‘My underwear…!’

Leaning her head out, she looked down at the rug, with her body still curled up.

‘…Damn you, kinky bastard.’

Winston had the bloomer she had left on the rug in his opposite hand.
He didn’t seem to have any intention of hiding the front of his pants.


A finger that had been draped over the edge of the bathtub poked Sally’s cheek.

“Did you apply the medicine I gave you?”

Sally asked in a vigilant voice, dodging towards the wall.

“Captain, are you drunk?”

Again, the smell of strong alcohol wafted from him as he grinned.

“Don’t worry.
I’m fine enough that I won’t do anything I’ll regret when I wake up tomorrow morning.”

Winston rested his elbows on the edge of the bathtub and pressed his chin on his raised knuckles.
The wind blew as he brought his face closer.
It felt like he was going to reach out and snatch her body at any moment.
Even the blink of his eyes made her anxious.

“I just want to chat.
We haven’t seen each other for a few days, haven’t we?”

Did he think that they were lovers who couldn’t live without seeing each other for even a day…?

Sally thought she was only going to live without seeing him.
And then, to chat with the naked woman stuck in the bathtub…

It was a blatant lie.

“If you need a report, nothing happened during those days when you weren’t there.”

Although she suppressed her inner feelings, a cold wind blew from her voice.
She must not show her hostility towards him.
Sally always had to pretend that she was a compliant and good maid, but he was tenaciously testing her patience.

Sally cleared her throat and added kind words.

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“So, don’t worry, Captain.”

“Really? Then, why did you go to Winsford a few days ago?”


How did he know where she was a few days ago? Did he pass by? Perhaps, it was because of the gun that he had her followed? Still, no one followed her into the back alley on her way home.

“Did you see me?”


“But, why are you asking that?”

“It was pretty annoying.
I can’t concentrate on my work.”

“Why does that interfere with the Captain’s work? If you go to a big city when you feel cramped, it’ll be a change of pace.”

“With your fiancé.”


“Is that change of pace like hanging out with your fiancé naked like you are now?”

“My fiancé is not in Winsford.”

“So, you’re rolling around outside Winsford?”


The maid stared straight at the man who insulted her.
The woman’s place was as a lady in a rustic country.
It got more appetizing when this woman didn’t know her place… Like now, she had taken over her master’s bathtub as a maid.

“Then, where is your fiancé?”

Sally stared at Winston calmly.

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Winsford and fiancé.
Why was he fussing over things that have nothing to do with him…?

Jimmy thought Winston saw her as a woman, although Sally thinks differently… To that person, he just used his handkerchief to masturbate, that was all.

So, were those leading questions?

“Are you going to call the police for that gun?”

“Then, are you going to do everything to save your fiancé?”


Leon couldn’t hold back the laughter when the maid refused words as soon as he finished speaking.
He didn’t mean to, but he didn’t think he would be able to threaten her and make her spread her legs.

“You say you’re engaged? It looks like he was going to be punished, so you’re just going to leave it alone?”

“I have to take care of myself.”

Of course, these sarcastic remarks could not have been Sally’s sincerity.

Wasn’t Jimmy her lifelong comrade? Whatever danger he faced, she would not give up until the end and would save him.
So, this was just a way to avoid uncomfortable topics.

“Oh, I see.”

…Did it work?

Winston laughed to himself, and he reached for his jacket.
He was rummaging through his clothes and found a small box in his hand before taking out a red candy from the box and held it to Sally’s lips.

“I bought it with you in mind.”

Surprised, he shoved the candy between her lips, who had unknowingly opened her mouth.
Sally wrinkled her brow as she reflexively rolled the lump over her tongue.

‘I think he’s drunk…’

…To buy a candy thinking of her, which was something lovers would say to each other.

Leon stared intently at the woman who sucked candy while puffing one of her cheeks, not knowing the creepy truth behind those words.
If he put his p*nis in that tiny mouth and pushed, would her cheeks puff out like that…?

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