“Come in.”

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Even though Winston got off her and headed for his desk, Sally couldn’t relax.

‘Any information about brother…? What happened? No, more than that, has he been keeping an eye on him all this time?’

Even if her brother had turned away, she knew that the military could not just leave him alone, who was once a promising young executive in the revolutionary army.
She just didn’t know that Winston was in charge of her brother.

If he was keeping an eye on her brother’s movements, it meant he was tracking her as well.
As Sally pretended to do the cleaning, she anxiously listened to Campbell’s report.

“They say he received a large sum of money a few days ago.”

Sally’s mouth got dry.

“Who is the sender?”

“The name is Holly Easter…”

Winston smirked.

Holly Easter… He noticed at once that he had written the greetings to have a happy Easter as a pseudonym.

“What about the remittance?”

“From the post office on Main Street in Winsford…”



“Impression of the sender.”

“All the information is that she had long brown hair, light skin tone, and was wearing round sunglasses.”

“Why is that all?”

His questioning voice was dangerously low.

“I’m sorry, Captain.
I tried to interrogate the person in charge of the remittance but to no avail.
It was not easy for them to remember.
They were distracted because it was just before the store closed, and the person was dressed modestly, so there was nothing that left an impression on her.”

Sally turned her back and smiled at their conversation.
This time, she was one step ahead again.

“A young woman in her early to mid-20s.”

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“Yes, that’s right.”

“Little Riddle.”

Winston leaned back in his chair and burst out laughing.

“How so daring… How dare that rat come and go through my land like her own house.”

Hearing that, Sally struggled to contain her laughter at Winston’s angry voice.
Truly, there was nothing more exhilarating for her to get to the enemy’s stronghold and slip from it.

‘He knows that? I am very bold, but you are pathetic.’

…Camden’s Vampire, what an overly generous nickname.

‘Pathetic son of a b*tch.’

A pathetic bastard who didn’t even know that the rat he was chasing was in front of him.
A pathetic loser who was at a loss of what to do because her body was too sweet.


When Leon picked up the empty sparkling water bottle and put it down, the maid came swiftly to him and left with the empty bottle.

As he pulled the tie knot roughly downward, the perfectly symmetrical knot twisted a bit.
He took a deep breath and rummaged through the inside of his jacket.
Soon, a hazy smoke rose from his fingertips.

“I mean, she probably didn’t stop at Winsford just because she was bored on the way.”

“I think so, too.
Maybe she was targeting the Western Command…”

“That would not be right.
She will not be sloppy enough to send money in front of a strategic location, knowing she was going to be tracked down.”

So, what about that area…? There were not many places for the rebels to target in the Camden area.
It meant that his home, the Winston Mansion, was not likely to be an operational site.

“Do you know the soldiers’ movements?”

“Yes, we have already started.
First of all, we are investigating whether there are any suspicious activities or records of contact with each other, mainly before and after the attack.”

“If there is any suspicious person, report it immediately.”


Leon blew out a long white smoke and lightly brushed the ashes from the end of the cigar.
He wished he could shake off his doubts as lightly as this.

…That filthy rat.

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Where was she hiding, spatting out suspicions as tough as chewed gum at him?

To prevent the worst, the investigation range may need to expand from his subordinates to the mansion’s employees.
The good news was that he only needed to investigate women with brown hair.
What he was unhappy about was the fact that brown hair was common.

He stared at the edge of the desk, contemplating, when the maid returned.
His gaze turned to the woman who turned over the clean cup on his desk and poured the sparkling water, and Leon sharpened his gaze for an instant.

Brown hair… Winsford a few days ago.

The maid tilted her head as she held out the cup, feeling his gaze.

At that moment, his eyes darkened.

‘…What absurd speculation.’

This woman was not smart enough to do such a thing because she was a woman who worked every day getting played in his hands.
As she slowly began to get on his nerves, he had already called the maid chief to inquire about Sally’s identity, but nothing was suspicious.

