Meng Huan: “?”

It turned out that, unknowingly, he had drawn a spring painting, and the main characters were even drawn with the faces of Lin Bozhou and himself.


Meng Huan hurriedly crumpled it into a ball and threw it into the trash can.

This was too scary.

Meng Huan would directly cry when he thought of making love with Lin Bozhou.

At the door, someone came in and reported, “Madam.”

“What is it?”

“The prince is asking for you.”

Meng Huan was puzzled.
“Isn’t Lin Bozhou receiving a guest now? What’s the purpose of asking for me?”

The servant said, “Not quite sure.
It is said that Madam’s relatives have come to visit Madam.”


The original host did have relatives, but they were only Jishizong of the Ministry of Rites’ friends and relatives.
Who could come directly to the prince regent’s residence to see him?

Meng Huan wondered, dropped his brush, washed his hands, and followed the servant to the tea room where Lin Bozhou was staying.

In the prince’s parlor, Lin Bozhou sat at the head of the seat with his arm lazily resting on the pearwood Taishi chair.
Although he was young, he still had a way of carrying himself and sat without the meagreness of a young man in a high position.
On the contrary, there was a bit of unattainable nobility.

“Madam is here.”

“Husband.” Meng Huan greeted in response.

After addressing the person, he found that there was a middle-aged man next to him.

He wore satin clothes, his beard flowing, his features well-defined, and his hair was tied with a cicada crown.
His lips carried an indistinct smile with the sense of warmth and benevolence of an excellent speaker.

This should be the formidable relative, right?

Meng Huan froze momentarily but could not recognize who it was, so he only nodded and smiled.

This smile made the vice-minister of the Ministry of Rites Lu Shi’s eyes instantly red, looking as if he understood him without saying anything.

Meng Huan still did not recall who he was, but looking at the awkward atmosphere, he had to make a sad expression grudgingly.

Lin Bozhou spoke, “Vice-Minister Lu just came to inquire about this prince’s eye disease and recommended a few medicines.
He happened to talk about how he was once your father’s peer, shared a close friendship with your father, and watched you grow up.
And you happen to come to the prince’s residence.
Vice-Minister Lu purposefully wants to see you and catch up on old times.”

“Both of you, take your time to chat.”

Lin Bozhou half lowered his eyelashes with a faint smile.
Obviously, he was the main culprit of this entire tragedy, but he acted as if it was not his concern, even acting leisurely as he watched a family being wrenched apart.

Meng Huan finally remembered who he was.
The vice-minister of the Ministry of Rites, Lu Shi, was his father’s buddy.
He was so sad that he looked like he was going to cry.
Meng Huan tried to say a few words to ease the stiff atmosphere but could not think of anything else, so he could only dryly say, “Uncle Lu……”

Lu Shi’s eyes blurred from tears, but due to the great traitor Lin Bozhou eyeing them covetously, he held back the tears welling up in his eyes and asked, “How is Madam living?”

He came to show concern for his father, who was sent to the army in exile.
Even if Meng Huan was stupid, he knew his father had offended Lin Bozhou.
If his father’s friend showed pity and regret, it would also cause Lin Bozhou to be unhappy and strike him off.

To lessen his anger as much as possible, Meng Huan decided to report the good news, not the bad ones.
“Uncle Lu, I am doing very well in the prince’s residence, and His Highness also treats me well.
There is a lot of food in the residence, with different kinds every morning, noon, and night; I eat very well.
His Highness also gives me a big courtyard and arranges for many servants to serve me, so I have food and drink daily without doing anything.
It is a perfect life.”

To please Lin Bozhou, Meng Huan gritted his teeth and added.
“To be able to marry the prince as a concubine is a blessing for me.”

This sentence could be called an outrageous speech.

Lu Shi nodded with an expression that turned into a hidden pain.

Meng Huan was nervous and could probably guess why he was indignant.

His father was sent to Fengxiang for impeaching Lin Bozhou, who could be considered his father’s enemy, but he said he was treated extremely well.
What exactly was the meaning of this?

Although Lu Shi’s heart was dissatisfied, he didn’t show it on his face.
He bowed to end the pleasantries.
“Madam, it’s best to take good care of your health.”

“Uncle Lu too.”

They chatted idly.
Lin Bozhou had a smile that wasn’t a smile at Meng Huan’s reply, uncovered the tea lid, and Lu Shi immediately understood his intention to expel him.
“Your Highness, this subordinate will take his leave.”

“See the guest out.”

The figure slowly retreated from the doorway.
Meng Huan did not mention a word about Lu Shi and asked about something else, “Your Highness, when is dinner?”

Lin Bozhou’s pitch-black eyes were deep, looking at him playfully for a moment.
He inexplicably raised the corners of his lips and smiled.
“Let’s go now, Madam.”

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