t know what to do.
The only thought in his heart:

It’s over.

I’m going to be fucked.

This time it’s even in a sober state.

He didn’t say anything and just lowered his head.
Knowing his answer, Lin Bozhou seemed to laugh, and his lips pressed close, sticking firmly to him like a fog.

…… The touch was exactly the same as in Meng Huan’s fantasies a few days ago.

The ladle in Meng Huan’s hand fell into the water, his shoulders gradually dropping.
His back was hooked by a wrist and wrapped into the man’s arms.

…… Lin Bozhou immediately lost his mind and seemed more eager than Meng Huan.
Lin Bozhou never touched anyone at the age of twenty-six.
He only touched Meng Huan that night, but after experiencing it once, he wanted to do it again.
Anyone who had a good time the first time they had sex would constantly ruminate about this feeling.

His lips burned against Meng Huan’s, and his chest surged with faint vibrations.

Meng Huan closed his eyes and clenched his fingers.
His lips were pried open from the kiss, and his tongue was strangely and skillfully hooked up.

…… His mind went blank.
Meng Huan heard the sticky sound of terror between their lips and teeth before he realized he was kissing Lin Bozhou.

It felt truly strange.

Lin Bozhou was a mass of cold and wet gray fog, and Meng Huan could not see him, but he was wrapped up in him and began to feel hot.

A paralyzing sensation rose from the tip of his tongue to his brain.
Meng Huan’s body went limp, and he fell downward uncontrollably.
He heard the splashing sounds of him getting into the water, and he got wet from the hot spring while being held tightly in Lin Bozhou’s arms.

“Do you remember? That night?”

As Lin Bozhou kissed him, the low voice repeatedly asked.

Meng Huan only felt bewildered.
The answer didn’t seem to matter to the current progress between them.
From a male college student, a married man with no feelings, and then an adult with a sex life, Meng Huan’s mental construction seemed logical to go this far.

…… Woo woo, depraved.

I’m a bad boy now, qwq.

Have not felt love yet, but indulged in carnal desire first.

Meng Huan had just whimpered in his heart when the man’s low, patient voice rang in his ears.
“Huan Huan, turn around, okay?”


Meng Huan was vaguely aware of what was going on.
Turning around in the water, Lin Bozhou’s seemingly slender and literate but actually controlling hands fell to his waist.


The screen blocked everything here.

But just a short distance away, there were attendants standing guard earlier.

At this time, they bowed their heads and quietly exited this bamboo forest.

The water ripples swirled away layer after layer, resounding with the sound of water, and the fog seemed to become thicker.

Meng Huan’s white fingers braced against his forehead, the back of his hands tense, and he desperately covered his reddened face, his knees rubbed by the stones.

He was like a little mermaid trapped on the shore, unable to get into the water and unable to go ashore, and could only wait for the prince to pick him up.


Lin Bozhou’s pleasant soft laughter sounded behind his ears.

With an airy tone that was hard to ignore.




The sky in the bamboo forest darkened, and a voice sounded outside the screen sometime later.

“Prince, Princess.”

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