Looking at Meng Huan’s drooped and aggrieved eyebrows, Lin Bozhou’s handsome and calm face was slightly lost for the first time.
A moment later, he lowered his eyelashes, reached out, and grabbed the back of Meng Huan’s neck, turning his head sideways and pressing his lips tightly to it.

Meng Huan’s eyes were dizzy, his waist was held tightly, and the desired body heat and softness finally covered his lips.

The man’s scent was a subdued sandalwood mixed with heat, not making people excessively wild, but the kiss was persisting and long, showing a full sense of patience and control— a sense of control that came with dominating.


When the tip of the tongue came in, Meng Huan felt like he couldn’t catch his breath, his small hands clutching Lin Bozhou’s shirt firmly and turning his head away.

The next second, the curtain was pulled open.
“Your Highness—”

Shan Xing wanted to ask what the strange movement inside the carriage was.

But the moment the light shone inside the carriage, Shan Xing acted quickly and closed the curtain again with a flap, sealing it tightly so that no trace of light could penetrate the enclosed space.

Lips pressed together, Lin Bozhou turned his eyes to glance at the carriage’s curtain.
No words were said, his fingers still clasped Meng Huan’s hair, and he did not stop.

The space inside the carriage wasn’t too big.
Meng Huan obediently lay in his arms for him to kiss, his eyelids slightly raised and his bones soft to the point of melting into water.
Meanwhile, two trembling attendants stood several chis* away.

*Chi: A Chinese foot equals one-third meter.

The two attendants showed desperation.


So awkward!


Let us both out!



Finally ending the long kiss, Lin Bozhou caressed Meng Huan’s lips.
“Feeling better?”

Meng Huan was dizzy and did not say anything.

He held Lin Bozhou’s shoulder and bit his earlobe like a small beast, somewhat agitated, revealing a more uncomfortable signal instead.

—Meng Huan seemed to be more than satisfied with the kiss.

The matter had unexpectedly developed into this.

The knot in Lin Bozhou’s throat rolled, and his lips were slightly dry.

The atmosphere in the carriage was tense.
Every second seemed to pass particularly slowly, and for the first time, time felt annoying like something hanging overhead and wavering, hesitating to fall, making the string in one’s heart tense all the time.

“Why haven’t we arrived home yet? It’s been so long on the road.” Meng Huan muttered to himself with a bit of apprehension in his voice.

Lin Bozhou hung his head, gently rubbed his fingers, and asked in a raspy tone, “In a hurry to return, what does Huan Huan want to do?”

“Huh?” Meng Huan leaned to his ear, his voice still clean and pure.
“Going back, of course, to sleep with hubby.”


Meng Huan’s voice was even softer.
That simple syllable was vulgar and dirty, but he said it with unparalleled intimacy, “It’s to sleep together.”


Lin Bozhou closed his eyes.
He had always been calm and restrained, untainted by right or wrong and mundane thoughts, but something dormant for years in his brain seemed to explode; the waves tumbled, and the ripples no longer calm.
He opened his eyes and locked gazes with Meng Huan.

“Huan Huan, you……”

His voice was slightly hoarse.

He opened his eyes again and gazed at the young man before him.

The young man’s eyes glistened, and the corners of his eyes were warm and diamond-shaped— the tips were inwardly inverted, without any hypocrisy or pretense— and the word he said was intimate.

He seemed to…… trust him so much and gave Lin Bozhou all of himself.

Lin Bozhou had never come across such an extremely tempting situation.

He even felt that this kind of unguarded trust was very wonderful.

Lin Bozhou breathed deeply, eyes firmly staring at Meng Huan, and let out a hot breath, saying word by word.
“Have you thought about it?”

Meng Huan’s voice was sticky.
“I’ve thought about it.”

The carriage stopped, and all thoughts came to an abrupt halt.

The taut string in his brain finally snapped, and the beads rolled down but gathered in an unexpected and reasonable place.
Lin Bozhou felt like he had been played with until he became a mess.

— But he was willing to accept this result because his reward…… was quite interesting.

Lin Bozhou’s handsome, sharp face was tinged with shadows.
A familiar predatory sense belonging to a beast returned to his face, and his lips slightly arched up.
“So this is your purpose, but since you’ve made the decision……”

The bottom of his eyes was diffused with undispersed black fog, and the tone was gentle but cruel.

“From now on, no matter what happens, don’t regret it.”

It was an iron law that a carriage couldn’t enter the prince’s residence.
However, this was the first time it entered the prince regent’s residence and drove straight to Lin Bozhou’s bed chamber.

Meng Huan was carried to the bed chamber by Lin Bozhou, and before he left, everyone heard his cry, “Finally home!” following Lin Bozhou’s hurrying back.

The rest of the attendants took the horses and returned to the stables while saying to Shan Xing, “Brother Shan, sigh.”

Shan Xing also sighed and said, “Please understand it.
Please understand it.
His Highness is already twenty-six, had never married, nor touched a beauty.
It’s normal to act more recklessly than in the past.”

“But just now……”

For the servants, Lin Bozhou always acted according to etiquette and had a clean and proud character.
Talking about such intimate things in the carriage was indeed a bit outrageous.
The few people looked at each other and successively scratched their chins.
It was not clear what the situation was.

“Disperse! Disperse!” Shan Xing dismissed everyone’s idea to watch the scene.

As he walked back, he did not forget to look at the illuminated palace and meaningfully clicked his tongue twice.

It was late at night, and all the servants standing in the palace retired.

The night in the prince’s residence suddenly became longer, emitting thin light from the swaying lanterns, and cicadas chirped restlessly.

The Great Eunuch You Jin, who usually came to serve Lin Bozhou to bathe and sleep at haishi*, was about to enter the bed chamber but was blocked by the eunuch on night duty.

*Haishi: 9 – 11 pm.

You Jin held a handkerchief.
He had heard about the prince hugging his wife in the afternoon and asked, “When will His Highness get up?”

“Resting for now.” The little eunuch implicitly said.

You Jin: “All right, let’s wait a little longer.”

After years of loneliness in the prince’s residence, everyone still couldn’t hold themselves back when there was gossip.

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