War Against the Stars

Callisto, Fallen Moon

Humanity entered the stars in the year 2128. Then humanity expanded in the solar system. All the way to Pluto by the year 2201. This is also when we discovered we were not alone.

On Pluto, ancient structures were activated, and old forces were awakened. The settlers of Pluto had awoken sleeping ancient beings. They did not attempt to communicate. They did not show mercy nor take prisoners. Their names had to be learned through researching captured technology.

They are called the Henech. An alien race with mastery over living biological technology. They have the form of large slugs that manipulate their surrounding with various dexterous tentacle appendages that can appear on any point of their body. They are normally in their biological exoskeletal suits(BES). Which can come in various forms.

Ever since the Henech have awakened, they have aggressively attacked humans. We don know their motives nor goals. From Pluto, they had spacefaring ships under the ground of Pluto. The ships were just rods with uneven surfaces. Made from a material that looks like keratin and carapace. They launched and started to attack the colonized moons of Neptune.

Humanitys response was slow and awkward. A sudden alien attack was completely shocking and no one was prepared. Panic ensued once it was seen how fast they were attacking too. Humanity had awkward spacefaring warships, but not many. Humanity as a whole went into war mode, every economy has switched to a war machine economy. Warships were focused on for building and R&D. The United Space Force(USF), who were only a symbolic military force was immediately sortied. The space legion soldiers, who never expected to see combat, were startled and nervous.

They were shown there enemy, told the dire situation. They were soldiers at the end of the day. Although nervous, they were determined to protect humanity. For the first time in history, humanity will fight against an enemy that isn itself. The soldiers were excited at this notion.

At this point in human history, nanotechnology had advanced enough to make suits out of them. All space suits were made with self-repairing, protective and strong nano-technology. The (USF) also wore such suits, combat variants. The suits enhance strength, speed, senses, and stamina. The combat variants are also made tougher. The old logs state that the USF were confident in their strength.

It wasn enough…

First contact resulted in heavy losses for the USF. The Henech BES were powerful. The rifles the USF used were using .460 caliber uranium tipped rounds. They did damage against the Henech BES, but it took half of a 40 round magazine to do any sort of good damage. It is not like the Henech were just letting themselves be hit that much. Their weapons in comparison, were essentially bioelectrical energy casters that could fire as fast as a rifle. Those burned through nanotech suits in 2 shots, and killed the wearer. One shot would at injury the wearer enough to take them out of the fight usually. the disparity in equipment was large. This resulted heavy losses of USF. Although, they did manage to last long enough to evacuate a lot of civilians.

Over half of the populations on the invaded moons were killed of though. The moons that weren attacked were fortified. The fortification didn last long though. In 20 years, the Henech had advanced into the system. They took over most of the moons of Saturn. It was at Jupiter that were stopped. Humanity spent the 20 years well, and created enough orbital defenses around Jupiter to make a net of powerful railguns, heavy guns and missile launchers. The Henech were now stopped. For how long, no one knew.

I was born on Titan, moon of Saturn, in the year 2205 on November 5th. In the year 2219, Titan was evacuated and lost in an attack. I was 14, with a mother, a father, a younger brother, and two younger twin sisters. I was the only one of my family to evacuate safely. I lost them all in the attack.

This is my story, my legend, my epic tale.

Know me, for I am the last mythical hero of humanity. A hero, righteous and immortal.


I had always been intelligent. In high school, I showed my intellect fully. This allowed me to be hailed as a genius. I entered college at 15. I finished a 4 year degree in two years at the age of 17. I achieved a doctorate in nanotechnology at the age of 21. I also earned a doctorate in bioengineering at the same time. I was a rare true genius.

I then got to work. I made some patents in an year, improving the effectiveness of nanotech suits. this secured me to be privately and federally sponsored for a personal lab. It was there that I was working on a secret project using captured Henech technology.

My goal was to reverse-engineer their technology and then integrate it with human nanotechnology. I worked on this project for nearly four years. What was born from it, where bio-nanites. Synthetic biological material made from metal and composites. I made them to be able to bind with the very flesh of its wearer. This way, responsiveness is perfected. The new nanites themselves are capable of other abilities. They can produce and control bioelectricity like the Henech can. With the combination with human nanotech, it has even more abilities.

