Yimian was puzzled and a little anxious, he bit his lip and followed Ji Wei silently.

As they were halfway home, Ji Wei noticed something was wrong, “Why aren’t you talking? Tired?”

Although Ji Wei was careful and polite, after all, it has only been five short days, the original owner authorities were still there.
Liu Yimian was still a little scared, he immediately shook his head and whispered: “I’m not tired, Brother Ji, let me push the car.”

Ji Wei smiled and said, “With your little arm and calf, you should use it for writing.
I’ll do this kind of heavy work.”

“Writing?” Liu Yimian was startled.

Since his mother died, he has hardly touched a pen.
He has been working daily from morning till night, he has forgotten how to write.

Ji Wei saw him standing there and not moving, so he also stopped.
Seeing the young man staring at him in a daze, he couldn’t help but become playful.
He bend his index finger slightly, then flicked it heavily on his forehead, leaving a red mark, which made Liu Yimian jump up and look at him in panic.

“You’re only fifteen years old.
You should study hard.
If you don’t read and write well, what are you going to do? Are you going to chop wood for the rest of your life?” Ji Wei rubbed his stomach and urged, “Hurry up, the sweet potatoes we ate in the morning had digested, I’m going home for lunch.”

Ji Wei is tall and tall, nearly a head taller than Liu Yimian, with long hands and feet, he walks at a fast speed.
In order not to be left behind, Liu Yimian had to trot to keep up, so there was no time to daydream.

After rushing all the way, they arrived home at noon.

Ji Wei asked Liu Yimian to wipe the cart, while he took a tube bone and most of the ribs, washed them, and cut them into pieces.
He poured half a pot of water into the iron pot, added ginger slices, and cover the pot.
He then poured out about a pound of flour, beat an egg, added salt and water, kneaded it into a smooth dough, and put it in an iron pot to rest it.

From the morning to now, Ji Wei has kneaded a lot of dough.
Thanks to the original owner’s good physical fitness, he survived the whole process.
But after using them for so long, his arms were beginning to feel a little sore.

Ji Wei poured a bowl of cold water from the teapot and sat on the stool to drink.
As soon as his body relaxed, his thoughts drifted away involuntarily.
He began to think about how to continue his favorite career of his previous life in this primitive and backward world.

Speaking of Western pastry, this is a very tool-dependent industry.
As long as you do baking, you will be spending a lot of money on tools.
It can be said that the bakers are developed with money.

There are two kinds of baking tools, one is a mold, although it is complicated here, it is not impossible to make.
Ji Wei’s big setback is the plug-in tools such as ovens or bread machines.
Even if he can ask someone to make the outer shells, he can’t solve the problem of generating electricity.

If he wants to resume his old business in this world, the top priority is to solve the problem of the oven.

No oven, no pastry.

Ji Wei suddenly felt a headache.
In the previous life, the oven was from several thousand yuan to tens of hundreds.
It was available everywhere.
How would he have thought that one day, he would be stumped by it.

If there is a problem, there is always a solution.

Ji Wei spent many years abroad to study Western pastry in his previous life.
He had seen many family-made bread kilns and used them.
He had also asked about the production principles, but he has never done it before, so whether it can be successful is still a question.

As he was pondering his problems, Liu Yimian, who had finished wiping the cart, walked in after smelling something nice.
When he saw Ji Wei sitting and thinking about something there, he put the rag aside, walked behind him, and whispered, “Brother Ji, I’ll massage your back.”

Before, when the original owner comes home feeling tired, he would ask Liu Yimian to help him massage his shoulders and legs.
At first, the original owner disliked Liu Yimian’s lack of strength.
After a few scolding, Liu Yimian learned quickly.
Later, the craftsmanship became more and more exquisite, which made the original owner quite praised.

Without waiting for Ji Wei’s consent, Liu Yimian’s hand squeezed Ji Wei’s shoulder.
He skillfully pressed near the spine, sometimes light sometimes heavy, so that Ji Wei, who had been tired from the morning until now, felt a warm flow of heat in the shoulders.
He couldn’t help moaning comfortably, and praised: “Mianmian, your massage skill is quite good.”

In his previous life, Ji Wei had been to massage parlors, the skill of the masseuse was similar.

Liu Yimian’s felt that his face was slightly hot, but he didn’t make a sound.

Mianmian was his nickname, except for his mother, only Aunt Zhou called him that.
When the original owner called for him, at most he will call him Liu Yimian, he had never been so affectionate.
The way Ji Wei addressed him made Liu Yimian a little embarrassed.

Ji Wei was feeling very comfortable by the massage.
As he had got up early this morning, his eyelids were beginning to close, and felt a little drowsy.
After a short while, his head jerked suddenly, he jumped up from the stool, remembering that something was still cooking in the pot.

He quickly ran over to check and found that the pot had been filled with water.

“I was afraid that the water wasn’t enough, so I added half a scoopful.
Would it be too much?” Liu Yimian said nervously.

“No, no, I was going to add water.
I didn’t expect your massages to be so comfortable, I fell asleep.
Fortunately, you look at the pot, otherwise it will be broken if it burns dry.” Ji Wei praised Liu Yimian again and took the rested dough to the table with the rolling pin.

He wipes the table twice with a damp rag, then dusts with a layer of flour.

Ji Wei first divided the dough into two halves, kneaded half of them into long strips, and crossed them into a twist shape.

Then he grabbed the two ends of the dough with his left hand facing inward and his right hand facing outward and shook it, He then folded it into two pieces with flour on the chopping board to prevent the noodles from sticking, he then repeated the steps a few more times.

The dough opened and turned into noodles as thin as hair in just a quarter of an hour.

Liu Yimian, who was watching the whole process, was startled by this skill and forgot to blink.
He stared straight at Ji Wei’s hand, and after a while, he recovered his voice, “Brother Ji, when did you learn that?”

As Ji Wei was pulling the noodles, he took time to smile at him, “I learned it in my dreams.”

Liu Yimian stopped talking, silently watching Ji Weixing’s movements, he couldn’t help feeling inferior.

He is a maid brother, but his cooking skills are not as good as brother Ji’s, which is embarrassing.

After Ji Wei finished pulling the noodles, he poured the stewed bone soup into a large pot.
When the pot is dry, he added vegetable oil into it.
Subsequently, he cut a small half of the lean meat into strips, saute in the oil pot, sprinkle with a little sugar, and then pour the bone broth and noodles into the pot in turn.

While the noodles are cooking, he placed oil, salt, wine, and chopped green onion into two large bowls respectively.
Once the noodles were cooked, he uses chopsticks to remove them from the pot and spread a layer of bones evenly on the noodles.

Ji Wei called Liu Yimian to serve the noodles and brought the remaining lean meat and bones to the well.
The low temperature of the well water is a natural refrigerator.
Farmers store the uneaten food in the well, which is the wisdom passed down from generation to generation.

After all, this meat was bought at a high price, it is considered a luxury for Ji Wei at this time.
It is only natural that he must handled them properly.
He glanced at the cart again, seeing that it was cleaned.
He ran back to the kitchen, picked up the big enamel bowl, ate the noodles in big mouthfuls.

After his stomach was a little full, Ji Wei took a sip of soup, grabbed the cut bone, inserted the chopsticks into the hollow and poked it, and sucked hard.

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