w them in the trash before striding out of the door as if nothing had happened.
Only when the door slammed shut did Sally eventually let out a paused breath and ruffled her wet hair.

‘I’d rather get fired right away.’



º º º



‘…This is torture.’

Sally sighed as she dusted the book off the bookshelf.

Torture was not just inflicting physical pain, it was also outright mental torture that Winston drove her to every day.


“I think you know the answer.”


She was going to get caught soon… And, if she got caught, it would be over.

When he found out her true identity, Winston wouldn’t have killed her beautifully because Sally knew the leadership inside well.
He would use all kinds of heinous torture to squeeze out key information about the revolutionary army’s stronghold and leadership.

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‘Then, I’m not the only one at risk.’

It was not the time to sit still and talked about her responsibility as a spy since Fred would fill her vacancy.
Although it was still uncertain, was everyone not bound to grow through a daunting task…?

Then, she could say to the chief maid right now that she would quit and packed her stuff, but it wasn’t that simple.
She should be fired, not quit.
If she returned as it was, she would then receive criticism from the upper management.

Sally hated hearing Jimmy’s disappointment.

Pretending to be fired wouldn’t work because Fred or Peter might tell it.
Consequently, if she pretended that she was trying the new mission to become Winston’s mistress, there would be nothing to say if she got fired.

After much deliberation, Sally’s ‘how to be fired’ was the first strategy that came to mind—

—To get the gossip about Winston and her to reach Madam Winston’s ears.

“Miss Bristol.”

And, it wouldn’t be that difficult.

Winston came up behind her, standing on the low ladder.
He was so close that she could feel his breath on the back of her neck.

“It’s good.”


Sally clenched her legs as his hand slid between her legs and ran across her calves.

“I bought it for you.”

His fingertips slid over the smooth silk stockings.
Usually, it was natural for it to slide down but his hand slipped up instead.

Wearing the stockings he had bought was part of the ‘get fired’ plan.
It was already expected that he would get his hands on it, though she couldn’t tolerate him putting his fingers past the band of the stockings and under the laces of her garter belt.

“What are you doing, Captain?”

“Body search for illegal possession of weapons.”

“Didn’t the Captain take the illegal weapon?”


“It’s in the desk drawer.”

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“You know…? Though why not take it?”

“You said it was confiscated.”

“You’re smart.”

It was a voice that was deeply regretful to be said as a compliment.
His hand, which was groping around her thighs as he was looking for her pistol, which was supposed to be there, soon fell apart.

“I guess your fiancé saved you again?”

“Looks like you were waiting for me to break the law again.”

Since she was trying to get fired anyway, Sally stopped playing the docile maid.

His breath brushed the nape of her neck.

“Sally, as someone who cares about you, I’ll give you one piece of advice.
You better not marry such a bad guy.”

For the second most bad guy in the Kingdom, Winston, to say something like this… There was no such contradiction.
However, she couldn’t even say it was completely wrong because it was difficult to call a man a good man when he was trying to make his fiancé into the enemy’s mistress.


If she left here, she would never use the pseudonym ‘Sally’ again.
At this point, Winston would call her so often that if she heard the name ‘Sally,’ his smirk would also come to mind and she might have a nervous breakdown.


“One thing…”

The moment he spoke, someone knocked on the office door.

“Come in.”

Winston ordered Sally to stay still.
The door opened, but instead of footsteps coming in, only a hoarse voice could be heard.

“Uh… Captain, I will come back later.”

Without looking back, she knew that the owner of the voice was Lieutenant Campbell.
He seemed a bit perplexed when he saw his superior having a secret time with the maid.

Sally finally got what she wanted, but unfortunately, the rumors wouldn’t spread to the mansion because the lieutenant was a soldier.
She had to be caught by a mansion employee with a light mouth to spread the word.

“Is it urgent?”

“It’s not like that.
However, we have new information regarding Jonathan Riddle Jr.
and we wanted to report it.”

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