“Captain, I…”

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“Sally, should I cut your lips next?”

He lifted the hand holding her chin and paused.

…Don’t say he remembered? Does he know her true identity?

She had to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.
Sally put her right hand in the pocket of her skirt, cautiously so he wouldn’t notice.

“No, what am I talking about now? Right?”


Sally was dragged near his chin with no room to resist.

“You can bite it yourself and cut it.”

As Camden’s vampire smiled, revealing his white teeth, Sally covered her mouth with her left hand.
A scuffle broke out with the man who was about to remove her hand and swallow her lips.

No matter how hard she had been trained, it was impossible to defeat a military officer whose physique was exceptionally good with one hand.
She wasn’t yet ready to use her last resort.
So, eventually, Sally had to pull out her right hand from her pocket—the last resort she held, and mobilize it in the fight.

Winston grabbed her wrist as she tried to stab him in the eye.
He then wrapped his arm around Sally’s waist and lifted her up.

The moment her body floated in the air and was placed on a hard object, Sally kicked, and the papers and pens neatly laid out on the desk fell onto the carpet.

Her foot slammed Winston’s chin as targeted, but he only grimaced for a moment.

“You fought well.
Do you have any brothers? Or, where did you get your training?”

She stiffened as she twisted her ankle, which was caught by Winston.
If she fought, her identity would be revealed.
If she didn’t fight, she would have to sleep with that filthy royal pig.

Sally’s breathing was harsh as she searched for a way in her confused head.
When she stopped her resistance, Winston smiled as he ran a few strands of her hair that had run down her forehead from the fight and moved it back.

Contrary to his calm demeanor, his body was even hotter, and the front of his trousers bulged even higher than before.

“I am still curious.
What you and I can do.”

“Captain, please let me go.”

“Why? Oh, yes.”

Sally’s resolute refusal was taken lightly by Winston.
His clean hands buried inside his officer’s jacket, then pulled out the black object and placed it on her chest, which was lying on the desk.

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“I am a person who is sure of reciprocation.”

What he gave was a heavy wallet full of bills.
He was a man who hated women who spread their legs in front of money, but why did he give her the money and force her to spread her legs…?

Was his test not over yet…

“Captain, it must have been about what happened during the day.
I have someone to marry.
I don’t want to betray him.”

Ignoring Sally’s pleas, his hand popped into the hem of her skirt and rolled up over her lap.

“Sally, the more you say that, the hotter it gets.
You don’t know men… No, you know me too well.”

“Captain! Stop—!”

It was when he was about to press on a sensitive point.
His hand, which was running up her thigh, grabbed something, and Sally froze in fright.
The light smile on Winston’s face disappeared in an instant.

“What…is it?”

The object stuck under the band of the right stocking came out at once.
Sally’s heart fluttered as the silver revolver exposed its muzzle outside her black skirt.

‘…Calm down.
You have to be calm.’

Winston held the revolver in front of him as Sally slowly raised her torso.
The cold gaze of the absurdly small pistol in his hand turned over to her face.

“What is this, I asked.”

‘It’s a pistol.’

If she behaved like an idiot, his shallow patience might be completely exhausted today.
After he lost his temper, even Winston wouldn’t know her fate.

“My fiancé… gave it to me.”

“Your fiancé gave you a forbidden thing.”

After the monarchy was restored, civilians were not allowed to possess firearms unless they had special permission from the police or military.
It was because they feared a second rebellion.

“What does he do? Is he like a back alley gangster?”

“He is not that kind of person.
He is a good man.”

Winston’s sleek brow wrinkled as she sided with her fiance with a half-serious, half-plausible performance.

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“Since I work in the torture chamber, it was dangerous, so he just wanted to help me from something dangerous.
I know it’s forbidden, Captain.

“Dangerous… Sally, no one will touch you in this mansion.
I have given a strong warning.”

You are touching me.

Sally swallowed the words that filled her throat.

Winston’s right hand, standing inside the bloomer’s left edge, was still lightly gripping her bare skin.

“You must be the only one gutsy enough to disobey me.”

Was he talking about going into the torture chamber alone during the day…? His lips raised and he smiled.
But his eyes were not smiling.

