The rain was loud, and that dream was annoying.
Meng Huan suddenly opened his eyes and saw that the room was dark, without any light penetrating through the window.
It was already evening.

Meng Huan’s tongue tasted bitter and dry like he had just drunk medicine.

He propped himself up on the bed and got up, realizing that his throat was burning like a fire, and an extremely thirsty feeling came up.
He looked around, but there was no water in the room.

Walking was much easier, but his mind was still extremely foggy.
He drooped his swollen eyelids and unscrewed the door lock, going to the table and picking up the teapot to pour a cup of water, gurgling and drinking.

Then, Meng Huan closed his eyes and felt the water in his stomach.

“Clack,” a knocking sounded in his ear as if something was placed on the table.

Meng Huan looked sideways and saw a jade-white figure.
Lin Bozhou sat in a chair, the location somewhat remote.
Thus, Meng Huan didn’t notice him just now, but he had obviously sat for a long time.

The atmosphere was quiet.

He did not speak and only looked at Meng Huan.

Meng Huan opened his mouth, but indescribable emotions came up.
He initially wanted to call “Your Highness” as usual.

But Meng Huan closed his mouth again.
For some reason, he didn’t want to call Lin Bozhou and just stood silently in place.

Lin Bozhou got up and came over.
“Have you had enough sleep?”

Meng Huan said, “Hmm,” but did not make a sound.

He didn’t look at Lin Bozhou but stared at the place at his side, not moving, and his expression didn’t seem angry, just a little stupefied.

The young man’s lips were pale as if nothing had happened.
The eye bags under his eyes were black and haggard, appearing as if he didn’t get a good sleep.
There was no lingering and loving atmosphere toward Lin Bozhou, and he pursed his lips, looking at him with estrangement and a little hostility, like an alert kitten.

Lin Bozhou’s gaze fell on his face.
“Do you feel better?”

Meng Huan slowly nodded.

“Do you remember what happened last night?” Lin Bozhou asked.

In the dim darkness, Meng Huan’s eyes turned to him, extremely bright.

“I remember.”

Although he couldn’t remember the general things, he still understood the basic things.

Lin Bozhou.

Did it to him.

Something unforgivable!

“Well, that’s good.
Huan Huan and this husband already did the deed and are considered to have consummated the marriage.
You are the residence princess from today onwards and can move to the main palace tomorrow.” Lin Bozhou’s tone was strict and business-like.

Although Meng Huan had a husband-wife status with him, they didn’t have the relationship of a husband and wife.
His voice was calm and steady.
“Huan Huan can use the people and things in this residence.
If you are interested, you can discuss with Chen An to take over the house affairs.”

Meng Huan pinched his fingers.
He was born fair and handsome, and the stubbornness under the almond eyes was clearly visible.
He shook his head.

“That’s fine.
If you want to take it easy, you can draw in the courtyard daily and play cuju*, pot throwing*, or polo.
You can do whatever you want.
You are a half-master of the prince’s residence.”

*Cuju: Ancient Chinese soccer.

*Pot throwing: A game in which people take turns throwing arrows into a pot.

Meng Huan lowered his head and still did not speak, feeling it was tedious and meaningless.

After taking a nap, his body still hurt……

Raindrops converged on the roof, making the atmosphere especially empty and quiet.

Lin Bozhou suddenly reached over to hold Meng Huan, his palm cold, and said, “Huan Huan.”

When Meng Huan realized it, he had already jerked his hand out and stepped back.

The table and chairs moved with a “clatter” sound.
It was very loud, emphasizing the movement in this courtyard with aggravation.


Lin Bozhou seemed stunned and dropped his eyes to look at his empty hand, curling his fingers gently, meeting Meng Huan’s gaze.

In the darkness, Meng Huan’s gaze was not as submissive as before, only twisted with anger.

Lin Bozhou frowned and looked pensive.
“Did Huan Huan truly remember what happened last night?”

Remembering how he stuck himself in his arms last night and called hubby, incessantly acting spoiled.
As long as Lin Bozhou didn’t care for him for a moment, he would immediately make a scene; it was the same in the bed.

Meng Huan hesitated for a moment and stubbornly said, “Remember.”

Lin Bozhou wondered, “Then why is Huan Huan angry?”

He pondered for a moment.
“Blaming this husband for hurting you?”

Meng Huan looked up and glared at him.
This was the first time he looked at Lin Bozhou so fiercely, as if a kitten suddenly revealed its claws to warn the person rubbing him to stop or he would scratch him.

Lin Bozhou raised his brows and took back the obscene words.

He returned from work early today and came to Meng Huan’s courtyard.
After hearing that he was sleeping, he waited for one to two shichen for this person to wake up.
He also wanted to see Meng Huan petulantly holding him and calling him husband, but he seemed overthinking.

“What happened last night, this husband admits to forcing Huan Huan.” Lin Bozhou’s tone was gentle, saying, “Huan Huan was drunk and looked unwell.
This husband wanted to help you and did it according to his idea.
This husband should have asked Huan Huan if he wanted sex.
This husband wasn’t attentive enough.”

Meng Huan did not want to listen to his defense, feeling there was no point because things had already happened.

In the shadows, Lin Bozhou bent forward slightly.
He was half a head taller than Meng Huan, looking down at him with pitch-black eyes.
“Huan Huan, be good.
Don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

Unconsciously, he used the tone to coax him in the carriage last night.

Meng Huan’s fingers, hidden in the sleeve, clenched tightly, head hanging down to reveal a white pointed jaw, eyelashes long and dark like raven feathers, and his entire person looked fragile and clean, his lips gently moving a little.

His nails tightly pinched his hands until red marks appeared on the back of his hand, which glistened from sweating, and pain flared from the pinched bones.

The young man seemed extremely aggravated, maintaining a silent posture.

Lin Bozhou took in all of this sight.

“Huan Huan, this is……” Lin Bozhou reached out and tried to take his hand into his palm.

The next second, Meng Huan jerked his hand out again, the force heavy, his fingernails scratching the back of Lin Bozhou’s hand, creating a not-too-long cut.

The cut was initially pale, gradually widened, and became a line of blood, striking and hard to ignore.


Meng Huan stood in place, took a deep breath, and locked eyes with Lin Bozhou, whose eyelashes were lowered.
Fear flashed through his eyes, and his entire body subconsciously trembled lightly.

But the next second, he lightly bit his lower lips, eyes red again, taking a fierce and terrified stance of “Even if you beat me to death today, I will still get angry at this matter,” and maintained a stubborn expression.

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