In summary, Li Shushan's new book “E-sports Pianist” tells the narrative of Yu Chenfan, a female prodigy game player who gradually rose to the top.
The secondary plot, of course, is to play the piano as a streamer, demonstrate her talent, and sell cute merch.

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This book is comparable to the more popular LOL esports articles called “League of Legends xxxx” on the market, but it is unquestionably niche.
The most challenging aspect is that the protagonist is female, and the second is that the game is wholly unique, with no sense of replacement.

Aside from creating a new novel, the major concentration was on esports because he is really interested in it.

Li Shushan also wants to validate his suspicions: if he's going to create an esports novel with no fantastical narrative, would the heroine Yu Chefan appear like Olivia in real life?

That possibility exists in the back of his mind.
Olivia can appear next to him because she is a mage skilled in space magic, while Yu Fufan is merely a 14-year-old brilliant gaming loli; how can she travel across worlds by only playing a game?

Since Li Shushan opted to write “E-Sports Pianist,” he must be prepared for a significant decrease in manuscript fee income, as well as the inability to rent a house.

He came from a normal family.
Both of his parents worked at a tiny glass factory in the country.
Because their income wasn’t much, they could only provide him with a monthly living allowance of $600. 

To be honest, this was practically enough for Li Shushan's monthly food costs.
He didn't whine or complain.
Istead, he told his family that his employment as a tutor is enough to keep him at university, so his parents shouldn’t be worried.

In fact, he can make three to four thousand Yuan every month for authoring “Legendary Journey of the Mage,” which is a large chunk of money for a typical college student, minus the monthly rent and water and energy costs, which comes to a total of one thousand and six hundred dollars. 

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Including the other miscellaneous expenses, he can save more than one thousand yuan every month, which is indeed enough for him to live, either way, he lived in a very small room, and his consumption level wasn’t much.

But now, Olivia’s arrival has given him a sense of financial crisis.
He believes that at the very least, a new home with two bedrooms is required, as well as ensuring that Olivia's secret food intake is reduced.

Li Shushan initially dismissed the possibility of earning a lot of money by publishing novels.
After all, he authored books only for his own amusement.
It's not so much making up stories as it is writing down what happens in his head.

His writings are overly rational and sensible, and the female protagonist's developing and unpleasant narrative is flawed, not to mention the piracy that can result.

He believes that creating a book is preferable to simply being happy.
Just stick to the original objective and create a heroine that fulfills him.
Money cannot buy that type of spiritual fulfillment.

Li Shushan then got the notion of generating money with Olivia's magic and already had a plan in place; he'll discuss it with her later.

Wait, he immediately realized he and Olivia have a spiritual connection, so he can contact her in his mind!

He saw his classmates chatting more and more, entirely ignoring Professor Shi, who was on the platform in his own world.
He felt like he could chat to Olivia without feeling rushed, and he didn't even have to make a sound.

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 He chose to lie down on the desk, close his eyes, meditate, and recite Olivia’s real name…

It didn't take long for him to feel that he had a mysterious and intimate connection with the little sun in the spiritual world, and he couldn't help but sigh at the impressiveness of magic.

 “Li Shushan, has something happened? Aren't you studying in class? How can you contact me?” Olivia said, with suspicion in her tone. 

She believed that knowledge is valuable and should be treasured, which is why she inquired suspiciously.

Not answering her question, Li Shushan directly shared his memory.

“Your tutor didn't take you seriously, but it is understandable that none of your classmates are interested in his class, which is really luxurious.” Olivia commented rationally.

Li Shushan knew why Olivia said that students don’t listen to the teacher’s class because high-end knowledge is almost invaluable in her world.

If there is an opportunity to listen to the lessons of a high-level mage, even if she didn’t understand it, she would make sure to write down every word he said.

“Olivia, how did you make money legally in your world?.”

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“Legal? Where is the law? Why should it be legal? Why do you want to make money?.”

“I want to eat, of course!.”

“What is the connection between eating and making money? Mages are not interested in the money of the world at all, as they usually trade with magic stones.
But, High-end knowledge and magic configurations are the most valuable currency for anything.”

In spite of this, Olivia still shared some ways to obtain money from the secular world with Li Shushan. 

When she traveled through a tiny kingdom and revealed her mage status, the opposite party immediately gave protection money to slaughter the dragon that terrorized their kingdom.
And she even earned a huge amount of money in form of various crystals and stones found in the Dragon Cave; and since she’s the princess of the Windsor Empire, the whole empire's support in the Mages Council, excluding her importance, her father’s status as an emperor isn’t to be taken lightly, so how can she be short of money?

In short, Mages can unscrupulously override the secular countries by virtue of their extraordinary powers.
The concept of legally making money does not exist. 

So Olivia is indeed a person who is not interested in money, and does not think that money in the secular world is so important.

Li Shushan has reason to believe that after discovering that the two of them are short of money and cannot afford to eat, Olivia will pass the ATM to “pick up money”, and feel that this is not illegal, since the money is on the roadside, she freed up the “space.”

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 And is there any problem with picking it up and using it? Obviously, putting so much money in an ATM is a waste according to Olivia…

Li Shushan felt a big headache when he thought that Olivia would do this.
This may be a trivial thing in her eyes, but if the banknotes in the ATM disappeared out of thin air, it would definitely cause huge waves.
After all, the state machine is of importance.

“In our technological world dominated by capital, money can be used to become omnipotence.
Also, legal money can only be used without any worries.
This is why many people who earned money through illegal methods usually are in need of laundering money.
But I thought of a way to use magic legally.
So, will you cooperate with me?.”

“Your worldly money is indeed much more valuable than in my world.
It can be compared to a magic stone, so for the sake of safety, it is indeed necessary to have it legally.
I am willing to cooperate with you and provide support in magic.”

“Very good, I want to ask, is it possible to enchant anything?”

“As long as the equipment is engraved with runes, it can be enchanted, so you want to make money by selling magic equipment? This is not very efficient.”

“No, what I want to ask is, can the app on the phone be enchanted?.”

“What is an app?.” Σ(●ꉺ▱ꉺ●)

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