“It hurts……”

Explosive pain, like a cracked valley, stretched through his brain.

Meng Huan’s lips were parched, and a boundless dream resounded in his suffocated stupor mind.
He dreamed of standing before a pillar, berating with his head held high, “I will not be a male concubine to that treacherous man even if I die!”

“The name of the brave warrior is not to be considered for personal gain.
I will not sacrifice my body to the enemy and will return to die.
If I marry this traitor, I will be no different from the corrupt ministers and the same as pigs and dogs like you guys colliding together!”

“Heaven accepts me and does not want to filthy my body, asking me to come and go cleanly……”

Meng Huan’s eyelashes fluttered, and the figure of a young man shifted before his eyes.
The other person’s handsome and slender appearances were precisely the same as his, but with long hair and wearing a robe, graceful but looking furious.

After the man said these words, he violently crashed into the pillar–


A sharp pain like an explosion resounded in his head, and Meng Huan shouted violently, “No!”

He abruptly opened his eyes, his pupils dilated, and his face was wet with sticky beads of sweat sliding down his pale, handsome jaw and dampening the hair around his ears.

A man stood before him, looked at him, and stood up.

Someone asked.
“Is he awake?”


“That’s good.
Don’t let him attempt suicide again.
Wash him up first.
The prince will need him at night.”

After saying that, the door opening sounded, and someone walked out.

Meng Huan’s heart pounded violently; the afterglow of the pain in his head had not yet subsided, and he looked around blankly.

…… Red wedding room, red candles, blood-stained pillars, and the incomprehensible jumble of words; am I still in the dream world?

Meng Huan blinked.
The little servant who had been instructed before approached, carrying a water basin, and said, “Young Master Meng?”

Meng Huan looked at him in surprise.
“What did you call me?”

“Calling you Young Master Meng, is something wrong?”

After the other party finished, he took a sharp knife from his back and said, “Young Master Meng, if you still insist on attempting suicide, I can help you.
Although this is a slaughter knife found in the back kitchen, I have washed it a dozen times and cleaned it, so it must be worthy of Your Excellency’s noble head.”


Meng Huan licked his lips as if he didn’t hear it clearly, “W-What?”

“Young Master Meng was forcibly snatched into the prince’s residence but still refused to submit to our prince.
This can be described as a proud and noble character.
It’s a pity that Young Master was saved from hitting a pillar in the afternoon to seek death; it’s regrettable.” The little servant held up his knife and said word for word, “I admire Young Master’s character and am willing to help him kill himself and save his reputation.”


What the heck?

What’s this all about?

Meng Huan just remembered that he read a novel last night and then fell asleep.
How did things get so strange when he opened his eyes?

“Young Master, this knife I sharpened is very sharp and can easily cut through the flesh.
It will not let Young Master go so painfully–”

The man said as he gently placed the knife to his fingertips, and red blood immediately gushed out.
“Look, very sharp, right?”

Meng Huan: “……………………”

You really cut, ah?

Before the little servant cut his hand, Meng Huan had thought that this was a dream or a prank studio, but the moment he saw the crimson blood drops, Meng Huan snapped awake, desperately trying to flail but found his hands were tightly tied.

The little servant spoke before him, holding up a knife and cutting his hands like an NPC without feelings who was only following the plot.

Everything before him was so familiar…

Meng Huan remembered!

He read it last night in the 18+ tactical BL novel! This book went by the tags: “seizing by force,” “love-hate relationship,” “insane gong and ruthless shou,” “strong

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