neck under Lin Bozhou’s white ear.

The touch was smooth, like stroking a warm jade.

Lin Bozhou raised his eyes, and there was a feeling of evil intent in the bottom of those narrow eyes.

Meng Huan was stunned and suddenly realized that this action was similar to stroking his face.

“……” Meng Huan sped up the rubbing motion, which was still much like stroking.

—and it still carried a slight sense of doting, like soothing his wounds.

The corner of Lin Bozhou’s lips raised in an arc.
“This prince is the one being rubbed, so why are you blushing yourself?”

“Hot.” Knowing he wanted to tease him, Meng Huan said unhesitatingly, “The pool water is too hot.”

“Hot?” Lin Bozhou suddenly lifted his hand.

His hand was bigger than Meng Huan’s, covering the back of his hand and pressing downward, and he gently dipped it into the water.

His voice was low.

The tingling sensation hit his eardrums.
“Why don’t you feel it again?”

The hand was not only dipped into the water, but it seemed to be particularly close to the gap between his legs.

Meng Huan: “………………”

Help! “Extremely compatible” system, please let me go!

An upright minister who had just worn court clothes suddenly removed his robes and teased you; it was truly provoking!

Meng Huan: TvT

Meng Huan fiercely pulled out his hand, splashing water everywhere, and a few stained Lin Bozhou’s lips.

He blushed furiously, stumbled, and could not speak.
Lin Bozhou smiled.
“Last night, when you slept in this prince’s arms, you didn’t seem so courteous?”


It’s not even a matter of being courteous!

Can you have sex anywhere? This is a public place, and there are maids outside the screen!

Meng Huan mentally shouted.
His ears reddened like a ripe peach, and the pink juice almost seeped through the thin skin.

The emotions in Lin Bozhou’s eyes deepened, and it seemed that he still had something to say when a movement sounded outside the door.

“Your Majesty, a visit note arrived.”

Chen An, the Zhangsi, was in a hurry.

Lin Bozhou knitted his brows, slightly annoyed to be disturbed when he was getting closer to his wife, but this trace was hidden in no time.

He closed his door to guests and would not meet anyone, so the visit notes should have been automatically blocked at the gate.
But Chen An brought one over.

Chen An’s voice was heard through the screen.
“As expected by Your Highness, it is a visit note from the vice-minister of the Ministry of Rites.”

The Ministry of Rites was where the most famous Qingliu* Party gathered in the court.

Qingliu wanted to oppose Zhouliu*. Zhouliu was a group of traitorous ministers led by Lin Bozhou.
He and the chief minister of the cabinet were very powerful, and their status was so prestigious that they could stir up troubles at the court, considering the fate of other officials according to their moods.

However, the Ministry of Rites was in charge of the imperial examinations.
Through the teacher-student relationship, most of the younger generation of reserve officials were dependent on them, so their potential could not be underestimated.

*Qingliu: (lit.
translation is clean flowing water) scholars who kept themselves aloof from the corrupting influence of those in power.

*Zhouliu: (lit.
translation is muddy water) corrupt or contemptible person.

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