“I’m sorry.”

Sally lowered her head, dropping her gaze like a gentle sheep.
She was such a docile sheep that she seemed to have to live like that until the headquarters gave an order to evacuate.

Though she was suddenly startled when his thumb, buried in her bloomer, stroked the inside of her thigh once.

Was he going to attack her again? He was a human being who threatened to use illegal weapon possession more as an excuse.
No, he was a human being who started attacking her without any excuse.

When she opened her eyes slightly and peered into his eyes, Winston’s gaze was fixed on the revolver.
Soon, his five fingers slipped out of her bare skin, leaving a brisk fiery trail in her stockings.

However, it was too early to be relieved.

Winston peered into every nook and cranny of the revolver.
He opened the revolver’s magazine, pulled out the bullet, checked it, and found that the serial number that was supposed to be engraved between the magazine and the barrel had been erased, and he grinned.

Sally’s heart beat faster.

“Have you ever shot it?”

She had used firearms countless times, so there was no way she didn’t know.
That revolver was a well-maintained item.
If she said she never shot it or that her fiancé gave it to her, so she only had it, he would immediately know it was a lie.

“A couple of times… Having fun with cans…”


“I met a robber in town a month ago…”

“Did you get him right?”


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Winston burst into a burst of excited laughter and then asked.

“What about me?”


“Did you try to shoot me?”

Sally stared into his eyes, which flashed with cruel playfulness, and then nodded slowly and resolutely.
Regardless, if she said no, he would know it was a lie.


Winston burst into laughter again, but it was different from the laughter he had just had before.
Laughing and biting his lower lip, she could vaguely feel a look of embarrassment at being caught off guard.

“Me? How funny.”

Snap, the magazine is closed.
There was still a slight embarrassment in the words he uttered in a comical tone.

“If you shoot, you die.”


“I have no intention of killing you.”

Sally struggled to compose her grim look.

Although he was trying to scare her, he was also trying to give her life.
Should she say thank you? She had tried to kill her master, so did he want her to apologize…?

“I’m having fun, don’t you think it’s fun?”

The corners of Winston’s eyes and lips drooped down.
Anyone who didn’t know what the other person was doing would have thought that this sullen puppy-like expression would suit his well-groomed face.

He didn’t ask for an answer anyway, so Sally kept her mouth shut and stared at him.
She was just busy looking for a way to get out with her breath intact.

“I think it would be fun to stir with this.”

He raised the revolver’s muzzle up and swung it through the air.

“It’s too small.
Well, you’re small, too.”

The meaningless words continued, yet her intuition shouted that he was going to do something dangerous.

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Sally sniffed, clutching her two hands so that her wrinkled apron crumpled even more.
She had to put up with anything, even if it was an unreasonable number.
Immediately, her tears dripped down the back of her pure white hand.

“Are you crying again?”

There was a hint of tiredness in Winston’s voice.

“Am I getting kicked out now?”

The moment she deliberately distorted her face and raised her head, Winston wrinkled his brow.
His hand, holding his muzzle up, gradually tilted to the floor.

It worked.

Her mother said so.
Tears tactic wouldn’t work if she used it too often.
However, it depends on how she defines the definition of ‘work.’

“Please, don’t, sniff—kick me, out.”

As he was wiping her tears with her sleeve, Sally peered to see that the front of Winston’s trousers was sinking.
Seeing that, he sobbed and cried even more.

“Caaptaainn, huuuck…”

It was not fun.

Leon looked at the woman crying like a child with cold eyes and let out a sigh of anger.
She was acting like a child, so neither her disheveled clothes nor her legs dangling helplessly from the end of the desk looked strange.

She had to bite him till the end.

A cornered mouse was only fun when it tried to bite the cat.
Losing her courage completely and squeaking was just a drag.
He’d rather have her try to kill him when he said he was going to kill her.

The atmosphere cooled down as time was wasted with the teasing.


At the blunt command, the woman lifted her face buried in her sleeve.

Rounded eyes, red-tinted shades, and nostrils twitching from sniffling… It was like a mouse that seized the opportunity.

‘Go for it.
Run away from me.’

Leon smacked his lips quietly like a cat just before it attacked its prey.

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