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Imperial Physician Zhou immediately dropped the needles and had a serious expression.
“Your Highness.”

He was also a divine imperial physician with a temper.

Whenever he encountered this kind of person who did not listen to medical advice, he wanted to zap the other party to death with a needle.

If not for the high medical fees paid by the prince regent, he would rot in the Imperial Medical Office and not come.

Lin Bozhou glanced lightly at Meng Huan.

Meng Huan felt a little guilty.
“This concubine simply thinks what the imperial physician said—”

Glancing at him again.

Meng Huan’s voice grew softer.
“—has a point.”


Shan Xing hurriedly said, “Hahahaha, don’t worry, imperial physician.
Since the imperial physician won’t let the prince use his eyes, we, the subordinates, will help persuade him and won’t let the prince overwork.

Imperial Physician Zhou was indignant and still wanted to say something else.

“Please! Please, Imperial Physician Zhou!” Shan Xing directly raised his hand to send the guest away.

Damn it!

Carrying the medicine box, Imperial Physician Zhou left in anger.

Shan Xing followed behind him and sent him off, leaving only Lin Bozhou and Meng Huan sitting in a row.

Lin Bozhou looked at Meng Huan again.

Meng Huan felt the need to explain himself.
“This concubine is also worried about the prince’s body……”

In fact, it was just a momentary slip of the tongue.
He used a heartfelt look to hide his guilty heart.

Lin Bozhou seemed silent, not knowing what to say for a moment.

Meng Huan honestly lowered his head, looking like he was beaten and scolded.

A few moments later, his forehead was knocked.
It should be done by a finger, and the force was very light.

He raised his head and looked at Lin Bozhou in a daze.

Lin Bozhou finally spoke.

Meng Huan: “………………”

Outside the door, Shan Xing returned with a head of lousy luck.

Imperial Physician Zhou had just reprimanded him.
“If the prince doesn’t want to cure his eye disease, don’t come looking for this old man, all right? I told him not to strain himself, but he didn’t listen, causing the eye disease to relapse repeatedly.
Others will think that this old man is not good at medicine and can’t cure him no matter what.
You high and powerful lords, do you think your lives are strong and won’t listen to advice? Blah blah blah blah blah……”

Shan Xing accompanied him with a smile.
“No, no, no, Imperial Physician Zhou.”

But he didn’t dare to persuade Lin Bozhou, either.
Thus, he suffered from both ends.

Lin Bozhou got up.
“Not eating anymore.”

Meng Huan also followed to stand up and heard him say, “Pingzhi, go and put the transcripts in the study.”

Pingzhi was Shan Xing’s courtesy name*.

*Courtesy name: traditionally given to Chinese men at age twenty, marking their coming of age.

Meng Huan’s expression was complicated. After all of this, do you still want to work?

You do your work, and I will sleep.
Meng Huan had already prepared to climb into his large bed.

A voice came from behind his ear.

Who is it? It can’t be me. Meng Huan pretended not to hear.

“Beloved concubine.”

Meng Huan: “…………”

“Come here too.
Serve this prince in bed.”

Meng Huan coughed, his voice drifting.
“What did Your Highness say……”

“Did this prince not say it clearly enough?”

Lin Bozhou’s dark eyes looked down at him.
He lifted a finger and beckoned to Meng Huan.
“You, come and serve me in bed.”



The author has something to say.

Lin Bozhou: Come, we’ll suffer together

Precious Huan: QAQ

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