uth, he pressed against her soft tongue.
The woman flinched and tried her best to get away from him.

Brave woman.

At this point, she would cry for fear.
However, her dry eyes were tearing off his fingers and chewing them up.

“I mean, have you ever put anything like this in your mouth with those dirty words?”

He swept up the object he was holding in his other hand.

As Leon took one step closer, the woman was startled and took a step back.
If she touched it, it would spread illness and she would die.

“Your answer?”

The woman grabbed his wrist and whimpered like a puppy, then shook her head briefly.
It was strangely unpleasant to gasp with her mouth open forcibly every time his p*nis caught her eye.

‘It doesn’t look like she’d ever done it.’

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If she had ever sold herself for money, she wouldn’t close her eyes in horror when he asked her to show him what she could do.

Though he used some snarky method, he achieved it.

Leon smiled contentedly and took the strength from his hand.
Because of that, Sally stumbled for a moment as he accidentally released her.

‘What the hell is he up to?’

Winston, on some whim, suddenly adjusted his clothes.

Her mind was so messed up that she forgot for a moment that she had to run when she saw a gap.
She glared at Winston, wiping the saliva from her lips with her sleeve.

She had occasionally seen vulgar photos hidden under the mattresses of her male comrades.
How disgusting it was to see the naked women in the photos with the men’s genitals in their mouths.
She didn’t know how many were burned with a lighter.

Even though she had never seen anything like that under Winston’s bed in the annex, the other person was also a man.
There was no way he’d be unaware of such a disgusting thing.

Consequently, she figured he would just grab her shoulder and press her down.
So, when he pressed her shoulder, she would immediately try to kick between his legs.

A soldier who left his vital points in front of the enemy.
How pathetic.

But, as soon as she said she had never done such a disgusting thing, he let her go, just like a person who did this absurd thing just to hear the answer.

In the end, she was caught by him.

Whether this maid has ever had a man or sold her body has nothing to do with him.

Winston turned around while he bucked his belt again.
This time, the frightened maid tried to run away without even saying her greetings, though she was caught again.


Sally secretly clenched her fist.
She wanted to pound that sharp nose with her fists to make it a puffy, bulbous nose.
Still, she couldn’t do it, so she released the power from her hand.

This time, instead of turning her around, Winston walked in front of her.
In his hand was the handkerchief that had wiped Sally’s tears from the torture chamber at lunchtime.

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Was he telling her to wash it…?

She politely held out both hands to get it and leave, but the handkerchief was next to Sally’s lips, not her hand.

“Sally, you’re bleeding.”

The moment she broke the ashtray, she had a tingling in her cheek.
Although all of her senses were paralyzed by what was happening before his eyes, she completely forgot that she was injured.

He wiped the wound with an uncharacteristically friendly hand.
The sweeter Winston was, the more anxious she became.

His true form was far from sweet.

‘Hey, please come back to your original arrogant one.
As you always do, shouldn’t I be treated as a consumable item for the mansion?’

He didn’t even know that Sally was staring at him.
His gaze was fixed on the red stain on the silk handkerchief.

“I’ll wash it…”

Sally raised her gaze as she held out her hand toward the handkerchief.
The moment their eyes met, her intuition exclaimed.


As Winston grabbed her chin, she stepped backward.
His lips came straight up.
Before their lips overlapped, she tried to turn her head in bewilderment.

Winston turned Sally’s head first.
His lips touched her cheek.
It was the wounded spot.
Immediately, a stinging pain erupted as a soft mass of flesh soaked in warmth and moisture licked her skin.
Hot breaths poured down her cheeks.

Sally froze as if she had been hit by a bitter winter storm.

He lifted his lips, but she was still frozen blank.
The nickname vampire was by no means a metaphor.
Winston’s breath grew heavy as he tasted her blood.
It was quite different from the sound of his even breathing when he stroked his genitals in front of her a while ago.

His sharp eyes were also disturbed.
He squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lower lip.
Meanwhile, his adam’s apple went up and down once, and he sighed before opening his eyes.

The eyes did not return.


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