Behind Meng Huan, the little servant jerked his head to look at him.

It was written all over his face: Young Master Meng, when did you become such a person?

Meng Huan ignored him.

The original shou was extremely intelligent, but Meng Huan did not have this ability.
Since Lin Bozhou more or less also looked at his beauty, he could only… tearfully serve the man with sex….

Meng Huan comforted himself.

A little shallow service, a little shallow service.

He had to find the opportunity to escape.
The gong was a big traitor, and if he was beheaded later, wouldn’t he also be a minor traitor as his concubine? He must draw the line as soon as possible to avoid the beheading.

When Meng Huan was seriously thinking, a low voice rang in his ears.
“Heard you wanted to kill yourself by hitting a pillar this afternoon?”

Meng Huan smiled stiffly.
“It was by accident.”

The little servant, who had witnessed the original shou drinking while reading a poem and attempting suicide, had a more complicated look.
His lips trembled as if experiencing a strange and bizarre story.


Meng Huan sheepishly scratched his hair.
A snicker sounded in his ear, and Lin Po Zhou’s dark eyes gazed at him.
“So, you are willing to follow this prince?”

Meng Huan: “I am willing.”

After saying that, he felt that his answer was too fast and not sincere enough.
Meng Huan coughed.
“After all, Your Highness……”

He tried to say some magnificent adjectives to praise the prince regent for justifying his reasons for following him, such as his handsome appearance, high moral character, and great humanity.
Still, his mind whirled around and was completely blank….

Meng Huan: “……”

How come this young master has been kind all his life and still transmigrated into a tactical story?

He had to dryly repeat, “I am willing.”

When he said this, he slightly lowered his head.
The young man’s handsome and fresh face was extremely baffled, but it gave off the feeling of a youth in love and some unclear persuasiveness.

“So devoted to this prince?”

The tone trailed off.

Meng Huan raised his eyes.
His jaw was held by Lin Bozhou’s probing fingers.
The prince regent’s knuckles were slender and distinct, squeezing him as if he were playing with him, his gaze following Meng Huan’s brows and eyes.


Meng Huan’s cheeks were pinched and squeezed into a small meat bag, not daring to breathe out.


But when he finally couldn’t resist breathing, the tip of his nose smelled blood.

Meng Huan’s back trembled.
The corners of Lin Bozhou’s lips slightly pulled up, and the light in his eyes converged, seemingly interested in his reaction.

“This prince has just returned from the Northern Zhenfu Division and has not yet freshened up, so his body will smell of human blood.
Little concubine does not need to be surprised or afraid.” He added.

No need to be afraid?

Meng Huan’s face was white with fear.

The Northern Zhenfu Division, also known as the Brocade Uniform Guard’s punishment prison, was explicitly used to interrogate court ministers in the hands of the prince regent.
These scholars, the Ministry of Rites and the Imperial Court of Judicial Review, asked for the charges to be removed from the merit and follow the process but became fishes on the chopping block at the Northern Zhenfu Division, at the mercy of Lin Bozhou.

Meng Huan’s voice trembled.
“No, not afraid.”

Lin Bozhou’s smile deepened.
Since you are not afraid, come and serve this prince to bathe.”

Although he was smiling, it was the cheerful smile of a predator before eating, a smile that made one’s scalp tingle.

…… If it were not for the fact that he knew he was in a historical power and conspiracy story, Meng Huan felt that he was about to be sent into the cave to feed the demon king and be eaten into his belly.

“All right ……”

Meng Huan stumbled into the room with him behind.

The servants entered in a line and brought hot water while Lin Bozhou stood behind the screen, holding the white jade bead string in his hand.

He reached out his hand.

It was the action of summoning the underlings.
Meng Huan reluctantly, but still aware of the situation, took the things in his hand.

The white jade beads were also stained with blood.



What kind of living Yama is this?

“Take off the clothes,” Lin Bozhou said.

Meng Huan’s legs went limp.
The jade beads were placed onto the wooden tray held by the servant, and he walked quickly to Lin Bozhou’s side, reaching out to remove his clothes.

Lin Bozhou was half a head taller than him.
His eyes were downcast at the moment, gazing at him steadily, and his slightly hot breath fell on Meng Huan’s ear.


Meng Huan didn’t dare to raise his eyelids, untied the outer robe of the prince’s clothes, and placed his fair hands on his inner robe.
The ancient people’s clothes were different in shape from modern people, so Meng Huan couldn’t figure out where to unbutton it and circled it confusedly for two turns.

Then, he heard a very low laugh.


Meng Huan mentally said: please don’t laugh, I’m afraid.

Meng Huan found the buckle with incredible difficulty.
He pulled the rope’s end, tugged gently, and the smooth satin garment slowly unraveled, revealing the hidden male torso.

Meng Huan’s face was red again just by looking at it.

<> was obviously a tactical novel, so why would Meng Huan, an old pervert who only looked at romance, read it? There was only one reason, and that was a good drive.

In the book, the prince regent… was exceptionally well-described.

On the bed …… he was particularly fierce.

So, his build was superb.

Meng Huan shifted his gaze and wanted to feign politeness, but he noticed the lean male torso in front of him out of the corner of his eyes: the slender collarbone, broad and sharp shoulder lines, and thin skin with explosive muscles under it.
It was as if he could imagine the movement of this waist……

Looking at the text, the energy in this perfect lean body could make Meng Huan gasp in amazement.

Meng Huan was a little scared again and looked giddy, quickly changing the subject.
“Can enter the water.”


Lin Bozhou asked rhetorically with uncertainty.

Meng Huan: “Ah?”

Lin Bozhou slightly pulled the corners of his lips.
“The lower half of the body has not been taken off.”

Meng Huan: “……”

No, people don’t take off their pants in the shower on TV!

Hot blood rushed directly to the brain, making Meng Huan’s face red.
After looking at Lin Bozhou for confirmation and understanding that he was not joking, he resigned to putting his hand on his waist.

–You’re so noble and great, yet you want me to remove your pants.

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