hy family.

Not remembering who he was, Meng Huan stiffly answered.

The gentleman said again, “Nanxing came downstairs to pick you up.
Come up!”

Nanxing? Lu Nanxing?

Meng Huan’s mind stirred.
A man with sword eyebrows and a gorgeous face came out of the store, dressed in luxurious clothes, and called out from a distance.
“A-Huan, why did you only come now? I’ve been waiting for you for half a day.”

Lu Nanxing saw Shan Xing behind Meng Huan and froze.
“This is—”

Shan Xing announced himself.
“This subordinate is a Qingke of the prince regent’s residence, accompanying Madam Meng on his trip.
It is my honor to meet the Young Master.”

“The prince regent’s residence?!” Lu Nanxing’s face suddenly changed.

The atmosphere suddenly became stiff and cold.

Both fathers of Lu Nanxing and Young Master Xu Ruolin upstairs were representatives of the Qingliu Party, which was as incompatible as fire and water with the Zhuoliu Party led by Lin Bozhou.
Shan Xing was Lin Bozhou’s Qingke, so he also belonged to the Zhuoliu Party, opposite him.

Lu Nanxing was obviously unhappy.
“Come up.”

In the single room on the second-floor balcony, the young gentleman dressed as if he was a beautiful and luxurious woman smiled when he saw Meng Huan and mischievously called the woman from the side.
“Go and get your handkerchief back from Young Master Meng.”

The woman with languid red lips swayed her waist as she approached him, her fair fingers wandering over Meng Huan’s body, her movements intimate and seductive.
“Young Master Meng—”

The intense fragrance came to his nose, assailing Meng Huan’s nose and causing him to step back.

Shan Xing uttered, “Little Marquis, Young Master Meng is already the prince’s wife.
Please don’t make such jokes.”

Xu Ruolin, the son of Marquis Zhen Guan, a famous flirtatious young nobleman, said with a cheeky smile, “It seems that Young Master Meng is very favored when he married into the prince’s residence, huh? Yan-er, come back.”

Yan-er took the handkerchief from Meng Huan’s hand, winked, and returned to his arms to lie down obediently with an enchanting posture.

“Openly visiting prostitutes on the main street.” Shan Xing was obviously very disgusted.
“Madam, stay away from him.
The prince doesn’t like to smell these.”

Meng Huan did not like it either and felt disgusted but did not know what to say.

But Xu Ruolin began to sneer.
“What’s wrong with visiting a prostitute? Which high-ranking officials and noblemen do not have sex with prostitutes?”

He turned his head and deliberately humiliated him.
“You are the Qingke of the prince’s residence? Qingke’s are great, hanging on to and serving the rich and powerful by accommodating them.
It so happens that we’re about to drink.
How about you make a poem to liven up the atmosphere?”

Shan Xing did not change his expression.
“This subordinate is the Qingke of the prince’s residence.
The prince does not allow this subordinate to make poems outside.”

“Heh, the prince?”

When the word prince was mentioned, Lu Nanxing looked quite unhappy and made a mocking sound.


Seeing this sword-drawn scene made Meng Huan lick his lips nervously.

How dare you, ah? Reprimanding Lin Bozhou in front of Shan Xing.
If he tells on you guys, you all will be finished….

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