At the entrance of the prince’s residence, the ministers were also in tears.

Someone saw through Lin Bozhou’s manipulation method and couldn’t help but straighten up, looking painfully angry.
“How can the prince deceive the emperor like that—”

Emperor Xuan He turned his head and furiously sprayed.
“Shut up! Who are you? Drag him down and chop him up!”

The minister’s face was full of pain.
“Your Majesty—”

In the past, Meng Huan could not understand the ancient ruler and minister.
The monarch and minister were in an ambiguous and loving relationship, like husband and wife, like father and son.
To be an important official, one had to be concerned for the emperor and protect the emperor’s reputation.
Even if the emperor misunderstood him, he had to die without regrets.
This was the character of a loyal minister.

“Shut up! Shut up! All of you shut up! Imperial Brother, don’t go!” Emperor Xuan He waved his dragon robe.
“He was the one prompting Us to do so.
He gave Us a bad idea.
Imperial Brother, kill him!”

Eunuch: “……”

Emperor Xuan He frantically admitted his mistakes, crying and fussing.
Lin Bozhou’s expression finally eased down, and he raised his hand and gently pressed Emperor Xuan He’s shoulder.
“Your Majesty, etiquette cannot be abolished.”

These words proved that Lin Bozhou still recognized him as the emperor.

Then it proved that he would not just go away.

“We know.”

Emperor Xuan He hurriedly knelt upright and looked solemn, but his eyes were still red, and he couldn’t stop dropping tears.

After a long time, Lin Bozhou finally declared the end of this game with the emperor.

“All right, it’s okay.”

He stood up.
Those unaware would think he was the emperor.
He meticulously arranged the scarlet imperial clothes and lowered his eyes to wipe the blood on his fingers.

He unintentionally turned his head sideways and saw Meng Huan, hiding behind the shade of a tree with a pale face, looking at him without batting an eyelid.


Meng Huan was frightened miserably.
Both hands grasped the branches, his shoulders slightly cowered, and he looked at the scene without daring to move, gently biting his lips.
His pupils were slightly dilated with residual fear that had not dissipated.

Lin Bozhou’s finger paused, and he removed his gaze.

Emperor Xuan He said with tears in his eyes, “Imperial Brother, can one of the eunuchs not be killed? He plays Go* well and is Our favorite little eunuch recently.”

*Go: an abstract strategy board game for two players in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent.

Lin Bozhou looked at the little eunuch who had knocked his head bloody on the ground.


“Imperial Brother, We really know We were wrong.”

Lin Bozhou looked stern.
“This official has said that Your Majesty is right.
Your Majesty is the pivot of Great Zhong’s power.
The word ‘power’ is not at fault.
It is those who try to attain power that make mistakes.”

Emperor Xuan He froze in place.
Surprisingly, he didn’t know whether he was wrong or right momentarily.

The Imperial Brother, in his eyes, was too smart, too perfect, and in front of him, any thought of his own would seem childish and foolish.

“Imperial Brother……”

“How these people are disposed of is not something this small official can interfere with.
The people in the palace should be left to the Admiral Eunuch from the Department of Rites.”

Emperor Xuan He’s expression was a bit lost.

—The Admiral Eunuch was also Imperial Brother’s man.

At this point, Emperor Xuan He knew that the young eunuch’s life would not be saved, sighing.
Since there is nothing else, Imperial Brother, let’s go play Go, okay?”

“According to the time, His Majesty should be in the upper study room reading books now and not playing chess.” Lin Bozhou’s voice was cold.

Emperor Xuan He was thoroughly devastated and nodded, “Then, We will go back.”

He took a few steps and remembered something.
“When will Imperial Brother return to the court?”

“He will return when his eye disease is healed.”

Emperor Xuan He’s eyes brightened and showed a peaceful expression.

The emperor went away.
The people from the prince’s residence came out, carrying buckets of water and rinsing the blood on the ground.

The tightness in Meng Huan’s back disappeared.
Realizing his legs were weak, he let go of the tree branch and slowly lowered his head.

The one you thought was the treacherous minister: verbally cursed in the court but didn’t dare to look the emperor in the eyes.

The treacherous minister thought to have power: cursed in court, but didn’t put the emperor in his eyes.

The real treacherous minister: loyal and polite to the emperor, but scared the emperor’s legs into shaking with a sentence.

It was really too scary.
To be a rival to Lin Bozhou, I guess I will not survive more than one chapter, right?

This path of choosing to obey him is the right choice…… Meng Huan was dazed for a moment when a voice sounded ahead.
“Come here.”

It was Lin Bozhou’s low voice.

Knowing that he called himself, Meng Huan stumbled to go, unconsciously pinching his fingers nervously.

“Did you have your breakfast?”

Meng Huan smelled the blood on his body and lowered his head.

He was a little puzzled.
How could he instantly act as if nothing had happened after doing something terrible?

“Good.” Lin Bozhou looked at the blood trail on the ground, which was not clean yet, and he frowned.
“Come here.
Help this prince change clothes and take a bath.”

After several steps, the young man behind him hung his head and moved a bit sluggishly, unable to keep up with him, as if he was too frightened.

Lin Bozhou turned his head.

Meng Huan scratched his hair, still not saying anything.

He remembered that no matter what, the original shou in the book still wanted to escape, and it was useless no matter how good he was.
Lin Bozhou simply could not get his heart.

Why? Because Lin Bozhou’s character was vicious.
People tended to incline to the light.
Staying next to a dark-hearted person would make people worried whether they would be swallowed by his darkness one day.

He was cruel and violent, killing whoever touched his weak spots.
Would he also be killed one day if he accidentally made a mistake?

At the thought of this, Meng Huan felt a helpless feeling being pulled out of his bone marrow.
He dazedly watched his back and felt too bold to want to stay at his side.

Will he hurt me?

Even if I’ve been very good and obedient, will he still hurt me?


His jaw was pinched by Lin Bozhou’s fingers and lifted.

In front of his eyes were a pair of clean and clear eyes, somewhat dazed and confused, moist like a lake brushed by the spring breeze under a clear sky in the third month*, different from his eyes that were deep and unpredictable like ice.

*The third month of the lunar calendar is from 21 March until 20 April.

Meng Huan stumbled over his words and nodded.

His voice was stricken with admission.


He also followed with red eyes, “Terrified.”

The sun shone.
Lin Bozhou’s heart was quiet, and the smoke and bloodlust in his veins calmed down.
Then what should be done?”

The slightly cool breeze brushed past his body.

Meng Huan tilted his head and looked at him; his voice choked with sobs.
“Can you not hurt me?”


The author has something to say.

Lin Bozhou: Heart aches a little.

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