Not to mention Lin Bozhou’s people, even if it’s a tiny bird he raised, the people in this house had to treat it as an ancestor, burning incense every day.

The only one who could not incite trouble was Meng Huan, who cried when he was criticized in two sentences.

Being scolded for being useless also makes sense.

Ah yes, yes, I am useless.
Meng Huan mentally muttered: Well, who is not a waste in front of you? Have a little self-awareness, okay? The emperor still has to call you brother when he sees you.

Thinking of the abandoned flowers and plants in the yard, Meng Huan was ready to run away since the matter was over.

Directly going was impolite, so Meng Huan also pretended to say, “Thank you, Your Highness, for helping this concubine.” The air was full of flattery.

Lin Bozhou: “Hmm.”

“Then, this concubine ……” will go away.

Shan Xing reminded, “Your Majesty, it’s time to eat.”

Lin Bozhou turned around and said, “Come on.”


Come on?

What do you mean by, “Come on”?

Does it mean, “I begrudgingly let you eat with me”?

Meng Huan froze as Shan Xing turned to him with a smile.
“Madam, please.”

“……” Meng Huan mentally said no.
After looking at the courtyard of flowers and plants, he turned his lips down and reluctantly followed Lin Bozhou.

The dining table was set up, and a dark lamp was lit.

Lin Bozhou was summoned to the capital six years ago to take the post of a prince regent.
The prince’s family and relatives were all in Kuzhou, so the royal residence was always cold.

Before he took a concubine, the Qingke and advisors in the residence would occasionally accompany him for meals.
But now that Meng Huan was here, as the prince’s wife, nobody dared to go to the table, let alone look at Meng Huan.

So, only Meng Huan and Lin Bozhou sat in a row at the grand table.

Meng Huan’s aggression was swept away when he saw the evening meal.

It was no less than lunch earlier.

Rice and wheat, eight treasure steamed buns, stuff-filled buns, steamed rolls, Haiqing rolls, butterfly rolls; big steamed cakes, pretzel cakes, sugar cakes, sesame baked cakes, milk skin baked sesame cakes, thin crispy cakes, Lingzhi cakes, jujube cakes, white deep-fried noodle cakes, sugar deep-fried noodle cakes; sesame elephant eyes, egg noodles, white cut noodles, and crystal rice.

Meat: roasted swan, roasted goose, steamed chicken, wine-marinated chicken, Sichuan fried chicken, roasted meat, plain boiled meat, steamed meat, pork ribs, lychee pork, sturgeon fish, steamed fish, fried pork ear, boiled fresh gizzard and liver, jade silk belly and lung, and steamed mutton.

Soup: peony bouillon, chicken brittles soup, pork and dragon pine soup, agate cake soup, rice cake soup, osmanthus cake soup, sweet and sour soup, grape soup, honey soup, and milk.

Very good.
Meng Huan directly served Lin Bozhou to eat.

When he was full, he could start eating himself!

Meng Huan, who owned a large courtyard and had 30,000 in pocket money every month, recognized who was the real thigh in this house.

Lin Bozhou sipped the soup he served and asked, “Did you send a message to the palace?”

Standing by the side, Shan Xing looked at Meng Huan before replying and was slightly surprised.

The prince actually mentioned this conversation in his presence.
He seemed to have taken Meng Huan as his own and wasn’t avoiding it.

“Have sent, saying the prince’s eye disease has not yet healed and temporarily can’t return to the cabinet.”

The court was about to go into chaos recently.

The emperor’s spoken order was first delivered to Lin Bozhou by an officer and then written into an imperial edict to the cabinet for public display.
Thus, the court should all know that His Majesty punished the people who impeached Lin Bozhou and even re-invited him to the cabinet.

However, Lin Bozhou actually resigned because of his eye disease!

What did this mean? It was equivalent to saying you fought with colleagues and wanted to resign; however, the boss supported you, comforted you, and fired the person you quarreled with first, yet you still wanted to quit.

Just that, this outcome would surprise the boss.

Meng Huan blinked and looked at Lin Bozhou, flattering.
“Since Your Highness’ eyes are not good, it wouldn’t hurt to recuperate for a few more days.
Why rush back to the court to work…… as an officer?”

Lin Bozhou looked at him sideways, and the corners of his lips curved gently.

To those cunning ministers, an eye disease was indeed an eye disease but not only an eye disease.
It was just an excuse.
Otherwise, why would the emperor receive a request from a robust and healthy minister to resign and recuperate from an illness every year?

Generally, they would have a demand.

Lin Bozhou’s expression of looking at an idiot made Meng Huan unhappy, and he lowered his head. Well, take it as if I said nothing.

“What does His Majesty say?” Lin Bozhou asked.

Shan Xing wiped his sweat and looked slightly awkward.
“This ……”

Their Zhong Dynasty’s current sovereign was a child emperor.

He was seven years old when he succeeded to the throne and was only 13 years old.
He was very trusting and fond of Lin Bozhou.

When the young emperor learned Lin Bozhou didn’t want to return to the court, he burst into tears in the throne room, howling sorrowfully.

“Without Imperial Brother, Great Zhong’s state is in danger!”

It had the same grief as “Yanzi, I can’t live without you!”

That minister returned to invite Lin Bozhou with tears in his eyes.
“Asking Your Highness to return to the cabinet.
His Majesty has not seen Your Highness for several days and has no appetite.
His face is already thin from hunger.
Woo woo woo.”

Meng Huan heard this and tutted in his heart.

Lin Bozhou was worthy of being a master of micro-manipulation, branding himself, who is an outright traitor, into a unique pillar of the state in the child emperor’s mind.

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