had been stabbed at what he said, went blank.
It was as if his eyes, which had always been cold, were quietly blazing hot.

Moments later, his hand, which had stopped, moved again.
His fingertips felt unusually hot because of her cold lips.

He pressed down on her soft flesh, scanning from one end to the other.
At that moment, he bit his lips with a white tooth.
It looked like blood would be oozing out.

Camden’s vampire.

Sally’s face turned pale, recalling the nickname that followed Captain Leon Winston like the hem of his coat.
What was this bloodthirsty man imagining about her now… that he wanted to bite her lip and suck her blood?

Dangerous… This was fatally dangerous.

Sally smiled brightly and clasped her hands together as if praying so that the bills in her hands could be seen very clearly.

‘Look carefully.
In my blood, like other women, the filthy snobbish spirit flows.’

“Thank you for your concern.
Captain is really generous and kind.
I also want to work under Captain for a long, long time.”

The moment she poured out praises that he didn’t even want, Winston’s eyes returned.

Sally was somewhat relieved under the sharp gaze as cold as the blade of a knife.
She immediately turned her back and ran away from him.
He didn’t hold her back until she got to the corner.

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Turning the corner at a rather quick pace and passing the soldiers guarding the door to the torture chamber, Sally sighed in her relief.

But then she bit her lips, just like Winston did.

A rotten world.

It was sadly quite common for a maid to be abused by the filthy hands of the master’s people.
Still, she had never heard of such a thing happening on the Winstons.
The Winston brothers were notorious for not paying attention to women.

The eldest son, Captain Leon Winston, was a sadistic figure that even the Royal Family that trusted him was fed up, but was famous for his polite and gentle manner only to women.
Even he never brought the revolutionary army women into the torture chamber.

The second son, Jerome, was more of a modest scholar than his older brother, who was a soldier.
There was no difference in terms of family history or arrogant disposition.

He used to take women into a pedantic discussion when they showed personal curiosity and kicked them out.
He hated a woman who was like a porcelain doll with an empty head more than anyone else.

So, would she have imagined it when she infiltrated this mansion as a maid? One of the brothers was rude to her.

A spy must not stand in the eyes or ears of the target.
Like all the maids, she tried her best to be treated like the furniture, though the interest was either loved her too much or hated her too much…

Where did she go wrong?

To her surprise, she found out the answer in less than ten minutes.


º º º



She couldn’t meet the mail wagon on time because of the goddamn erotomania.
Sally ran out the front door of the mansion.

As her breath reached her chin, she saw the front door.
Peter, the postman, who had been waiting for her as she chatted with the gatekeeper of the mansion, sneered through her slender grates and laughed.

“You are a little late today, Miss Bristol.”

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Even though, at first glance, it looked like a generous smile, she was not unaware that the impatience was a vivid rebuke.

Because time was urgent.

“Yes, ha, Captain, was looking for me….”

’I didn’t come here to play, you bastard.’

When she mentioned ‘Captain,’ Peter’s eyes visibly froze.
Sally said she was fine and smiled before holding out the letter from her hand.

“Please, take care of it again today…”


Sally froze at the sudden sound of the voice.
Behind her, the soft engine sound of a luxury sedan growled softly.

“Then, I’ll get going.”

Peter snatched the letter from Sally’s hand and ran to the wagon.
As he came nearer, the sound of stepping on the little pebbles from behind her grew closer and closer.
She turned around casually and smiled.

“Captain, are you on the way out? It’s dinner time soon.”

“I have an engagement.”

He was still wearing an officer’s uniform.

‘…Is that a private advance?’

What other heinous things was he going to do?

“I see.
Winston might be lonely.
Then, please enjoy…”

“No sweet talks.”

He approached.
Again, the distance narrowed to the point of being dangerous.

“Sally, every time I see you, I want to ask you something.”

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