or lyric poetries?”

“This student can compose a few for Your Highness.”

“This student has thought of a song to sing to the beauty, reflecting the princess’s appearance!”


Meng Huan was slightly embarrassed by such enthusiasm and turned his head to look at Lin Bozhou.

—For some reason, he had no idea and subconsciously liked to look over at Lin Bozhou.

Lin Bozhou found it amusing.
“Huan Huan can listen to it.
Tell someone to write it down if there’s anything you like.”

After getting Lin Bozhou’s approval, a Qingke began reciting with a clear and sonorous voice.
The poem was very plain, probably considering Meng Huan’s cultural level.

—The smart people could already see that the king would be happy if they pleased the princess!

The not-so-smart Qingke was still thinking hard about the landscape poem!

Meng Huan did not know what to do while the corner of Lin Bozhou’s lips had a smile.
He slightly squinted his eyes and lazily tightened his hold on the horse rope.
“It is good that Princess is happy.”

The atmosphere along the way was merry.
Some people recited poems, while some specialized in telling jokes.
After understanding Lin Bozhou’s heart, they gradually surrounded Meng Huan, joking and singing, amusing Meng Huan into directly laughing.

When they reached a hill depression, there was a vague commotion in front of them.

The horse neighed as Lin Bozhou held the horse’s reins.

“What’s wrong?”

The sight was obstructed inside the carriage, and Meng Huan could not see anything.
As he tilted his head a little, he heard a scolding.
“Lin Bozhou, ah… Lin Bozhou, you are still in the mood to travel! Now that incapable men occupy the court and talented men leave their posts, if the Great Zong is done, it’ll be because of you!”

It was an angry male voice.

The crowd was suddenly thrown into chaos.

Everyone looked at each other.
“This ……” “What’s going on?” “Who is this man?”

The human voice continued, “You slaughtered my father.
You’ll get a horrible death sooner or later!”

“You deserve to have eye diseases! You deserve to be blind! You deserve it! You deserve it!” This person obviously didn’t even want to live, cursing people in the most vicious way simply to vent their anger.

As the subject of the topic, everyone’s gazes gradually returned to Lin Bozhou in fear.
“Your Highness……”

Lin Bozhou raised his eyelids, and his gaze was unfocused, calmly looking at the person who spoke out.

The man draped in mourning clothes let out a miserable scream after cursing, falling to the ground as if clamped by a leg vice with his mouth on the mud.

Lin Bozhou clasped the reins and unconsciously knocked the side of his leg with the horsewhip.
His face didn’t show anger, and his tone was unperturbed.
“For publicly humiliating the imperial family’s prestige, send him to the authorities to be punished.”

The guards escorted this person, who suddenly appeared, away.

The storm immediately subsided as if no one had just appeared.

Lin Bozhou had offended too many people, and it wasn’t that he had no experience of being stopped and scolded while walking on the road.
He said, “Continue to compose poems.
No need to be concerned.”

Lin Bozhou had said so.
The Qingkes stumbled twice and continued to read poems.

—However, the atmosphere was not as lively as earlier.

Meng Huan hiked the curtain.
How could he not understand?

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