Valkyrie-blooded dragon

Chapter 6: Even Gods can have custody battles

It has already been five minutes since Drake started fighting the monster. At first it appeared Drake would be able to win easily thanks to his speed. Sadly after he a few hits in the started to predict his movements. As a result Drake is currently quite beaten up. Still he refused to give up. His body although tougher than before seemed to be begging him to stop already. Drake clenched his teeth in anger at how weak he was. If everything he hard from Chunfang about his father then the man would be disappointed. If he had to be honest after he awakened last night Drake felt cocky. He started to think no one could hope to hurt him.

Now he finally realized how wrong he was. It even dawned on him why Chunfang said he should wait to cultivate. Right when he was feeling his worst a voice popped into his head.

[Congratulations on awakening your very own system host as a gift I will give you one free sin]

Drake suddenly felt a new burst of power surge through his veins. The monster that originally was standing triumphant over him leaped backwards. Fear filled its eyes as it watch Drake get but to his feet. Difference is this time his face was nolonger covered in scales. His claws also vanished while his bulky body shrunk down. If before he looked like an inhuman beast then now he was in humanly beautiful. The monster maintained its distance as it stared at Drake. A terror that it has not felt for sometime filled its heart. Every cell it has was screaming for it to get as far as possible.

Drake could feel his anger slowly increasing along side his strength. Unsure why but instead of fear he felt excitement at this growing emotion inside him. Subconsciously he felt an urge to release this growing rage. Luckily for him there was the perfect target in front of him. In one step his body blurred as he closed the distance between them. Like he did many times before Drake throw a punch but this time it hit the monster in the ribs. A pained roar filled the air with the sound of bones breaking closely behind.

Lilith could only watch as Drake elegantly dodged every attack the beast throw. Shock was all over her because she knew just how impressive this feat is. Firstly the monster is a creature called a rage bear. By nature rage bears are really tough. Most impressively their ability to get stronger the angrier they got. This trait was common of all being from the wrath domain. Now this powerful beast was getting beaten like a drum. At this point it would be easier to count its unbroken bone than the broken ones. To be honest thing would not have gotten this far if the beast were to surrender or die. Its toughness is usually an asset in this case however it became a liability.

Minutes later the rage bear had finally been beaten to the point of not being able to move. Still Drake did not stop wailing on it. Before long all it could done was lay there occasionally roaring in pain. Thanks to its powerful vitality the poor beast is still alive even if barely. At one point it did try to reach out towards Lilith for help. Sadly this was misunderstood by Drake making him beat it even worse. Lilith watched all of this with a trembling body and an expression of pure lust.

”I knew Drake honey you are the only man for me ”, she said crazily.

A few seconds later the rage bear finally stopped breathing and was freed from its suffering. Seeing the target of his wrath dead Drake calmed down. A wave of fatigue overcome him but he managed to still awake. Somewhat exhausted he walked towards Lilith slowly. Then suddenly he heard an amused voice coming from behind him.

”Not bad you only just awakened your system yet you are already to beat down a peak rank 1 ”, the silver bell like voice said.

Drake turned to face the voices source and shocked by what he saw. A beautiful girl with flowing icy blue hair stood there with a confident smile. He completely stunned by her beautiful. if he had to compare her to Cang Chunfang then he would say they to different types of beautiful. For example Chunfang has a certain wild elegance to her like a proud beast in the wild. The girl in front of him on the other hand processes a heroic vibe.

”Who are you ” Drake asked glaring at her.

The girl looked unbothered by his glare and just kept smiling him. Her eyes carried a hint of tender affection. For whatever reason the more Drake looked into her eyes the more difficult he found it to keep his guard up. Eventually he signed and relaxed.

”Okay I get it you mean me no harm still it would only be right you introduce yourself ”, he said.

”Took you long enough to calm down. I mean geeze in this world there many be people that want to hurt you but I am not one. As for who I am obviously the answer is your loving big sister ” she explained.

Drakes mouth dropped as his eye widened after hearing the mysterious girls identity. The last two days have been surprise after surprise which kind of him a headache.

[I have to agree with you there parent it is weird with all of the events happening lately]

Drake swiftly turned his head to hunt down where that voice came from. The girl cutey tilted her as she watch him. His face could not help but to heat because of her scanning him.

”Damn it maybe after all the shit that has happened I finally snapped ” he thought.

[Look I know my voice is beyond beautiful to hear but you can just randomly decided that I am not real.] This time instead of the voice alone a screen popped up in front of him.

Drake at the message entirely unsure about what he should do. Thus he decided to talk to it, mentally of course.

”Let me guess you are the tutorial or something of my system right ”, he asked.

”Technically you are right while at the same time being wrong. I am actually the system itself I just a little articulate ” the system responded.

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