ery normal.
Meng Huan didn’t let Lin Bozhou touch him now.
A touch would blow him up and make him angry.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes, appearing indifferent, and didn’t speak, stepping on the white marble steps.

Shan Xing sounded tired.
“I have squatted here for a long time and waited to read to Your Highness.
Since Your Highness didn’t want to read, why didn’t he send someone to pass the message?”

“Ah.” Lin Bozhou said warmly, “I went to the princess’ courtyard when I returned from the court and forgot.”

Shan Xing: “……”

Shan Xing scratched his head.
As a Qingke, he wasn’t angry and only said, “Okay, then.
If there’s nothing else, this subordinate will go back to sleep first…”

He waited for Lin Bozhou to say, “Go down.”

In the end, Lin Bozhou was quiet for a while, not saying that, but inexplicably asked, “That day on the carriage, how much do you remember?”

“Carriage?” Shan Xing asked, “Your Highness was referring to the day the princess left the palace?”

Lin Bozhou: “Yes.”

When he mentioned this, Shan Xing wasn’t sleepy anymore.

At that time, the movement in the carriage was truly a bit shameless…… Oh no.
It was unrestrained.

He followed along the way by the carriage and could hear the princess obediently and coyly acting spoiled, embracing Lin Bozhou with unfulfilled desire.
And the always calm and collected Lin Bozhou— who normally strictly looked after the residence, with a dagger hidden in smiles, was soft outside but hard on the inside— surprisingly coaxed him patiently, coaxing him like a child while fixing Meng Huan’s collar, extremely gentle.

For Shan Xing, he had never seen something like this since Lin Bozhou was a child.

It only proved that beauty was really a boning knife.

Because this fact was too outrageous, it repeatedly passed through Shan Xing’s mind, so he remembered it very clearly.
He said, “Remember, why?”

“How much do you remember?” Lin Bozhou asked again.

Shan Xing gave him a confirming look.
“All of it.”

Lin Bozhou closed his eyes and let out a,“Mm.”

“Then, you should find an opportunity to go to the princess’ courtyard tomorrow to talk about this matter.
No need to be too blunt.
Just let the princess realize that he was drugged that day and was very active.”

Shan Xing’s face wrinkled into a ball.

How could the prince use his intelligence and wisdom to handle the court with the princess?

Shan Xing: “Why does Your Highness not go?”

Lin Bozhou raised his eyebrows lightly.
“It’s inappropriate for this king to say it.
Huan Huan will be angry.”

Shan Xing immediately understood and frowned again: “But Princess knows I am Your Highness’ person.
Will it be inappropriate if I go to say it?”

If it were replaced with a court battle, it would be easy to associate Shan Xing’s words with Lin Bozhou’s authorization.

This was the most basic caution.

Lin Bozhou looked at him again, seemingly unwilling to say, but had to say, “Huan Huan won’t overthink so much.

“……” Oh.

Shan Xing nodded, “Understood.”

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