She also didn’t look like a member of the Riddle family, who was known for their impressive appearance.
They were all blonde and had brown or hazel eyes.
It was clear that the rat’s hair was a disguise.

“Good work.
Get out.”

As Campbell left, Leon stood up, squeezing out half of the cigar into the ashtray.
He walked over to the sofa and turned around to see the maid tidying up the cushions in the corner.

“Ack, Captain!”

Leon sat down on the sofa and pulled the maid by the waist.
Placing her on his lap and making her lean back as if he was holding a baby, the woman pushed him on the chest.

“Stay still.
I’m not going to do it here.”

Then, that meant he would do it somewhere else.

Sally wrinkled her face to show her displeasure, though Winston didn’t even sneer at her.
He reached under the white frilled headband and ruffled her hair.
Her annoyance surged as Winston ruffled her neatly braided hair out of the blue.

“What are you doing now…”

“It’s brown.”


“It’s real.”

Was he checking it because of the sender’s impression…?

“…So, did you think that I’m old enough to have to dye my hair?”

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She deliberately pouted her lips.
Sally didn’t consider herself a beauty, but it seemed that at least being beautiful had an effect.
She succeeded in clouding Winston’s thinking.


Sally covered her lips with her hand as he approached her for a kiss.


When his wet tongue licked her palm, she lifted her hand, horrified.
Winston asked with a mischievous laugh.

“Why? Have you never kissed?”

“…I did.”

The smile disappeared from his face.

“Haa… But, I don’t like it.
Wouldn’t it be an honor for you to kiss a handsome man you’d only see in a movie?”

“It’s a disaster for those who don’t want it.”

Sally met his eyes and answered coldly as she grabbed his thick shoulder.
As soon as she got up from her torso that had been half-lying, Winston pressed her shoulder again and laid her down.

“I have to finish the story I was talking about in front of the bookshelf.”

“Is it necessary to tell the story in this position?”

“Should I put you under me, then?”

Sally let out a long sigh.

“What do you want to talk about?”

Leon stroked her cheek with the knuckle of his hand as if caressing a lover before letting out a blunt word.

“You’re annoying me.”

“We already know that, Captain.”

“A few months ago, just looking at you gave me a strange feeling, but these days, it’s even worse.
You keep messing me around, and it’s hard to concentrate on work.”

“Then, I’ll hide like someone who doesn’t exist.
Or get fired…”

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“It doesn’t have to be like that.”

“Well, what do you want?”

“Your body.”

Such blatant and rude words were no longer surprising to her.
Sally responded without raising an eyebrow.

“It looks like the beginning and the end doesn’t match.”

“I’m going to try it once and put it away.
It will be more boring than you think to roll around promiscuously.
If I’m no longer interested in you, you’re comfortable.”

“I don’t want that.”

“Why? Do you want to be a mistress?”


Leon couldn’t hold back his dismayed laughter when her decisive rejection fell before he could even finish his words.

“Yes, I don’t want to have such an annoying pet either.
Besides, I’m telling you in case you might be mistaken, though I don’t even like you.
I’m just doing this because I won’t stand unless it’s you.
Do you know how annoying that is?”

“I know that, although I don’t like disgusting things like that.”

“How do you know if you haven’t tried it? Wouldn’t it be nice to actually try it?”

“Isn’t that more difficult then? The Captain got bored after trying it once, but what if I want to do more?”

It would never happen, but if she thought it would work, Sally had to say something.

“And, how do you trust me? If we have an illegitimate child, the Captain will be in trouble.”

“Then, it’s like a jackpot for you.”

“My dream is to live a normal and quiet life.”

“I’m just going to do it once so you can live quietly.”

“What if you don’t get tired of doing it once? You might get even more annoyed.”

A groan escaped from Winston’s twisted lips.

“You’re full of confidence, are you?”

“If you want to get bored with me, I can give you a boring date.”

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