Year 2351–Present Time

Three hundred years ago, the world entered a new genesis.

It all started when a massive Colosseum appeared in the center of Korea. Brought with it was the revival of magic. Living and non-living all across the globe awakened the mana lying deep in them.

Overnight, the world had gone into disarray, as people discovered their newfound powers, pets turning into beasts, and inanimate objects gained consciousness. The United Nations called for an international emergency. But alas, they could only salvage what they could.

The world was divided into two factions: the radical group of the new genesis and the advocates of human rights.

For years, the world barely had enough peace and order with the radical group imposing the new world, pushing back those who still approved of how the world should be on the corner. However, their dominance was eventually taken away with the birth of advanced technology.

With these monstrous machines fighting in the front line, ironically, the world naturally faced the brink of destruction.

Everyone thought everything would come to an end as the remaining members of the United Nations infiltrated the base of the enemies, the mysterious Colosseum. It looked like nothing but an ancient amphitheater. Despite that two decades had been since its appearance, no one had the time to study it. Hence, no one had an idea what wouldve happened in the following moments.

Much to everyones surprise, when a person took down the enemies in the arena, a sudden projector appeared on top of the amphitheater. The chaos instantly stopped as everyone gazed at the projector screen that flashed the persons face.

In it, written was someone being qualified for the next round and then followed by the number of participants that were still fighting inside the coliseum.

Each of their names was listed, the rules for the game followed, and then the prize if one stood victorious as its ending remarks.

According to records, the projector just suddenly made a roll and did its own match-up, forcing everyone from battling as a group into a duel. The rule in the arena was simple: to make the opponent surrender or to knock your opponent unconscious. Worse. Kill them. Weapons weren forbidden and any battle style was allowed.

The coliseum proved itself beneficial because no matter how destructive a participants power or deadly the weapons they carried, its audience would be safe and the coliseum would stand strong.

Ever since then, the war discontinued as more and more people shifted their attention to the prize of the coliseum. Not that they had a choice because they couldn leave the said Colosseum.

It was said that the first victor, and also the worlds so-called hero, made a selfless wish to stop the war and for everyone to choose peace and order instead of violence.

And that marked the beginning of todays world.

The world was never like it used to… Ike recalled Bonnies words about the history of these tournaments.

Apparently, people in todays world compete all around the world, to get a spot once the coliseum appeared. Also to train individuals at a young age for the purpose of being prepared if ever the Colosseum appeared again. Its last appearance was around three hundred years ago, but the world didn have any intention of taking things for granted.

So there was a time that humanity lost touch with magic and yet dominated this world, huh? The corner of his lips stretched in amusement. I wonder who made such a silly wish. Surely, there were tons of people out there who were strange to the point they were interesting.

During the time Ike was alive, even gods walked on the surface of this world. Humans were naturally gifted but were considered weaker species compare to those other superior races.



Those things would shock no one, let alone shake this world.

Technology? Ike chuckled, staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night. It used to be a stupid thing unless it was extraordinary intelligence that can lead the world to a new light or make major changes for the worse. Then that is an entirely different case.

Ike blinked ever so tenderly, reviewing his conversation with Bonnie. That was probably the most interesting he had listened to since he woke up in this body.

Maybe if I didn die that soon, I wouldve witnessed how this world reset… his thoughts trailed off as the corner of his lips curved down. … would it really happen if I didn ?

If Ike didn wish to die and end his immortality, would the world turn upside down or would it remain the same old boring one? After all, even though Bonnie was unsure about the details that piqued his curiosity the most, Ike was certain how magic suddenly ceased and how it reappeared were connected to the Colosseum.

As arrogant as it may sound, the world was peaceful, because Ike unintentionally and intentionally crushed many peoples dreams and ridiculous wishes. The Colosseum was a great place to find strong opponents, but the prize of winning was a double-edged sword.

If the victor won, they would be granted one wish. Be it immortality, wealth, fame, world peace, or world destruction. The Colosseum would grant the victor anything. No questions asked.

During his time, his opponents weren just capable humans, but diabolical demons, superior angels, untamed beasts — even the noblest celestial beings — or whatever creature there was. Each of them had reasons for battling in that arena, whether for good purposes or personal benefit.

That mysterious place and arena…

Ahh… I hope that arena appears again so I can watch how things unfold. A subtle smile appeared on his face, but instead of the usual fire at the thought of battle, Ike barely have the urge to test his luck once again. Winning is boring. Id rather watch the children have fun and listen to their silly wishes.

He slowly closed his eyes, looking forward to tomorrow as he would be discharged from this hospital. Its good that this world had such interesting turns that I can read about after this.

Little did Ike know, his reluctance would soon be tested once the arena where he stood undefeated would once again call for him to give him the challenge of a lifetime.

A challenge that would reignite the spark of madness he once lost.

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