It is also capable of invisibility, super strength, speed projected to be up to 160 km/hr. It can focus self-repair. Ive even given it the ability to adapt to stimulus. Ive made something new. Ive made something that can change the war.

The only problem is how difficult it is to make a suits worth of these bio-nanites. My personal lab is the only place capable of producing them. The rare materials used are all incredibly uncommon. Especially the advanced metals and composites which are nearly impossible to make. It won stop me from making at least one suit.

On the December 15th, 2229, I succeeded in making a nanotech suit from the bio-nanites. It came out white. The surface had two layers. The 1st layer is sleek armor plates made with hexagonal structure. It was connected tot he 2nd layer, which is looks like muscle fibers that match up with the human form artistically. The helmet matched the rest of the suit aesthetic, and had a cyclops visor style. The transparent bio-nanites formed a visor that nearly stretched ear-to-ear in one long, wide, sleek line. The suit looked powerful.

I spent days running tests an optimizing its operating systems.

Today is January 1st, 2230. Ive finished all the tests on the suit, and it is time to submit my work for review. Today was a magnificent day. That is, until I heard the invasion sirens.

”Impossible! ”, I yelled out in disbelief. The orbital defenses and naval blockade should make it impossible for the Henech to reach Callisto. How are they here.

I started to feel tremors. I turned on the TV screens and radio. I checked my phone. Everything had an emergency broadcast and evacuation notice.

I yell in frustration, ”No no no! I can just leave my work here. So many years, my work. I can let it all be destroyed. But there is no method of transport for it here. Damn it! ”

I then calm myself and quickly think as I hear faint sounds of battle far away. I take a deep breath and exhale, ”Only one option then, I must wear the suit. From the tests I ran, there is a chance I may never be able to take it off. I may have made the the suit too well, haha. ”

I firm my resolve, ”Lets get it on.. ”

My creation cannot just be put on with like clothes like other nanotech suits. The suit needs to be put on by specialized machines I luckily made. I quickly turned them on, and got onto the suit-up table. I then activated the process.

The suit was put on me smoothly by the machines with no problem. Then the suit was powered up, which started fine, until I felt intense pain.

”Fffuuuuuccckkkkk! ”, the pain was expected and it was known I would feel great pain.

Knowing it will be intense pain is not enough to prepare for it though. It was like a trillion needles burrowing into my flesh. The suit nanites were connection to my skin, muscle, bone, and even shallow parts of my nervous system. Then the pain subsided, as I began to feel extremely comfortable. The suit felt a part of me. If I didn know better, I would think it was always a part of my body.

The power-up was complete and the machines retreated to allow me to get up. I did so slowly, as the Heads-up-display(HUD) was still displaying booting sequences and organizing itself. I stood up once the boot up was complete.

[ Systems online. Biological nanotechnological suit(BNS) fully operational. Elevated stress levels detected. Stress levels congruent with stress caused by danger. Analyzing environment for threats… ]

I was amazed with my own handiwork right now. The suit operating system(OS) was installed with an advance non-sentient AI system to assist the wearer tactically, and to act the same role as a ”guy in the chair ”.

[ Analysis complete. Moon Callisto is currently under invasion by Henech ground and naval forces. Moon is 70% invaded at this time. Henech detected within the city. Wearer is advised to prepare for imminent contact. ]

Video feeds from around the city I was in appeared in my HUD. I mumble, ”So they
e really here. ”

I clench my fist, flex my ”muscles ”. I successfully create bioelectric energy. Im no soldier, but even a beast could wreck havoc in this suit. I just need to be smart.

The suit makes me feel so…powerful. I should be fine, more than fine. Now I don have to run anymore. Since Callisto is 70% taken over, evacuation is pipe dream. Theyve probably dominated the air space by now. I can only fight to survive.

”Let us go make contact then. ”, I walk out of my lab. Then exit my building to a city being destroyed. they haven reached my block yet though.

[ Situation report: Human spacecraft have ceased leaving or entering Callisto atmosphere.

recommended actions:

1. Find weapon/learn suit offensive abilities

2. Kill all Henech ]

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