he then saw the main interface of the app, that is, the most basic input text can be translated into another language.
In addition, you can use the voice feature or the camera function to perform live translation.

The main interface also has the most critical function, which is the “Universal Mode” button.
Every newly downloaded user can use the “Universal Mode” for 15 minutes for free.
At that moment, they would feel the pleasurable feeling of using magic!

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At the bottom, there are two other clickable places, one is the mall, and the other is a member.
Of course, the mall is not yet open for the time being.
If you are a member, of course you need to register, and it will be ranked according to the money charged. 

The higher the level, the more high-quality services can be enjoyed by members.

For users who do not register as a member, after 15 minutes of “universal mode”, the button will become gray and can no longer be used, and the member button will not turn black, but if you click it again, it will be remind you to recharge it, and then the user will have to use real money to go to the mall to buy time (magic).

“Okay, then let’s experiment.
Can magic be injected remotely through the Internet? But since I still have an English class to attend in the afternoon.
How about I put the 'universal translation' to the test?.” Li Shushan suggested it to Olivia.

Olivia was snacking on dry mangoes that Li Shushan had given her for lunch.

Because there were no mangoes in her world, the dried mangoes possessed such an earth-flavored sweet, allowing her to rediscover the allure of earth's sweets and foods.

When she heard Li Shushan’s proposal, she nodded without hesitation.
At this time, she almost completely understood what the Internet is, as well as the technological creations such as computers and mobile phones, which are already indispensable in today’s society. 

Therefore, she is ninety-nine percent confident that magic can indeed be transmitted remotely via the Internet.

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In fact, magic can transform everything, whether it’s energy or data, or all kinds of light and waves.
Since the Internet can transmit data, it can naturally transmit magic, and when it becomes the magic of data and touches the magic circle, it can naturally turn into magic again, and then it becomes a smooth repeated cycle.

However, Olivia also discovered a big flaw in herself, that is, she seems to be born technologically blind and cannot understand it deeply.
As a result, she can't learn how to use computers and mobile phones. 

This was equally equivalent to how Li Shushan couldn’t learn magic.

For Li Shushan, he first thought it was unexpected since, ‘Isn’t it just a matter of using your hand? Is she actually a fool?.’

However, when Olivia touched the phone or the mouse, she was at a loss, and she almost wanted to use the high-level magic “Terrorizing split” on the phone!

Still Olivia is very clever, when she came into the real world, she already knew basic highschool mathematics, and is currently excelling at college-level mathematics, yet she doesn’t know how to use a mobile phone?

Seeing this, Li Shushan is not very optimistic about Olivia, because now even children who are not in elementary school use their mobile phones to simply unlock it or simply press the ‘SkyTube’ and watch a video, but Olivia couldn’t even understand how to turn on and off the phone. 

It was simply a sight to behold!

Fortunately, Li Shushan has always been by Olivia's side, and he can also manipulate her body through the spiritual link, and with her consent, he can enjoy the feeling of using magic, while Olivia can enjoy the convenience of earth’s technology.

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