Rapturous applause and the crowds roars of approval resounded in the Colosseum. Admiration, respect, and acknowledgment were plastered on hundreds of thousands of people in the grandstand. All of that was for the man standing gloriously in the middle of the raised platform, where countless men and women battled for the title:


Thats what Ike was.

An undefeated champion who slayed and defeated countless enemies without ever losing one battle. It didn matter if his opponents were demons, beasts, gods, or whatever the damn hell they were. They all had the same ending: the ground underneath his foot.

Ike basked in the glory that came along with winning, listening to their cheers and thunderous applause that made the walls shake. He spread his arms wide open, provoking even louder roars with a grin on his youthful face.

”Heh, ” a snicker rolled out of his tongue, looking around at the thousands of people who attended this very monumental day. ”What a beautiful sight to behold. ”

It took two years of nonstop battle to bear witness to this day. Quite a long time, but now, it was over and he could claim the prize for striving.


That was his wish, and thus, todays agenda. Ike was exhilarated at the fact that he would soon walk down the path of immortality, hoping this would grant him more worthy opponents in the immortal realm.

But alas… he was wrong.

If only he knew how he would regret this decision with every breath he would take, Ike wouldn wish for such a thing. If only he knew that his distorted expectation would only lead to disappointment, he wouldve rather wished for a sack of potatoes to sustain him for a year.

Immortality… what a joke.

There were no worthy opponents if one lived for a millennium, after all. His years of grinding were all for naught because his enemies would either flee or break even before he exerted a bit of effort. They wouldn even struggle.

What a pity.



”Good times. ” His voice lacked interest, remembering those times from exactly two thousand years ago when he first won in this mysterious coliseum that appeared out of nowhere and disappeared without a trace, and how his life slowly turned less and less exciting.

A deep sigh slipped past his lips, sitting on the mountaintop where he would sit for days while looking over the thick green below. ”Boredom… will kill me. ”

Literally would kill him. If not, hed do it for the umpteenth time.

”Fortunately, I lived this long until the Colosseum appeared again. ” Ike slipped his hand inside the collar of his ragged clothes, taking out a small jar that was attached to a leather drawstring around his neck. ”I can finally end this ridiculous misery. ”

Ike gazed at the small bottle in his open grip, staring at the black and thick fluid inside. The potion for immortality had an elegant color of gold, but this one was as black as an ink.

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