Nodding his head at Olivia’s question, he knew she didn’t know what an app is, so he decided to explain to her, “It is a software on a smartphone; there are applications for reading novels, game apps, shopping apps, and so on.”

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Li Shushan wanted to make sure she understood what an app is so he transmitted his own comprehension of an application with Olivia, the process was quite smooth and precise thanks to the spiritual link.

Olivia paused for a moment after learning what an app was and said curiously, “I can enchant the app.
The concept is, of course, to draw runes on the program symbol, but if you want to connect it to high-level magic, it’ll take tons of mana.
The app icon, after all, is too tiny.
Are you certain you can profit from enchanting an app?.”

“Well, you only need to attach the magic 'Language’, and no high-level magic, so it shouldn’t be a problem?.”

When Olivia heard this question from Li Shushan, she felt that she had been underestimated, and she responded a little displeased: “You actually wanted me to enchant the app with such low-level magic such as ‘Language’?.
I thought you wanted the app to be enchanted with ‘Teleportation’.”

Olivia is immensely proud of herself as a legendary magician skilled in space magic. 

At this time, she was currently working with Li Shushan in order to repay the favor and because she felt happy since Li Shushan cooperated with her for her little experiment of ‘falling in love’.

“Don't be upset, Olivia.
I’m not underestimating you, but if the app can be enchanted in the ‘language' magic and be used through an app, then the app will undoubtedly become the most popular and flawless translation software, and even become the world's best translator.
Perhaps in your world, this is merely the most basic magic, but in my world, it is revolutionary!.
In summary, 'Language' magic is a magical ability in my perspective!.”

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Li Shushan has always been intrigued by Olivia's ‘Language’ magic.
It is able to accomplish flawless intercommunication of any language, even through animals, given of course that the creatures have a high IQ. 

For instance, a foreigner who has never been to China can comprehend and understand the different dialects of specific sections of China, such as the Wenzhounese dialect, by applying ‘Language’ to people.

Not only can “Language” be applied to individuals, but it can also be applied to books, movies, cartoons, and games.

In terms of games, there are always some fairly good niche games on the Steam platform, but there are no official Chinese translations at times, and there are always comments from players from Beijing who beg for an official translation, but now, they can play games in their own language as long as they use the 'Language' magic.

As for foreign movies and animations, subtitles would no longer be necessary. 

But, Li Shushan wasn’t sure if the translated subtitles would be correct because the magic of “Language” directly refers to the essence of language, it can directly send the information that the language wants to convey into the user's brain, omitting the translation step, and avoiding information transmission errors caused by bad translation.

After listening to Li Shushan’s explanation, Olivia felt her heart admiring the magic of ‘Language’ in her mind. 

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She felt inexplicably invigorating, as well as superior, despite the fact that she was utilizing the most basic of magic.
'Mhm, this kind of magic seems so useful to Li Shushan, what about other high-level magic?.’

At this moment, Olivia's pride as a legendary mage was greatly satisfied.
She was also very motivated for a while, and she couldn't wait to say: “Then, which app do you want me to enchant?.”

“Of course, it needs to be our own app.
Don't worry about this.
First, you just need to make a magic scroll of ‘language’ and see what materials you need and tell me…”

“I’ve done just that.”

 “What? So fast… there’s no need for materials like parchment?.”

“The white paper of your world is easier to use, and I can write the runes directly with a magic pen to make a magic circle.
To be honest, this magic is basic in our world, and there is no value in making it into a magic scroll.”

“Very good, can ordinary people use this magic scroll?.”

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“Of course, the magic scroll was originally created for civilians.
They only need to tear the rolled scroll.
This action is like turning on the magic light, uh…it should be similar to a switch when you turn on the light.”

“Okay, can the magic scroll be used multiple times?”

“No, instead of using white paper as the carrier of the array, it is better to use stronger materials.
This is a magic item, but repeated use requires regular injection of magic power for maintenance by the caster.”

“Can remote magic power be injected through the Internet?.”

“I have never tried this, because I don't know the Internet very well.
But in theory, the mysterious power transformed from the magical power can be transmitted through any medium.
The magic stone is a thing that naturally stores magical power and it is used as currency for transactions between mages, since it can greatly save mana and time.”

 “Then, we have to do an experiment first after we go back.
If we can, there will be no problems in making money with this ‘Language’ magic app.”

“But, I still don’t understand…..”

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“It's good to be curious.
Just look at this magic app as a magic scroll.
Clicking on it on your phone is equivalent to tearing up the magic scroll and stimulating the magic.
If the magic power of the app is exhausted, then it’ll be useless, and then you need to recharge and exchange magic power, and the more money placed in the app, the more you can fully use the function of the ‘Language’ magic, such as communicating with animals or even plants, yes, even if it is the lowest level of magic, we can try to transform it into a basic utility.
Is it still difficult?.”

“This…not so much whether it is difficult, it is better to say that no wizard has ever considered the magic function of using an app.
This is just a matter of deleting some runes.
It is too simple, but in a sense, it is also difficult, because your method is so strange!.”

Olivia grasped Li Shushan's approach of generating money completely.
It's essentially selling the magic of 'Language,' but he wants it divided into multiple tiers that are locked by money, since the enchantment will be implanted into the software. 

Li Shushan has already preliminarily set its authority from the lowest to the highest. 

Users with the least authority may simply enjoy the capabilities of standard translation applications on the market, but its translation will be 100% correct, authentic to the language, expressive, and appealing.

Those with the highest authority, millionaires, or those who have spent a lot of money, on the other hand, can speak with all living beings!


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