Lin Bozhou’s biggest sore spot was his eyes.
The only thing that could perhaps make his feelings ripple was these eyes that had to be constantly mended.
When he was young, he fell off a horse, and his eyes bled.
He was blind for several months, and some people thought he would never see again for a long time.
Later, when he regained his eyesight, no matter how deep the night was, Lin Bozhou would light up a lamp.

Although it was never said, he was concerned about this pair of eyes that would be disabled at any time.

The people in this world were fantastic.
When they attacked others, they also tended to attack their sore spots.

In the original book, Lin Bozhou’s political enemies couldn’t beat him and regain the power in his hands, so they could only give him the nickname “Blind prince,” which was used to mock him occasionally.

The original should also have often mocked him as a blind man, causing Lin Bozhou’s outer noble and benevolent facade to be torn apart, revealing the underlying madness.
He obviously had feelings for him, but they couldn’t help killing each other.

…… Indeed.

Happily going out to play, but suddenly being cursed by someone would make anyone lose their mood.

Meng Huan put down the curtain and returned to the carriage to sit down.

Even if Lin Bozhou indifferently told this party to continue, they all knew that Lin Bozhou was not in the mood, and the atmosphere became silent and awkward.

Meng Huan couldn’t do anything in this atmosphere, so he stayed put.

When they arrived at a post pavilion on the shore of a shady lake, the team was ordered to recuperate temporarily.
Someone immediately gave Lin Bozhou a seat and brought tea and snacks.

“Does the Princess want to get off the carriage and rest?”

Hearing the subordinate’s inquiry, Meng Huan mumbled and sat beside Lin Bozhou.

Meng Huan secretly and carefully looked at his face as he sat down.

Lin Bozhou’s eyes were downcast as he drank his tea, his expression light and breezy as if nothing had happened.


Meng Huan’s mouth unconsciously drooped, and he mentally sighed.


I can’t stand to see people suffer grievances but still have to hide them.

Although Meng Huan had different political views from him, he also felt that the attack on his eyes wasn’t good.
When he sat and mulled over how to comfort him, Lin Bozhou spoke first.
“Want to eat snacks?”

“Huh?” Meng Huan looked up.

“We brought refreshments.
Someone, bring it up.” Lin Bozhou’s dark eyes looked at him.
“The pavilion is cool.
You can sit for a while longer, and we will leave when Huan Huan has eaten enough.”

After saying that, the servant carried the refreshments and put them on the stone table.

Meng Huan picked up a piece of sugar cake and bit into it.
His fingers were stained with a little crumb, and the taste on his tongue was clear and sweet.

His mind moved extremely slowly.
After thinking about it, he said, “Your Highness, let me tell you a joke, okay?”

“Hmm?” Lin Bozhou turned his eyes sideways.

Meng Huan felt embarrassed about why he suddenly brought up this topic, but he gritted his teeth and said the first sentence without embarrassment.
“A man stood under the window and sang to the girl he liked.
The girl threw a flower, but the man’s head was injured.
Guess why, Your Highness?”

It was quiet for a while.

A childish and incomparable question.

Instead of ignoring him, Lin Bozhou seemed to ponder momentarily before saying, “Can’t guess.
Huan Huan, tell me.”

Meng Huan laughed before he could say it, revealing a row of small white teeth.
“Because the girl forgot to take the flowers off the pot.”


Lin Bozhou raised his eyebrows gently.

“Pfft—” Shan Xing burst out laughing violently next to him.

Lin Bozhou looked at him.

Shan Xing said while laughing, “Your Highness, this is funny.”


Lin Bozhou’s lips twitched slightly as he lowered his gaze and looked at Meng Huan again.

Meng Huan realized that Lin Bozhou not only found the joke unamusing, but it was also a bit awkward.
He bit into the sweet cake and said again, “That, I have another joke.
A drunk man who drank accidentally fell from the third floor and attracted the police— oh no, the constable, who asked him what happened— Your Majesty, do you know what the drunk man said?”

Lin Bozhou’s eyes deepened, and he patiently said, “I don’t know, Huan Huan, tell me again.”

Meng Huan felt awkward and funny simultaneously.
“The drunkard said: I don’t know! I also just arrived.”


Lin Bozhou’s lips opened up and let out a meaningful hmm.

Beside him, Shan Xing laughed so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth.
“Your Highness, this is also funny.”


Luo Juan’s heroic eyebrows wrinkled up, and he looked at him before looking at the calm Lin Bozhou.
The folds between his eyebrows deepened; obviously, his mood was the same as Lin Bozhou’s.

Meng Huan’s jokes finally finished, and he laughed happily.
After the happiness ended, he found that Lin Bozhou looked flat, as if he felt that the joke was stale which didn’t improve his mood.


Meng Huan held back his laughter, and his ears reddened.
He lowered his head to put the small sugar cakes with teeth marks into his mouth, chewing while looking at Lin Bozhou apprehensively.

It seemed that he was really not in a good mood.

I’ve coaxed him, but he’s still upset.

Since this was the case, Meng Huan licked his lips and simply said, “Your Highness, smile.”

“Hmm?” Lin Bozhou’s eyes dropped.

A few wisps of small wind blew in the pavilion, blowing away the hair on Meng Huan’s forehead, revealing a fair and clean forehead.
His eyes were bright as he looked at Lin Bozhou and said earnestly, “When you smile, you will forget what just happened.
Sometimes, it’s not good to have an excellent memory.”

It seemed like something was slowly loosening up.

Meeting those bright eyes, the corner of Lin Bozhou’s lips gently lifted.
“Is that so?”

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