The ancient people liked incense, and Lin Bozhou’s clothes were soaked with a light scent.
His jaw was slightly tilted, warm and hot, so that Meng Huan could rub his neck when he turned his head.

Meng Huan played the pliant concubine momentarily before asking, “Your Highness, are you awake?”

“Mm.” Lin Bozhou’s voice was lazy.

— The concubine he thought would be considerate and take care of him said surprisedly, “Then it’s time for us to have breakfast!”


Receiving a decree-like hum from Lin Bozhou, Meng Huan jumped up from the bed and prepared to rush towards the dining hall—

Then, he saw the book of spring paintings on the floor.

The splashes of color and twisted limbs stimulated his newly awakened nerves.

Bang— Meng Huan lifted his leg, kicked the spring paintings underneath the bed as if he had never seen it, and nonchalantly wrung a handkerchief to wash his face.

What a sin.
What a sin.

Lin Bozhou shouldn’t have seen it, right?

—But that spring painting was pompously thrown there.
If he didn’t see it, he must have an eye problem.

But…… Lin Bozhou did have an eye disease.

Meng Huan vigorously wiped his face with the handkerchief, guiltily sweating.

The main thing was that Lin Bozhou was uninterested in him, which made it seem that Meng Huan, who took a book of spring paintings to teach him how to xx himself, was foolish……

However, Lin Bozhou being uninterested in him was a good thing.
At least he didn’t have to take that dangerous love-hate relationship path.

Meng Huan picked up a comb and walked up to him.
“Your Highness, this concubine wants to comb your hair; is that okay?”

Lin Bozhou’s legs landed on the ground, looking lazy, and the eunuch was kneeling to put on his shoes.
When he heard this sentence, he did not bother to raise his eyes.

Outside the door, someone hurriedly ran and knocked over a water basin held by a maid.


The copper basin fell to the ground with an ear-splitting sound.

The prince regent’s residence had always been very disciplined, but someone was so undignified that everyone was surprised.

Even Lin Bozhou lifted his eyes.

Chen An, a Changshi* and the highest-ranking civil official in the prince’s residence, panted.
“Your Highness, there is an important matter.”

*Changshi: An official in charge of different affairs, but mostly in bureaucracy.

Lin Bozhou frowned.

Meng Huan went to have his breakfast by himself.

He saw Lin Bozhou quickly freshen up, tie up his hair with a jade crown, change into a crimson king’s robe, and leave with many people behind him.

Perhaps he went to deal with official business.

This was also great.
The life of a luxurious widow began now.
Meng Huan strolled along the way and found that the maids and servants were extremely friendly and started to greet him at a distance.

Meng Huan was puzzled and turned to ask the maid, Fengzhi.

Fengzhi said, “Madam, the matter of you accompanying the prince to bed last night has spread widely in the prince’s residence.
You might be the darling of the prince’s heart in the future, so of course, they would think highly of you.”

Tch, tch.

This snobbish feudal society.

But don’t worry.
I can’t be the darling of his heart; it will be unlucky.
Meng Huan thought while wandering around the prince’s residence, briefly digesting his food.

He didn’t know where he was, but it should be an isolated courtyard.

Someone spoke in front of them.

“Who’s that child?”

“How brazen.
Do you know this is the prince’s residence? How dare you climb the wall and run inside?”

“Aiya, he’s going to jump in!”

Several old women and men were helplessly facing the wall, and someone was holding a bamboo pole and poking it upward as if trying to poke the child down.

Meng Huan approached and saw a child hanging on the wall.
He was about ten years old, white-skinned, thin and weak, but with a beautiful appearance and a melancholy and deep temperament.

The child stood at the wall and shouted angrily.
“How brazen! How brazen! If you poke again, all of you will lose your heads!”


“You’re the brazen one, you little brat! Do you know where you are? This is the prince regent’s residence! If you want to play, go to the ground, and ask for food.
Don’t come to the prince regent’s residence to ask for a beating!”

He continued to poke with the bamboo pole.

Meng Huan tilted his head, his hands behind his back, and wanted to watch the fun, but the kid before him was obviously in a bad situation.

His black clothes were dirty from climbing the wall to get in.

Dressed quite noblely.
It was unknown where this little dandy young master came from.

At the same time, his face was twisted, obviously wanting to come in but not daring to jump.
His expression went back and forth, displaying his dilemma.

Seeing that he was worrying himself sick, Meng Huan showed mercy.
“Don’t poke anymore.
Don’t poke anymore.
It’s bad if the child is poked and falls.”

The old woman turned her face with a very unsatisfied look.
“Who are you?”

Fengzhi: “How brazen! This is the prince’s wife.”


Meng Huan couldn’t stand this damned ancient hierarchy but didn’t know what to say momentarily.

The old woman’s expression eased down.
Meng Huan tilted his head.
Looking across the shade of the mature plum tree, he asked, “Is there a ladder? Let him come down first.
It’s bad if he falls.”

The woman found a ladder, and the young teenager climbed down, one foot on the back of a servant, apparently trying to make a handsome long jump but couldn’t resist lunging forward.


What is he doing? Meng Huan looked puzzled and did not want to care.
“Please watch over him.
If any parent comes to claim him, return him.”

Unexpectedly, the little teenager straightened his back and walked in front of him, talking in an imposing manner.
“I will follow you.”

“That’s fine.” Meng Huan nodded.
“I’ll send you through the main gate.”

The little teenager.
“No, I’m not going to the main gate.”

Meng Huan: “Well, I’ll take you for a stroll.”

The teenager did not say anything.

Meng Huan smiled: Is strolling to the main gate considered strolling?

After walking for an estimated quarter an hour, the teenager saw the front door and frowned.

The words “despicable and shameless” did not come out.

One more step forward.

The prince’s residence’s main gate had many kneeling people, some wearing scarlet robes, some wearing turquoise blue robes, and some wearing official clothes, chests embroidered with Buzi*, obviously great officials.

*Buzi: Square decoration on the chest and back of the officials’ clothing.
The pattern differs for different ranks of officials, civil officials, and military generals.

But they were all kneeling at the door.
A eunuch knelt in front with blood spurting from his forehead, flowing everywhere.

Only Lin Bozhou stood among the group, a hideous figure.
He seemed to have just dismounted, clutching a whip with one hand, gloomily knocking on the hem of his clothes, looking furious to the extreme.

In this dead silence, no one dared to speak.

…… It was temporarily better not to stroll at the main gate.
Although he didn’t know what had happened, Meng Huan pulled the young teenager beside him.
“Let’s go.”

But the little teenager grunted.

There were a few smug looks on his face.

Then, Meng Huan saw him take a step forward and shouted with immense joy, “Imperial Brother!”

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