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Meng Huan continued to fiddle with the fish when he heard, “Your Highness?”

Meng Huan: “Hmm?”

“Does Your Highness know who slipped the drug that day?”

This sentence took him by surprise, and Meng Huan thought he had heard wrong.
He looked up; the sun shone into his eyes, and his face was a little white.

“What did you say?”

Shan Xing scratched his head as if distressed.
“The prince has been investigating who drugged the princess these days, but it has not been found so far.”

Drugged…… the princess?

Meng Huan repeated slowly in his heart, asking with uncertainty, “Were you asking about who drugged me?”

His subtext: Are you sure it wasn’t to drug you?

Shan Xing looked puzzled.
“Your Highness can’t remember at all? At that time, Your Highness was taken to the carriage by the prince, and the drug began to take effect on the way.
We bypassed the main street and took the side road to avoid Your Highness’ from symptoms being seen by outsiders.”

The small fish in Meng Huan’s hand crashed into the water.

No… it… can’t… be….

How…… would…… it… be……?

Shan Xing must’ve been joking, right? At that time, there was only a cup of drugged wine, which was clearly poured into the flowers and plants by himself, so how would he be drugged?

Meng Huan’s small face screwed up, and he asked sincerely, “What are you talking about, ah?”

Shan Xing was silent.

His expression was serious, not half joking.

“The prince didn’t even tell Your Highness?”

If Lin Bozhou had said this, Meng Huan wouldn’t even believe it, but the person who spoke was Shan Xing, and he began to feel panicked.

There was a feeling of something forgotten slowly rushing into his mind.
Meng Huan’s back tingled, and he suddenly wanted to tell Shan Xing: Don’t say it.
I won’t listen.

But Shan Xing had already spoken—

“At that time, the princess was not only drugged with an aphrodisiac but also dead drunk.
On the way, when the prince took Your Highness back, Your Highness’ drug effect flared up.
Everyone on the route knew.
But the prince thought it would harm Your Highness’ reputation and instructed us not to disclose it.”

“The aphrodisiac couldn’t be resolved, so the prince took Your Highness back to the bed chamber.”

“In the past few days, the prince has been thinking about the people who drugged Your Highness.
Could it be the little marquis and Young Master Lu? But the two are the princess’ friends.
It can’t be, right?”

“Who does Your Highness think it could be?”


Meng Huan’s mind was blank.
After Shan Xing talked for a long time, he only felt an eerie cold feeling surging up from his back, making his head and feet cold.

But…… it was outrageous ah.

Strange and outrageous.

Meng Huan insisted, “Not at all.
I wasn’t drugged.”

“Madam, it was true……”

“I don’t believe it!” Meng Huan gritted his teeth.
“As long as I don’t remember, I wasn’t drugged!”


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