After thinking carefully, the maid suddenly said, “Oh, Madam Meng asked a question last night.
He was a bit different after asking.”

Lin Bozhou side-eyed her.
“What question?”

“Madam asked how much monthly salary he could receive as the prince’s wife.”


On the other hand, Meng Huan, who was completely unaware that he was being questioned, came out of the government treasury and weighed the fresh, warm fifty taels of silver.

Sixteen taels was a catty, so he had three catty in his hand.

Three catty of silver!

Meng Huan, who had never seen the world, felt that life had reached its peak.

Looking lovingly at the male servants carrying the carriage and the maids carrying the umbrella, Meng Huan was happy and said, “I’ll get you guys some good food tonight.”

The male servants: “Hehehe.”

The maids: “Hihihi.”

The master and servants were joyful all the way back to the courtyard where Meng Huan lived.
The prince regent was very generous.
Meng Huan lived in a courtyard alone, having eight maids, eight male servants, and two older women as housekeepers.

The courtyard was also vast, with an expansive yard in the middle.
The building had a fully enclosed courtyard, and some flowers and grasses were planted on the spare land.

Once Meng Huan had money, he began to feel unsatisfied with this and that, being picky with things in the courtyard.
“Pluck these weeds and wildflowers and plant some nice flowers, such as peonies, moonflowers, Japanese roses, rose bushes……”


The servants happily plucked the weeds and dug the mud.

They were so happy.
They saw Meng Huan staying by the prince’s side in the morning, fanning and serving him tea.
The husband and wife were in love, so they could see that their little madam would be favored!

If the wife was favored, there would be more rewards, so they could bask in the glory as servants and get benefits.

Life was really going well.

The courtyard looked like spring had come.

A voice rang at the door, and someone asked, “Is Madam here?”

Meng Huan looked over, and a middle-aged woman with clean and respectable clothes stood there, her hair combed smoothly, smiling at him.

She looked good, but a young woman stood behind her, dressed in silk, with vaguely angry eyebrows, who gave Meng Huan a salute without much conviction.

Who are these two?

The maid behind him said, “Greetings, Nanny Xu and Sister Xu.”

“Madam, this old servant is the wife of Xu Wei, the chief steward of the prince’s residence.
Since the residence previously did not have a female master, the prince asked this servant to take charge of the residence’s chores temporarily.
Now that the prince has a wife, this servant thought she should come to report this matter to the prince so that his wife could take over the house’s affairs.”


Meng Huan understood.
The male master managed external matters, while the female master handled internal affairs.
The prince regent’s residence was large, with numerous female and male servants and arduous family properties.
Lin Bozhou might be unable to manage everything, so there were special housekeepers and nannies.

—The nanny is obviously here to give me a job.

Meng Huan said, “You can manage it.
I don’t care.”

I just want to eat, drink, and be merry.

Nanny Xu smiled.

Usually, as a concubine, Meng Huan was not qualified to manage the house’s affairs, so she pretended to ask if this little concubine knew what was good for him.

She was satisfied with this answer.
It seemed that the highest manager of the house’s miscellaneous goods was still herself.
Nanny Xu bowed to him and prepared to leave.

The young woman behind her hummed in triumph before noticing the weeds flying around the courtyard.

She stopped in her tracks.
“Madam, what is going on in the courtyard?”

Meng Huan had just arrived and was in an unfamiliar place without friends or family, so it was important to make peace with people.
Although he could tell the tone was a bit unkind, he said gently, “I’m going to pull up the weeds and plant some other flowers.”

Nanny Xu froze for a moment.

She actually didn’t think Meng Huan would stay in the prince’s residence for much longer.

But she smiled and didn’t say anything.
Sister Xu couldn’t help but say, “Madam, let us know in advance next time when you want to move something in the mansion.
What you just pulled out is not a weed or a tree but a plum blossom! The prince likes plums, especially the elegant scene of plum blossoms in the spring, so Nanny plants them on all corners of the courtyard to please the prince.
After five years of growth, I didn’t expect Madam to be ignorant and pull it out!”

Meng Huan felt like he was splashed with cold water after being scolded.
His body was cold, but his scalp was hot, and he scratched his hair.
“Is that so?”

Regardless of whether what others said was right or wrong, Meng Huan was easily embarrassed when accused, and his ears were burning with redness.

He slowly lowered his head and did not speak.

It felt like something was sinking heavily from his heart.

Nanny Xu hurriedly said, “Madam, it’s okay.
This courtyard is madam’s residence, so you can clean up as you like.
Fanggu, you have spoken out of turn.”

Xu Fanggu: “It’s true……”

The corners of Meng Huan’s lips curled down, and he gently inhaled.

When Nanny Xu and Xu Fanggu turned around, the maids behind them suddenly burst out with “Madam!” “Madam!” “Madam, don’t be sad!”

His eyes gradually blurred.

Meng Huan rubbed his eyes, and tears came down.

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