The wind blew against his shoulders, and it was extraordinarily cold.

Meng Huan lay on the pool bank, feeling as if all the strength in his body was drained away.
His eyes were red, feeling weak and paralyzed.
Only when he heard this sound did he raise his eyes.

Lin Bozhou’s damp hair was submerged in the water.
Accompanied by the sound of rippling, he turned toward the voice.

The person’s voice was respectful.
“The servant waiting in the horse farm sent someone to ask when Your Highness and the Princess will go over.
It’s getting dark.”

Lin Bozhou’s eyes fell on Meng Huan.

Meng Huan’s eyes were half-closed, dizzy, and weak, looking as if a man had drained his essence.
Then looking at the cloudy water between the fair skin under the shallow water, Lin Bozhou smiled.
“Not going to the horse farm for the time being.”

In this condition, his wife wouldn’t be able to go.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The man outside answered in a disciplined manner.

Another silence fell behind the screen.

Meng Huan propped up his head, feeling drowsy, and tried to ponder what the situation was now slowly.


Anyway, it was really bizarre.

For him, Lin Bozhou’s learning ability was too strong.
With only the previous experience, Meng Huan was still like a virgin, but Lin Bozhou could control the whole situation skillfully and made Meng Huan’s body feel pleasure even though there were still knots in his heart.

Everything just now was like a dream.
People shouldn’t become an addict.
Once addicted, they would do something they usually wouldn’t, acting especially crazy.

At this time, as his body temperature decreased and his head gradually cooled, Meng Huan’s sanity also began to return.

Thinking back to the beginning…… It seemed that Lin Bozhou had made his mind dizzy with a few words, and he started to follow along and got caught up in his flow.
After kissing him, Meng Huan’s body was on fire, and he allowed Lin Bozhou to remove his clothes.


This man bewitched him, right?

Was this the power of two highly compatible bodies in the original book setting?

As soon as they met, they went completely crazy like an Alpha and Omega in heat?

“Huan Huan, are you hungry?” Lin Bozhou’s voice rang out.


Meng Huan turned around stiffly.

After Lin Bozhou put on his clothes, he brought Meng Huan’s dry clothes over, gently holding his wrist.
“Get dressed and go eat.”

In this aspect, Lin Bozhou was still very considerate unlike other men in high and powerful positions, who would leave some of their offspring’s seeds, put on their pants, and run.

Letting him get dressed, Meng Huan looked down and noticed the bite marks on his body, and his face suddenly burned slightly.

Then looking up, Lin Bozhou’s collar was open, revealing his collarbone, which also had his own red bite marks.


Meng Huan closed his eyes and mentally screamed, “Bodhisattva.”

Bodhisattva, I really made a mistake.

“Very cute,” Lin Bozhou tied a bow on the side of his waist and said with a smile.
“It’s very late, but there’s no need to rush.
There is no need to hurry back to the house tonight.
We’ll stay here and spend the night.”

Meng Huan grunted.
Lin Bozhou’s approaching arm firmly held his waist.
“Is it inconvenient for Huan Huan to walk? Do you want this husband to carry you?”


In this way, wouldn’t everyone know that he and Lin Bozhou had just fucked in the spring pool?

That would be too shameful.

Meng Huan hurriedly shook his head.
“I can walk.”

Lin Bozhou seemed to give another laugh.
“Then it will be hard for Huan Huan.”

The words were spoken with a shallow, airy tone.


The back of Meng Huan’s ear was hot again.

So strange.

I always feel that Lin Bozhou’s voice is so erotic ah qwq.

Many people were waiting outside the garden.
This group of people was waiting for Lin Bozhou to take a bath.
However, no one knew what was going on with this prince either, and he took a bath all afternoon.

In fact, they knew what was going on inside from the time the maids and eunuchs exited, but they acted as if nothing was wrong on the surface.

Even if they saw the princess walking slowly, with a transparent face, shy and timid, they still acted as if they were blind and pretended not to know anything.

“Your Highness, are we still going to the horse farm?” Luo Juan asked.

“No,” Lin Bozhou said.
“Go and eat first.
At night, call people to come to the meeting hall.
There is something to discuss.”

Luo Juan cupped his fist.

He was the son of the capital’s military governor in charge of the capital’s 300,000 troops, protecting the lifeblood of imperial power.
His father’s relationship with Lin Bozhou was very delicate.
A little closeness could cause panic among the civil and military officials, who thought Lin Bozhou would seek power and usurp the throne.

Therefore, although Lin Bozhou and Luo Juan’s father had an uncle and nephew’s friendship, they hardly interacted in court, relying on Luo Juan to pass on the word, which was usually delivered in this hunting ground.

Lin Bozhou turned to Meng Huan.
“Huan Huan, if there is anything you want to eat, let the servants make it for you.”

Meng Huan was immersed in his thoughts of making a mistake and shook his head.
“No need.”

He was still quite embarrassed.
“Your Highness can discuss official business.
I’ll go back to eat by myself and sleep afterward.”

The people who would soon be feasting with Lin Bozhou were his advisors, friends, and even officials in high positions.
This group of sophisticated and shrewd treacherous minions gathering together frightened Meng Huan when he saw it, and he preferred to stay alone.

Lin Bozhou let out an “Mm,” seemingly intending to leave.

But as soon as his footsteps left, he returned.

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