an not escape.”

Three people sat and fell into deep thought.

A few moments later, Xu Ruolin said, “Actually, I have a solution.”

“Go ahead.” Lu Nanxing was anxious.

“I’m afraid you guys will laugh at me if I say it out loud.
Promise not to laugh first.” After confirming that both Meng Huan and Lu Nanxing nodded, he looked at the prostitute beside him.
“Yan-er has brought a few packs of aphrodisiac—”


Lu Nanxing coughed violently as if he was choking.

He was quite pure and could not hear this.

Xu Ruolin waved his hand.
“I’ve told you not to laugh.
In a moment, I will call that Qingke to drink, saying it’s to make amends.
Drug the wine and let him drink it, then arrange for him and Yan-er to find a place for pleasure.
Young Master Meng will take the opportunity to escape; how is it?”


Meng Huan’s small face wrinkled in disapproval.
“Too nasty.
Is there any other way?”

The situation was urgent, and Xu Ruolin’s patience was limited.
“There is no other way; moreover, Miss Yan-er is doing this line of work.”

Meng Huan thought about it but still shook his head.
“No, no, it’s not good……”

As he spoke, Lu Nanxing got up and pressed his shoulder.
Xu Ruolin tore open the paper bag and hurriedly poured it into the liquor.
“Don’t be soft-hearted.
Those who achieve great things don’t bother about trifles.
Young Master Meng, don’t be so kind.”

He took chopsticks and stirred the drug in the cup.
“You two don’t talk.
I’ll arrange it.”

Meng Huan was so anxious that the tips of his ears turned red.
“Are you guys for real?”

He couldn’t break free.
Xu Ruolin had already walked to the stairway and returned to his playful tone.
“That Qingke brother from earlier! Come up here! Come up; this young master will treat you to a drink.
Don’t take it personally.”

No one answered.

“Brother Shan?” Thinking he didn’t hear, Xu Ruolin shouted again.

But strangely enough, there was still no response.

“Hey, what’s going on? Where is he?”

Meng Huan, also a bit puzzled, glanced toward the stairway—

The afternoon light illuminated the gloomy hallway, revealing the dark red mangpao.
The swirling and flying dragon patterns passionately intertwined, the gold-encrusted jade crown slowly moved along the stairs, and the tall figure stepped on the wooden stairs with a crisp footstep.

“Step, step, step…”

Step by step, slow and steady.

At some point, the entire restaurant and street became incomparably silent.
It was densely packed with people kneeling on the ground with their heads bowed, not daring to look directly at the face of the honorable royal family.


Xu Ruolin’s voice abruptly stopped, and the atmosphere fell into a scalp-tingling fear.

The chopsticks in Meng Huan’s hand fell to the ground with a “clack.”

Seeing the person before him, Meng Huan’s blood suddenly went cold, his back stiffened, and his round eyes widened.

Lin Bozhou had arrived at some point.
He came up the stairs unhurriedly, carrying his sleeves, and stopped two steps from Meng Huan.
His eyes swept the whole table, but he obviously didn’t regard anyone.
He turned his head sideways, and the corners of his lips raised slightly in a pleasant and faintly cruel smile.

He opened his mouth, his dark eyes fixed on Meng Huan.

The voice was low and full of interest.

“Where does Madam want to go this time?”

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