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Luo Juan stopped talking.

Seeing a horse for the first time, Meng Huan looked up and down and couldn’t help but want to touch it but was afraid of being kicked by the horse.
He looked at Lin Bozhou with bright eyes, “This horse is so cute!”

Luo Juan: “???”

He wanted to say: Wait a moment, Your Highness.
We usually refer to horses as partners.

They are members of the battlefield.

Please don’t use the word ‘cute’ to tarnish our soldiers—

Lin Bozhou’s eyes darkened slightly.
He bowed his head, and the corners of his lips raised inexplicably as he talked to himself as if giving up.
“Okay, it’s cute then……”

Not hearing the implication between the two, Meng Huan was quite excited.
“Can I touch it?”


Meng Huan reached out tentatively and immediately took it back, hesitating.
“Will it kick me?”

This big hoof, one kick can kill me, right?

“Maybe,” Lin Bozhou’s voice was soft, “Most horses with intelligence are violent and will not be easily tamed.”


Meng Huan regretfully withdrew his hand.
“Then I’d better—”

The words “not touch” had not been uttered, but Lin Bozhou had taken a step forward, his bony fingers holding the reins and pulling the horse’s head to the side.

The horse, which appeared noble and exceptional at first glance, looked unusually docile after being pulled by him, pacing in place.

“When I took this horse for hunting during the spring outing, it was tamed at that time, and it recognized this prince.” Lin Bozhou’s tone was calm as if he was talking about a trivial matter.
“Huan Huan, come here.
This prince will hold it for you.”

Meng Huan was stunned in place.

His concept of hierarchy was much weaker than the people here, but sensing the stagnant atmosphere around him, he probably knew that Lin Bozhou holding his horse for him was a matter of giving him face; it was as if green smoke came out of his ancestor’s grave*.

*To say that someone is very lucky.

Meng Huan licked his lips.
“This is inappropriate, right……”

“Come here.” Lin Bozhou did not care.

Meng Huan approached apprehensively.
His hand was taken up by Lin Bozhou, and he reached for the stallion’s forehead.

Lin Bozhou’s hand was not so cold.
His palm was slightly hot, and he caught Meng Huan’s fingertips.
His palm tightened slightly to protect his hand, and he slowly put it on the horse’s head.

The touch of the dense mane was a bit painful.

But more distinctly, the heat on the back of his hand penetrated the bone marrow along the skin, making Meng Huan’s whole hand feel electrocuted, soft, numb, and lose its strength.

Lin Bozhou leaned behind him, and his voice was melodious.
“Do you like it?”

This kind of bass, with a subtle vibration of the chest, entered the eardrums, making Meng Huan’s back stiffen, and he somehow recalled the image he saw in his sleep that night.

…… Inexplicably, his heart seemed to shrink very small and feel unbearably cramped.

Meng Huan stared at the horse and blushed.

Lin Bozhou looked at him with a pleasant expression.

Behind them, Luo Juan frowned and bumped Shan Xing beside him.
“Did you feel it?”

Shan Xing: “I feel it.”

“How long has His Highness been like this?”

Shan Xing rubbed his chin.
“It’s been a while.”

“Tch.” Luo Juan’s gallant eyebrows wrinkled up.
“I really can’t look at these love affairs.”

Shan Xing smiled and laughed with a somewhat emotional look.
“It’s also a good thing.”

Their prince seemed to be a little more humane.

Luo Juan tidied up a bit and said, “Let’s go.
Keep watching how His Highness coaxes his wife.”


Baby Huan: I really hate this kind of unrestrained man who entices people at any time.

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