Lin Bozhou acted as if he hadn’t heard him, only looking at Meng Huan.

The curve of his lips was suppressed, and his voice was so soft that people didn’t dare to breathe.

Regardless of whether other people knew, Meng Huan knew in his heart what he was meeting Lu Nanxing for.
It was to communicate, escape from the prince’s residence, and pass on information.
In addition, they all insulted and disdained Lin Bozhou just now.

Although the real reason that Meng Huan wanted to escape the prince’s residence was to prevent this traitorous minister from sinning in the future and implicating or killing him when he was unhappy— after being caught, the scene suddenly became much more awkward.

The back of Meng Huan’s hand was cold, and his voice was getting softer.
“Please forgive me, Your Majesty.”

The young man before him had a snow-white face, like a scared little rabbit, with his ears perked.
He was silent out of fear and did not dare to say a word as he looked at the wine cup.

Lin Bozhou unnoticeably pressed the tip of his tongue against his teeth.

With this look, he was obviously not the main culprit.
Lin Bozhou did not bother to be fierce, looking sideways at Lu Nanxing intentionally.

—He was the person who sent a message to Meng Huan, suggesting assassination, passing information, and seducing with sex.

Just this, eighteen or nineteen years young, inexperienced little thing?

Lin Bozhou lifted a wine cup and smiled with a smile that wasn’t a smile.
“Lu Nanxing, this prince heard you are Huan Huan’s childhood friend who grew up with him.
For these ten years, Huan Huan has been under your care.
This prince would like to offer you a toast.”

He paused and said, “Next, you can rest assured and leave Huan Huan to this prince.”

Lu Nanxing stiffly held the wine cup, swallowed his saliva, and did not dare to speak.
He stared at Lin Bozhou’s wine cup.
It wasn’t any ordinary fear, and cold sweat almost rolled down.

Lin Bozhou did not know that this was the cup that Xu Ruolin had just drugged!

The wine was filled with potent aphrodisiacs intended for Shan Xing.
If Lin Bozhou accidentally drank it, the situation would become something big, and the consequences would be unimaginable!

Xu Ruolin also noticed, and his throat issued a trembling “Ah….”

“Hmm?” Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes.

“Your Highness.” Meng Huan stood up.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Bozhou stopped briefly.

Meng Huan snatched up the wine cup from him and poured the wine on the flowers and plants nearby, his forehead covered in a cold sweat.
“The cup is not clean.
I used it just now.
Your Highness, let’s pour a new cup.”

He rinsed the cup a few times and poured a new cup of wine before Lin Bozhou.
“Your Highness, drink this.”


Lin Bozhou’s eyes darkened slightly.
He gave a soft laugh and drank the new wine in the cup.

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