ce more as his mouth watered.
He had already tasted the sweet blood, so he wanted to try something else.

He wanted to chew and eat her from the tip of that tiny nose to the little toes… What did this woman’s saliva and tears taste like?

His lips crossed the line of her delicate chin.
It was the moment when he approached her, biting her soft cheeks and biting her on the lip, the dazzling sweetness of cherry wrapped around Leon’s tongue in an instant.

She smiled low, rolling the small candy under her tongue.

“Captain, eat it all.”

The woman spat the candy into her hand just before their lips touched and put it in his mouth.
She even did the daring thing of covering his mouth with that hand.

That meant both of the woman’s hands were holding him now.
She was defenseless.


Winston’s finger rolled a n*pple that was submerged under the foam.
Sally struggled in surprise, but he held her soft flesh cruelly and relentlessly, not letting it go.

“Ahhk, let it go! Please, let it go!”

After mobilizing her fingernails, he took his hand off her with difficulty.

Sally warned him in an angry voice as if it went all the way to the top of her head, “Don’t touch me.
I made the mistake of using the Captain’s bathtub, although that doesn’t mean the Captain has the right to do what he wants.”

Leon laughed.

The woman curled up like a rabbit in his shadow, covering her chest with her arms.
No matter how harshly she warned him, it was only naughty.


He sat down on the rug and let out a single provocation.


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“Your n*pples are pink.”

The woman’s face turned white and immediately turned red.

“…You haven’t seen it and yet you’re pointing it out.”

The foam was so thick it wouldn’t make sense.
Sally hugged her chest tighter and glanced at Winston.
His gaze was fixed on her upper chest, which had become more prominent.

“Then, let’s check if I’m right?”

The hand that was on the edge of the bathtub fell into the water at once.
Even though she flinched and avoided him, his hand went in the opposite direction.


There was the sound of something being pulled from beneath the bubble.
The sound of water rushing out of the bathtub instantly followed Sally’s hesitation.
At the same time, his hand appeared out of the water and held the stopper of the bathtub.

“Or, will you admit it?”

When the water ran out, her naked body would be completely exposed.

“That’s right…! So, please return it.”

Sally reached out for the stopper, but Winston quickly put his hand back and gave a skeptical smile.

“What is right?”

The water was already down to the middle of her chest, so there was no more time to delay.

“…It’s pink.”

As she muttered, Winston grinned at her, who was biting her lip in contempt, before holding out the stop.


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Just as she was about to receive it, the stopper was thrown into the corner of the bathroom.

“I didn’t say I would give it back.”

Sally almost threw a swear word at him.
There was no shame in the anger that rose to the top of her head in an instant.
Now, she was starting to think it didn’t matter if he saw her naked or not.



Winston smiled softly.
Anyone who didn’t know that the cat tossed and played with the mouse before catching the mouse would think that his smile was sweet indeed.

“What the hell do you want me to do?”

She asked without hiding her hostility.

“You want me to tell you honestly?”


He grinned.

Although he had an ominous smile, Sally knew he wouldn’t let the usual words come out of his mouth, anyway.

Leon stretched out his hand towards the maid, who was staring fiercely at him.
The curvature of her ribs and the concave waistline were slowly revealed above the surface of the bathtub.


The woman trembled and stared at him even more fiercely as he lightly brushed the back of his hand on the curve of her breast that protruded out of her hand that was holding her chest.

“…The bathtub will be empty.”

There were now less than two spans of water left.

“Then, I will go in… Will you run to the corner? No, will you get up and leave…? Wouldn’t that be the case, because I’ll catch you and throw you on the floor? You’ll have to be careful not to hit your head.
I don’t have a hobby with a fainted woman.”

He recited his cruel imagination without hesitation as if waiting for that question.
The knuckles protruding from the smooth back of his hands scanned Sally’s naked body exposed out of the water.

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